Hello, Horny Readers! I promised you aspiring small cock cuckolds I would expand on the skills you’ll need to distract from the fact that you’re built like a Ken doll. It’s been finished, simply waiting for the artwork for almost a month! I have no excuse for it taking so long! But you’ll forgive your Goddess Rachel, won’t you?

If this post is the first you’re hearing of the subject, go back and read (or listen to) part 1!

Let’s get right into it! Let’s face it, you’ve waited long enough!

Probably more important than anything else is that you become a good listener. Listening intently as she talks about herself, and retaining what you hear, will allow you to become an expert on her.

This is a female-led relationship. It’s your job to conduct yourself as if you know that, even if she doesn’t. That means making sure that she feels it.

Listening to her, knowing her deeply, anticipating her needs and striving to fulfill them will make her feel valued in a way that women often don’t. I may be biased, but I feel that every woman is a Goddess, and deserves to be treated like one. You, as a devoted pindick cuck, have a unique opportunity to make that so.

Remember, even if it’s the guy with the big dick that gets the girl, the man who shows her he hears and cares about who she is and what’s important to her will keep her.

Now then, keep reading for more ways to win her heart that don’t require a large cock!


More Goddess Worship!


Remember all occasions significant to her–her birthday, national holidays, your first date, the first time the two of you kissed, the first time the “L” word was uttered, you know, the romantic stuff.

Make those days memorable for her. Maximize your earning potential so that you can spoil her. You’re the man who buys her nice things. So what if another man is the one to make her cum all over his cock?

Make sure you do your share of the housework. Do more than your share. In fact, the sissy maid is probably perfect for Goddess Rachel’s proposed dynamic.

Granted, that adds another layer that might make it even more of a challenge to finding a partner in the first place. So if that’s you, maybe save admitting that you’re a crossdresser or a sissy until after your big dick wingman has fucked all the recognition of you as a man out of her already!

Now then, what else can you do?

You can be sensitive and accommodating beyond listening and spoiling her in various ways.

For example, you can watch the movies she likes to watch without complaining. Or how about this: cuddle and make out without angling for sex! That’s something a lot of men have a hard time doing. Turns out, you’re made for orgasm denial!

Look, I understand that your libido isn’t necessarily going to be small, just because your penis is. But if you internalize that your little erection and blue balls aren’t her problem, she’s liable to throw you a bone of some kind once in a while!

And when she does, you’ve got a chance to shine sexually in the one way you won’t necessarily disappoint!

Bet that got your attention!

Read on!


Stereotypes can be positive!


You don’t have to be completely useless to her sexually.

The relationship will probably progress to the point where she will occasionally be open to sexual contact with you. That means, of course, that you might get a handjob (I wouldn’t get your heart set on head–that’s even more unlikely than getting to penetrate her), but more importantly, it’ll give you the chance to wow her in bed!

This is your opportunity to show her that at least one small penis stereotype is true: that men with small cocks eat pussy better, on average, than other men.

You’d better get lots of practice on that, by the way, so that as far as you’re concerned, it is true. It shouldn’t be difficult to find women looking for a lick bitch** for practice.

Overall, if you have her heart and mind on lock (as well as the oral game), it won’t be so bad if the lion’s share of the pussy goes to someone else, will it?

Now, how do you introduce the idea of cuckolding?


Support her autonomy.


In online relationship and sex forums, a popular take is that no one is owed sex. Put your aching balls aside, and get on board with that idea. Make sure to communicate to her that you have.

Next, tell her you aren’t jealous. Even if you are. Cuckold jealousy is for you to deal with, not her.

Tell her that you will never want anyone other than her, but that if her full sexual satisfaction entails that she wants to sleep with other men, you would be okay with it.

Let’s face it, W/e’re angling to get you a loving, beautiful, soft-skinned wife or girlfriend who might let you play with her boobies, make out with her, and eat her pussy. And as noted earlier, she may even sometimes rub that little dicklet of yours, or let you put it in her, as long as she doesn’t have to pretend it makes her cum.

Goddess Rachel returns with part two of the small penis cuckold, big dick wingman! 1-800-356-6169

Plus, you’ll have someone to go to events with that you can be proud to have on your arm. And no one will ever know that you didn’t woo her with your prowess in bed. Unless she lets it slip after a few too many cocktails of course. But a little small penis cuckold humiliation never hurt anyone. At least not for long!

Aren’t those the more important things? At least the things you should be concerning yourself with, rather than a battle you can’t win?

In any case, you’ve planted the hotwife seed in her mind. You’ve got vetted wingmen ready to step in. That’s all she wrote, right?

Wait a minute.

What if she doesn’t like him?


When your Goddess Hotwife doesn’t want the wingman.


Remember I said there’s a reason it might be a good idea to make more than one big-dicked wingman friend?

If she doesn’t like one, you can propose another!

I think she’ll consider it incredibly thoughtful of you, protective in a surprisingly manly way, to have found even one cuckold bull you can vouch for in terms of character and cock. It can only endear you to her more to know you’ve taken the trouble to find and vette more than one!

On the other hand, she may not like any of them.

Now now, don’t panic! Don’t lose the plot!

You’re in a relationship with a beautiful woman who loves you. She pays more attention to your little penis than it would get otherwise, not counting your own hand. You’ve got one or more good friends who, yes, may think of you as a little bitch because your wife fucks other men with your full knowledge and approval, but who also stand ready to support that relationship’s success with their cocks!

That was the goal all along!

Don’t let “perfect” be the enemy of “good”!

So what if she does want to pick one (or more) herself? There’s nothing that says you can’t help her with the vetting process after a cuckold relationship has already been established.

Now that W/e’ve got all of that settled, I suppose W/e should discuss some possibilities that aren’t riddled with toxic positivity. I’m not naïve, and neither should you be.

For example, what if the dick is too good?


The perils of dick derangement


That’s a hot turn of phrase, isn’t it? I think I’ll add it to My informal femdom glossary. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it before, so I don’t know if I made it up, but it’s definitely a keeper.

Anyway, every cuckold’s worst nightmare is that his wife will leave him for the cuckold bull.

(Oddly enough, the idea of it turns on a cuckold or two at the same time, but that’s neither here nor there.)

It’s true that women tend to emotionally bond with the men who make them cum with their cocks. Your Goddess Rachel certainly does. So I won’t lie to you and say I can guarantee that your friend won’t run off with your woman if he has the chance.

That’s why you minimize his chances, as discussed earlier. But you can do your very best, and still end up with her leaving you for him. Those of you with little wee wees know better than anyone that sometimes life just isn’t fair.

Look at it this way: If you tried to hold a woman to a (mutually) monogamous relationship, how do you know she wouldn’t leave to find better sex with bigger cocks anyway?

Nothing is for certain. So be prepared for all contingencies if you elect to go down this road.

That brings Me to the next possible connundrum: What if you’re ready for a cuckold relationship, but she seemingly never is?


Content with your small penis?!?


It’s possible, despite expressing interest in her options during the dating stage, that she’ll just never be interested in the small penis cuckold relationship model. Even if she admits, or you discern, that your small cock doesn’t satisfy her.

If not your little peg, maybe she’ll simply content herself with her toys, or other forms of masturbation.

Maybe you’re destined to be cucked by a cock sleeve rather than a friend.

Okay, so what? You have a small penis. You don’t get to make demands, outside of regular safety, sanity, and consent.

Remember this: no matter what your kinks are, Goddess Rachel is always going to have greater empathy for the woman in your life than for you. I’m a Femdomme, after all.Goddess Rachel returns with part two of the small penis cuckold, big dick wingman! 1-800-356-6169

Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise you that I’m of the mind that no woman should feel coerced into conforming to your sluttery or compensating for your shortcomings, whether literal or figurative, herself.

At some point, you have to learn to take what you can get, and be grateful for it.

In other words, My suggestion to contemplate this model isn’t carte blanche to harass a reluctant spouse. Your job is to offer an invitation, not an obligation.


Be patient. An order from your Goddess Rachel!


W/e all change over the course of time. Growth certainly doesn’t stop somewhere in early youth (except for in the case of your cock). Especially not psychological and sexual growth. If you don’t make a pain in the ass of yourself, some day, her hormones may spike, and the next thing you know she’s asking you about that friend with the big cock you told her about.

Lastly, if you never find a friend who’s interested in standing in for you, or never find a woman who’s interested in cuckolding, or you do but she leaves you for one big dick or another, there’s one thing you can always rely on:

I. Goddess Rachel, will be here to play out this and other cuckold and small penis humiliation fantasies with you for a long time to come.

Thanks for being patient while waiting for part two. If just contemplating the idea has made your little mushroom stiff and tingly, tell Me about it in the comments, or in session. I’d be happy to roleplay it with you!

Until next time,



Goddess Rachel, Small Penis Cuckold Dating Coach


P.S., I know you might have been looking for an audio version of this post, but I feel the need to break this gridlock in My mind by getting it out to you now instead of taking more time to record!

**A lick bitch is an on-call pussy-eater. He knows that when summoned, he will appear where requested, eat pussy for as long as required, and leave without expecting anything in return.