Boys (and gurls), you aren’t ready.  In all the other installments of this series so far, I’ve included a photo of the Mistress being honored right at the beginning of the post, and maybe another further down.  But when it’s technically cockteasing just to look at a woman, much less contemplate what She might be like in a two Mistress call, well, I have compassion for your potential sensitivities, especially those of you locked in chastity.  I won’t spare you, but I’m just trying to give you a moment to prepare yourselves.

Are you ready?

BAM!!Arrange to have a two (or more) Mistress cockteasing session with Goddess Rachel and Mistress Scarlet! 1-800-356-6169

Now, I encourage you to download that photo, if only so that you can see a larger version of it, because the devil is in the details: the exquisite alabaster skin, the disorienting sprinkle of freckles across Her shoulders and decolletage, the bewitching emerald eyes, and of course, the rich, auburn hair.

They’re compelling you right now, aren’t they? You feel your cock twitching and stiffening, your mind swimming with all kinds of unauthorized thoughts . . .

Saying that it’s cockteasing just to look at Her wasn’t hyperbole, was it?

Believe Me, if I had a cock, Mine would be hard, too.

I admit, I have a special weakness for Miss Scarlet. Her singular beauty has a lot to do with it, but maybe it’s because She’s a lifestyle Mistress, and Her experience adds extra body to the way She handles a submissive.

How do I know this? Because I have had the privilege of sharing submissives with Her before. Not nearly often enough, but I have.


Cockteasing memories with Mistress Scarlet


The most memorable occurred a couple of years ago, with a boy who might have been guilty of trying to top from the bottom a bit at first. On the other hand, perhaps he really just wanted to test the boundaries of what We could offer him.

I’ll just say that by the end of the call, he was in bondage, shoulders to ankles, on a straight-backed chair, with only his cock sticking out, futilely trying to hump the air.  The depth of the tormented cockteasing we laid on him enchanted even Me, the way you sometimes step outside of yourself and observe the scenario in which you’re involved, both engaged participant and entertained voyeur. I remember it vividly, all this time later.

The chemistry between Miss Scarlet and I allowed Us to provide that lucid fantasy for Our phone sex bondage slave, and I lay a great deal of the credit for our chemistry at Her pretty little feet.

A two Mistress call requires instinct, for the significance of sighs and the weight of pauses just as much as those of words.  It calls for sensitivity for both what a caller wants, and that which they may want but for which they may not know how to ask.  It requires creativity and versatility, the ability to facilitate nearly any fantasy, any tone, **from feather soft to iron hard, and sometimes both in the same session.  Moreover, it calls for the desire to know your fellow Mistress as well, and to support Her in bringing out Her best, for the sake of the caller.

Miss Scarlet has all of this to offer, and more.


Of Me, Miss Scarlet says:


I have had the delicious pleasure of sharing a cock or two with the sexy Miss Rachel. Her mesmerizing purr of a voice always inspires some of the hottest phone sex I’ve had with another woman! I know you want to be right in between the two of Us; don’t you?

How could you not, dear reader?

When your heart rate returns to normal, please visit Miss Scarlet’s blog to learn more about Her. And then come and play with Us, if you dare.


Goddess Rachel, your cockteasing concierge for two-Mistress calls!


** UPDATE 2/4/23 I wanted to add  that recently, Mistress Scarlet and I shared a sissy for a softer seduced feminization fantasy, and She was just as delightful a partner there as She was with the diabolical cockteasing session W/e partnered on all those years ago!