Sensation, Impact, and Pain Play

I know, I know. I said elsewhere that I didn’t see the point in making a special page just for impact and pain play because of the preponderance of household items that work well and even have a bit of a the romanticism of tradition for Me.

That’s still true, so this is more of a vanity page. I feel about BDSM toys the same way I feel about cars–if it will get Me from point A to point B, I don’t care if it’s not fancy. That said, I still love the look, and the ride, of a Mercedes.

There are a few posts that are good companions to this page, such as this one on floggers, and this one on extras you can add to a CBT session to kick it up a notch. I may add more links as I think of them. 

Meanwhile, have fun browsing, and as strong as My reputation as a strict Mistress may be, don’t be afraid to contact Me with any questions, or to try to assuage any concerns you may have!

Full disclosure: You can get most of these toys elsewhere, and if you find a better price, by all means, jump on it. But if you purchase through a link I provide, I DO get a small payout.