I did as I was bid and found myself waiting about four minutes for the coming of the Goddess Rachel, all the while struggling to maintain proper posture despite both the resulting strain and the periodic shocks. I heard a click that meant my balls were safe just before she grabbed me just above the waist and slid her strap-on up into my sissy pussy. I moaned as it went in and I heard something like a sigh come out her at the same moment.

“That’s good, slutboy. That’s very good,” Goddess Rachel said from behind me. “I want you to bark for me, slutboy. I want you to bark every time I go in.”

I could feel her soft, silky hands sliding along my sides as she slid in and out of me. I did as I was told the first few times, but it was hard to keep my head straight as I felt Goddess Rachel’s strapon (it must have been at least eight inches) steadily drive deeper and deeper into me. After I had missed a few barks I felt a riding crop strike me hard on the back and the nails of the Goddess’s free hand scratching at me all over. I barked extra loud after that. Then my attention turned to my cock, which was throbbing against its restraints.

“Go ahead and stroke,” said my owner. “But do it slowly, and don’t you dare cum without my permission.”

I began to stroke and she asked, “Shouldn’t you be thanking me, bitch?”

“Thank you, Goddess Rachel!” I said, my voice bouncing a bit in time with the strapon. [Miss Rachel’s note:  GOD I fucking LOVE that part!  Is it any wonder I love being a strapon Mistress?]

“For what?”

“Thank you, Goddess Rachel, for taking my little sissy cherry.”

The Enchantrix laughed and asked, “And why would you thank me for that, you pretty little whore?”

“Thank you, Goddess Rachel,” I said, my voice high and bouncing as I felt the base of the strapon slapping against my ass. “For taking my little sissy cherry. Thank you because you are beautiful and amazing and I don’t deserve the glory of your cock. Thank you, because I am a slut who craves your control. Thank you, because ever since I knew your name I’ve been obsessed by the thought of being your pretty little fucktoy.”

“And that’s exactly what you are, pupslave,” said Goddess Rachel.

Then my owner drew out of me, ordered me to turn around, smacked my hand away from my throbbing cock, and rapidly removed her strapon. She excitedly ran her fingers along my face and then pushed them into my hair. I saw her slide off the soft, black panties from her crotch, and I wondered for a moment if I would be able to do it right. Then she pushed me into her pussy and rode my face relentlessly. I barely got the privilege of air as the Goddess pleasured herself on me until she reached the fruition of all the enjoyment she had so far gotten out of me and screamed with delight. She panted heavily as she collapsed on the mattress with a lazy grin and began absentmindedly running her hands over me like the pet that I was.

“Is there anything else I can do, Goddess?” I asked, still dazed by what had just happened.

My owner nodded for a moment and said, “I supposed you can clean my feet, slut. If you want, you can start jerking again, but you have to clean any mess up with your tongue.” She sighed and said, “Just wait until tomorrow. I have so many more ways left to play with you, my adorable little whore.”