Hello, horny readers! Years ago, I wrote a blog post confessing My curiosity about coerced orgasm in men. As I wrote there, I’d obviously had lots of experience in keeping men from cumming, but not much in trying to make them cum whether they wanted to or not. I’ve since sought to shore up My knowledge, but haven’t had much luck with guinea pigs to try it out on.

Until now!

Within the last week or two, I’ve become reacquainted with a pet I apparently played with a couple of times a year or two ago. He has had some self-administered coerced orgasm experiences, and wants to try for more–with Me! He’s managed to make himself cum three times in a row on his own, but I think W/e can do better than that, don’t you?

 A couple things I’ve learned about coerced orgasm since 2014

1.) One must let go of the association between orgasm and pleasure because a coerced orgasm doesn’t always feel good. It may, but that doesn’t mean it must. I’ll have to make sure to discuss this concept with My guinea pig before O/ur next session. I never did ask whether or not three was the maximum number of loads he could get out of himself because after that the tank was empty, or because after that it didn’t feel good anymore.

2.) Those who desire coerced orgasm play should be open to prostate stimulation as part of it if they aren’t already. It’s a well-worn comedy trope: the man at the doctor’s appointment where a sperm sample is required. For one reason or another, he can’t get it up and get off. Maybe it’s nerves.

Never fear; there is an experienced nurse (usually very attractive) on the premises who knows just how to extract the needed specimen, limp noodle or not. You see her behind the bent-over and vulnerable male patient, snapping on a latex glove.

I know just such a scene was part of the movie American Pie, but I’m sure I’ve seen it or heard references to it elsewhere as well. Besides piquing the interest of those with a medical fetish, this trope was educational for Me in My days as a neophyte Femdom. In short, if you need to extract cum from recalcitrant balls, the route to it is through the ass as much as the cock.

I’ve learned some other things too, but I don’t know whether My pet reads My blog, and anticipation of what may happen could shut his mind down to letting it do so. Therefore, W/e’ll leave it at that. *wink*

More coerced orgasm pets in 2018, please! 

As I say, I don’t run into many boys who ask for coerced orgasm play. Maybe you’re lurking out there somewhere, and are having a hard time finding Mistresses who are interested. Maybe you’re curious but too shy to ask outright.

Well, consider this blog post an open invitation. I’m not a coerced orgasm pro yet by any means, but the only way I’m going to get better is with lots and lots of practice! You may need to invest in a toy or two because they don’t get tired, while your hand might. And of course, you’ll need one for the prostate milking technique described above.

If you like humiliation, and maybe a bit of pain play, coerced orgasm could be for you. If you like anal play and orgasm control, coerced orgasm might be a new way to explore them both. If you simply want to make Mistress Rachel happy, bring your new toys and full balls, and W/e’ll try it out!

Here’s to new adventures in the New Year!


Miss Rachel, Femdom, and student of coerced orgasm!