Hello, Horny Readers!

While I was writing my last blog post about submissive males as human furniture, I had to smirk at least once at the thought that many of you dirty boys were probably just waiting for me to speak of Queening.  I didn’t write about it as part of the last post, because in my mind, although there can be overlap between being Mistress’ chair and being her Sybian ™, I consider Queening, face sitting, to be a worthy fetish all on its own, separate and apart from the human furniture fetish.  It has the potential to be much too active a form of worship to be categorized in the same way.

Just as the male body (in general–some of you sissies have long since trained your bodies differently), makes him ideal for human furniture, the topography of the male face makes it ideal for Mistress’ throne–and more!  The more pronounced brow line is an even and stabilizing anchor for Mistress’ tailbone, his broader jaw and more pronounced chin a flexible resting place for Mistress’ pelvic bone just under his lower front teeth, and in between, the more prominent nose of most males is in the perfect size and spot to stimulate erogenous zones.  If I train My slave in breath control such that he can endure a little Femdom smothering, and have him lift weights with his tongue for a while, there’s no need to shell out hundreds of dollars over the course of a few years for expensive vibrators and more extensive pleasure toys!  The average, high-quality vibrator (for a woman of large appetites such as myself) has a life of about two years.  The average high-quality tongue slave, acquired at the age of 21, trained and maintained well, can be used for as much as 60 years!  Sometimes more!

In my personal life, my boyfriend (an Alpha personality) does all my licking, except when one of our submissives is on creampie cleanup duty or adding an extra tongue to an erotic interlude between my boyfriend and I or some other type of oral servitude, and frankly I much more often think of watching one of them suck cock for me than I think of them eating my pussy, but lately the Queening fetish has been on my mind!  In the end, I suppose any sort of objectification or humiliation is bound to push my buttons!