Hello, Horny Readers!  I’ve had several Mistresses grace U/s all with their guest posts lately, and there will probably be more, given that I’m, uh, rather distracted during the summer.  That said, I did think I ought to drop in and share some of what has been on My mind so that you all don’t think I’ve deserted you forever!  And what’s been on My mind, among other things?  Two elements of submissive cocksucking that I think deserve to be underscored:  You don’t need your hands, and, be prepared to offer ass worship!

That’s right.

I mean, you do love cock, don’t you cock slut?  Love is a verb, not just a noun.  It expresses action, not just a state of being.  So show your love by surrendering your mouth and throat pussy completely to that which you love!

It’s so annoying to Me when I watch porn or when I’m training a cocksucker and they are using more hand than mouth.  I mean, yes, letting your mouth follow your hand up and down the shaft, twisting it back and forth, can add extra stimulation that a stud cock will find pleasurable.  But that should be a garnish, not an entree.  After all, you’re not on your knees or hanging your head over the side of the bed to give a hand job.

Also, goddess help you if you dare to reach up and try to rest your hands on His hips.  You’re not fooling anyone:  It’s obvious that this is only so that you can try to control how much of that cock goes into your face pussy, and how fast.  You should know by now that it’s not your place to resist.

And yes, many an Alpha male likes to have his balls stroked, massaged, and even squeezed at the base by your fingers and finger tips.  By all means, don’t neglect the balls while cock-pleasing, but even ball stimulation should be predominantly via mouth, unless otherwise requested by the stud.

And another thing:

Ass worship is underutilized by cocksuckers.

There, I said it.

Of course, many men feel a bit dicey about having their asshole played with, or worse yet, outright reject the idea.  But oral ass worship should always be something a submissive cocksucker is prepared to offer if a stud cock desires it.  As time goes on, many more men are becoming aware of the fact that enjoying ass play has nothing to do with their sexual orientation, but everything to do with their anatomy.  It simply feels good, not just for men but especially for many of them.  Therefore, if a cock-craver is using a hook up site like Craigslist or Manhunt or Adam4Adam to find cock, I recommend that they add rimming to the list of skills they can offer a stud who is looking to get his balls drained.

I won’t claim that My own titillation doesn’t come into play when suggesting a boy eat a Man’s asshole. I love to see My boyfriend with one foot up on a chair and one foot on the floor while one of our submissives ardently works his way from front to back, the only hands in evidence being Adam’s as He directs a cockslut’s tongue where He wants it to go.  And I’m also squeezing My legs together with glee, thinking about the new levels of humiliation ass worship on another male would open up for some subbies.  But the main thing is, a faggot’s job is to please a superior, whether that superior is Mistress or Sir, and pleasuring a Sir’s asshole in the context of giving head can be effective in that regard.

So there you have it, tips for those who suck cock for Mistress, or out of their own cocklust.  How does the idea of handless (mostly) cock servitude and ass worship strike you, cock-loving readers?  Do tell in the comments!