Hello, Horny Readers!  I really enjoy helping a boy with a small penis to understand and accept his place in the sexual universe.  Did you know that I think certain genitals attached to males shouldn’t be called penises at all? Some of you who call Me seeking small penis humiliation can’t be blamed for using the wrong terminology; it’s written into the name of the kink itself!  But when deciding how to go forward in life with your particular affliction, it’s helpful for you to know the right one, at least with regard to Miss Rachel’s world.

It’s fine to get it wrong the first time, or maybe even the second, but if you intend to come to Me repeatedly for training or advice, you should learn Miss Rachel’s Classification System, and begin to think of and refer to yourself accordingly.  It helps Me make certain decisions, like whether or not to allow you to cum or whether or not you should be locked in chastity, how often, whether or not you should be allowed to penetrate women, and even how I suggest you touch yourself, if allowed.  It also helps you to accept those decisions better.  Notice I didn’t say like them.  *giggle*

There’s something inherently aggressive and masculine about words like “cock”, “penis”, “dong”, et cetera.

They’re almost suggestive of certain imagery, aren’t they?  When you say them, at least “cock” and “dong”, can’t you just picture an intimidating and appetizing piece of meat flopping out of a pair of boxer briefs or standing straight out like a gallant meat sword?  “Penis” and “dick” are a little bit less overt, but they still indicate something a woman or a gay man would want inside of her/him.  Something that can reach all the right spots. Something that can satisfy.  Something it wouldn’t feel perverse to put in your mouth.

If what’s between your legs doesn’t inspire any of that, doesn’t it seem “off” to refer to it by those terms? Many a time, and rightly so, I’ve heard a boy use one of the words above with an apologetic, sheepish air when revealing his measurements, so I think it’s almost instinct to realize that those words don’t fit for some.

The illustration to the right should give you a rough idea of the nomenclature appropriate for you.  As noted, it’s best if you consult a tape measure for the most accurate results (and no fair pressing the metal tab into your flesh to try to eke out the odd extra half-inch).  As you can see, in My world, you must be at least 6 inches to call your appendage a penis or a dick, and even then, no pencil-dicks allowed!  If it’s 6″ and thin, I might let you get away with calling it a small penis, but something like “pussy stick” is probably more accurate.  6.5″ and above, plus nice and girth-y, are required for cock.  Don’t even think about calling it a dong unless it’s well over 7″ and girth-y.

Under 6″, no matter the girth, and you My friend are in possession of a dicklet, though I’m fond of the term chode for those who call to brag that “although [their] cock is only 5″, it’s nice and thick, so not a small penis”.  Under 5″ and you’re getting into clit territory, though you can still put “man” in front of it.  Under 4″, and you lose the privilege of identifying with anything male.

The exception to this classification system is the sissy.  If you are a sissy, no matter what size you sport, you’ve got a clitty.

So, now that we have that straight, please feel free to take your measurements, arrange for a session, and we’ll determine how best for you to conduct your sex life from here on out, whether that be with yourself, or someone else.  Don’t worry–I may let you cum regardless of your size!