Hello, Horny Readers!

So, in My last post, I mentioned that My Boyfriend is in town for the Summer, and that part of the reason I haven’t been writing much is because He and I have been . . . indisposed for much of it. *wink* Part of that time has been taking the opportunity to enjoy the use of a couple of the members of Our stable of shared submissives.

During My long hiatus, We spent an entire weekend with one of Our very favorite cock sluts.  It makes My pussy wet just to think about what I got to watch My dominant Beloved do with him over the course of those two days.

What makes him a favorite, you might ask?  Well, not to say that I have favorites between those of our toys who are sissies or pantyboys versus those who aren’t, because I don’t.  There’s something special about each of Our submissives, and often their place on the gender continuum, no matter where that may be, is inferior in importance to the inner qualities they bring to the bed.

But in the mix of what makes this individual boy so alluring is the fact that while he has an absolute Alpha lifestyle (sports, extremely fit, good with the ladies, a leader) outside of our bedroom, and a very masculine appearance even inside of it, behind closed doors, the quality of his submission is  . . . special, and I can’t really separate it from his presentation.  He is aggressively submissive in a way that is highlighted by his masculinity.

No, I don’t mean that he’s guilty of topping from the bottom; We’d never stand for that.  But it’s as if his whole masculine being vibrates with a desire to be taken, to be controlled, and to be used for pleasure exactly the way he is told to give it.  I would say is almost a military precision to the immediate and passionate response he gives to commands, except that “military” connotes a rote quality that certainly doesn’t fit with who he is.  He is fully engaged in his obedience, but there is an, I don’t know,  muscular quality to his willingness that makes watching the power exchange between he and My Boyfriend a singularly exhillarating experience.

In My next post, I will try to describe in more scintillating detail what I had the pleasure to see and experience.

Stay tuned!