Hello Horny Readers! Happy New Year!

The new year is a time for coming clean, so Miss Rachel has a confession to make:  Although I’d never feel comfortable taking the submissive role whether in erotic role play over the phone or in flesh and blood life, and I generally don’t enjoy depictions of submissive women in general, there is one exception:  I do enjoy seeing a woman in some bondage configuration with a personal massager against her clit, or straddling a Sybian as it buzzes away, and her beautiful body wracked with orgasm after orgasm that are not within her control to either administer or to stop.

I think everyone has some concern about what their “O” face looks like, and I would wager that this is even more true of women, given the societal pressure for us to look pretty all the time.  There is something especially alluring about the facial expressions I see on these women as the orgasms are wrung out of them.  Some of the porn I’ve seen depicts women with their eyes rolled back in their heads, drooling, speaking in tongues, bodies trembling, and even squirting!  Like I say, I like control way too much to ever allow myself to be put in that position, but I certainly find it hot to watch!

And that got me thinking that although I am well versed in delayed orgasmcock teasing and orgasm denial in males, I’m curious about the direct equivalent. Is coerced orgasm possible for men?  I mean, women are known to be naturally multi-orgasmic, and I’ve certainly heard of men who can cum more than once in a session with a short refractory period (my boyfriend tends to need about five minutes between orgasms to let the sensitivity in the head of his cock diminish, but he never gets soft until he’s drained completely, and can cum at least twice), but what about men who don’t normally cum more than once? Or cum more than once and then get soft?

I guess I’m envisioning some kind of milking machine, a lubricated sleeve that fits over the cock like those that fit over the teat of a cow, probably coupled with prostate milking or some sort of highly stimulating anal play, which would put a submissive slave in the same position as the women I speak of in my first paragraph.  Or would it?

Have any of my playmates or readers had experience with coerced orgasm?  I plan to do some extensive Googling, but if you’ve had experiences you’d like to share, tell me about it!  Inquiring minds want to know!  😉