Hello, Horny Readers! I have been getting such good feedback on My new audio, Neighborhood Cocksucker! Particularly from the real live cocksuckers in My aquaintence! I’ve heard more than once that not only is the audio arousing, but it also really captures well the mindset of the submissive male cocksucker. So much so that one of them, Sissy Slut Samantha to be exact, highly encouraged Me to write a blog post on the subject. Spell it out, so to speak.

Goddess Rachel loves the submissive male cocksucker! 1-800-356-6169

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Now, I must admit that when I’m sinking into a creative project like an erotic audio, I rely heavily on intuition. And I suspect W/e all know the language of intuition can be hard to translate. But I decided that it would be an excellent exercise to try!

Let’s see if I can provide a meta description of My inspiration. I know I can describe images, acts, and words that arouse Me. I can share those words pretty much on the fly in a coerced or seduced bi fantasy, during cocksucker training, or in confessional phone sex sessions. But let’s see if I can put into words the mindset and motivations of the dedicated oral servant and cocksucking addict as I see them!

I can’t promise that this blog post will resonate with the submissive male cocksucker as much as My audio seems to, but perhaps those of you who are reading (or listening) can fill in the blanks in the comments section where I fail.

A good place to start: What’s the difference between a submissive male cocksucker and any other cocksucker?


The clues are in the phrase itself!


In case it’s not obvious, those clues are “submissive” and “male”. *giggle*

Let’s start with “submissive”. It requires the least deconstruction. W/e’re already pretty familiar with the term around here.

Think of it this way: slaves, whether predisposed or trained, are motivated solely by obedience.

A submissive, on the other hand, comes to the D/s dynamic with needs and desires. In the case of the submissive male cocksucker, the main desire is to please.

Moreover, he is willing to sacrifice to some degree in order to realize this desire.

Cock sucking sacrifice involves some or all of the following:

  • a bit of manhandling (or a lot)
  • indifference to how you look or sound while you suck
  • assuming the posture or position preferred by the top
  • licking, sucking and massaging the balls (or not), chasing their hand up and down the shaft (or not), or even analingus, as the top prefers
  • receiving the load according to the preferences of the top

In short, there’s nothing more important to the submissive male cocksucker than what brings their top to the most satisfying orgasm, no matter what they have to do to bring them there.

Let’s face it, W/e all know those who are willing to suck cock, and some who enjoy it, but I think you can see that there’s a world of difference between that, and what I describe above.

Furthermore, it’s obvious that anyone, of any gender, can enjoy sucking cock. Even submissively. But I think there’s something special about the submissive male cocksucker.

So let’s discuss the “male” part, shall W/e?

Or at least make O/ur way around to discussing it.

Let’s talk about empathy first.


The Empathy of the Submissive Male Cocksucker


Let’s get something straight: no one eats pussy better than a lady.

Don’t get Me wrong, I’ve enjoyed superlative head from men. I enjoy head more from a man. It makes sense; I’m more attracted to men, and arousal has a lot to do with attraction.

That said, the only time I’ve popped My eyes open, looked down, and exclaimed, “How the fuck are you doing that?” was when another woman was eating Me out.

I’ve never had to show another woman where My clit is. I’ve never had to say to a woman, “not so much pressure”, “faster”, “just the tip of your tongue right there” or “watch your teeth”. A woman doesn’t need Me to tell her that until I’m really wet and excited, direct stimulation with the clitoral hood pulled back is too much. Or that there are different parts to the clit at all, for that matter.

Not to mention no scruff burns. *giggle*

A woman can sense the minute changes in the delicate skin of My flower. She can tune in to the stages of My arousal, and seems to “know” things without being told, more predictably than men do, in My experience.

It stands to reason that the same thing holds true between men as far as cocksucking is concerned.

It’s a matter, I’ve decided, of empathy. When you have the same anatomy, you simply understand on an intuitive level what feels best, when, and how.

That said, I find there’s a unique erotic tension, an explosive chemistry, between men. I think it’s down to the subversion of elements of male culture, which is a completely different world than that of women.

Perhaps more than you might have given thought to before.

Let’s explore.


The “male” in submissive male cocksucker


Despite what I’ve said about empathy, I think intuition is largely a female’s purview. W/e all have O/ur evolutionary advantages and disadvantages, and I believe that women lean on intuition more than men do. This, contrasted with the brute strength and confrontational, competitive instincts of the prototypical male.

I’ve expanded on this idea via My bio on Suck Patrol, and consequently been tickled by how many men mention on the phone how much the essay resonated with them.

I don’t mean to say that men don’t have intuition. Rather, I think they’re socialized to rely more on those other traits. Perhaps less than in generations past, but it’s hard to overcome 160,000 years of biology and conditioning.

So, speaking of those confrontational, competitive instincts, what happens when an Alpha male wins, not necessarily because he’s bested another man in a fair contest, but because the other man preemptively submits to him? What are the psychological mechanisms at play?

The appearance of helplessness and weakness has long been another weapon in the arsenal of womankind. It often ignites the instinct to protect in the male of the species. And while the softness and vulnerability of the female may be desirable to most males, it’s also expected. There’s nothing special about the submission of a woman.

Males, on the other hand, tend to hide their own vulnerability, in order to protect their standing in light of the expectations of male culture. Therefore, when one man (the situational beta male, if you will) basically admits, without conflict, that he is the inferior to another, I think the one to whom superiority is conceded must feel even more powerful. His inferior so clearly acknowledges his disadvantage that it’s not even worth a contest.

Wow, right?

Let’s continue!


Male Submission is a Prize!


What more direct concession is there to the superiority of one male from another than getting down on his knees and offering the victor sexual satisfaction with his mouth? Perhaps only the offer of anal sex.

However, the sense of victory I imagine a dominant male feels when another lays his own masculine standing at the victor’s feet is not uncomplicated. I believe the feeling of triumph must be laced with a certain amount of scorn. In the primitive remnants of the male brain, submission equals weakness. And weakness deserves to be mocked. Maybe even humiliated and punished.

In a modern, sexual context, I think that scorn, and therefore, the impulse to humiliate and punish, gets translated into electrifying, predatory erotic energy:

“You wanna be a shameless, cocksucking faggot? Here, then. Suck this dick!”

Further, the willful surrender of one man to another is subversive, and that which is subversive has always been fuel for excitement, erotic or otherwise.Goddess Rachel loves the submissive male cocksucker! 1-800-356-6169

The result?

A top receiving head from a submissive male cocksucker can feel free to be aggressive, controlling, and selfish. The subtext is that the cocksucker deserves it. Deserves to be used, and not always carefully.

So what’s the point of explaining all of that? It’s this:

I believe the submissive male cocksucker understands all of the above on a subconscious level.

I further believe it’s part of his own overall arousal.

Add to that the aforementioned erotic and anatomical empathy, and in My view, no better head can be given to a man.


How did I do?


Well, cocksuckers? What do you think?

I know there are more of you out there, reading and lurking, than those in My acquaintance who are anticipating this post. Don’t be shy! Own your oral cocklust, and share what you think in the comments!

Heck, you don’t even have to be a submissive male cocksucker–any cocksucker can probably surmise whether or not this rings true!

Of course, I’m a chronic overthinker, so there’s always the chance that’s the case here, too. I can hear some good-natured contrarian now, chiming in with “Mistress Rachel, men are just horny. Some of them like sucking cock. Others like being sucked. Some like both. For some, any hole will do when they’re horny. It’s no more complicated than that.”

And maybe you’re right! Heck, share that, too, if that’s your opinion.

But, I think it’s clear that I disagree. 😉 I think the mind and motivations of the submissive male cocksucker go deep.

And those depths are extremely hot for contemplation!

I hope if nothing else, you agree with that.

Until next time,


Goddess Rachel, Fly on the Wall while you suck cock!


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