Hello, Horny Readers! Christmas approaches fast, and I’d love some blue balls to hang on My tree! Figuratively, I guess, meaning you can keep them attached to your body. But I do want them nice and blue!

How can you obtain this painful and delicious gift for Miss Rachel? Relentless edging, of course!

You’ve got a good week to produce some beautiful blue balls for Me!

Start today, and you can deliver them Christmas night! I’ll be here to wish you all Happy Holidays after 10 or so. You’re welcome to call, or better yet, set up an opportunity to show off on webcam for Me in all your throbbing, dripping, begging, cringing glory!

If you can’t make it Christmas night, then feel free to add another week to your sentence, and I’ll let you pop your cork with Me as W/e ring in the New Year!

You’ll need at least 5 days to build up enough cum in those balls to build up the pressure, and 5 days of edging and orgasm denial to make them ache!

Of course, I realize some of you have been edging and aching for months now as part of various chastity programs, and some of you are simply addicted to edging and have no intention of wasting all your progress anytime soon (kudos to you, by the way). That doesn’t mean you can’t dedicate this week’s edge training to Me, and show Me some pretty blue balls when the time comes!

Cum eaters, make yourself some cum nog to enjoy during O/ur blue balls release session!

Are you one of My playmates who like to eat your cum? Save up enough in those blue balls to lavishly lace the traditional festive holiday delight!  You can enjoy it while W/e celebrate your successful week of tease and denial! I’ll look forward to listening to you slurp and sip in the midst of your afterglow! If you don’t like eggnog, how about a nice cum-topped glass of Bailey’s Kaluha and Cum Slut Cream? If you’re a teetotaler, I’d love to see you sip from a great big mug of cocoa topped with both your cream, and whipped cream!

Enhance your blue balls with some Christmas ribbon!

That would tickle Me greatly. And after all, those blue balls will be a gift for Me, won’t they? I like My gifts thoughtfully wrapped, and trussing them up will help to ensure they’re the proper color! Then, when I edge you a few more times for good measure, they might even turn purple! And if you know Me, you know that though blue is the goal this time, purple is truly My favorite color!

No matter how you supplement the edging that will make those balls blue for Me, I’ll look forward to putting the Christmas cherry on your week of edging and denial with some stroking exercises, and then just maybe, I’ll allow you to cum!

I look forward to enjoying each of O/ur private Christmas parties together!

Here’s a nice little festive audio to get you started!

Happy Holidays!

Miss Rachel, Your Blue Balls Specialist!