Goddess Rachel wants you to be successful in orgasm denial! 1-800-356-6169Hello, horny readers! Question for you: What keeps you from cumming under orgasm denial?

No, really?

I’m not talking about those of you in chastity. I’m talking about those of you who love orgasm denial, but for one reason or another, don’t have a chastity cage to maintain your integrity for you. How will you win the battle between self-indulgence and the commitment you’ve made to obey your Mistress?

Some of you might be feeling a bit defensive right now. I can almost hear you protesting, “I would never betray My Mistress!”

For some of you, that may be true. For many of you, I’m betting that the spirit is willing, but the flesh is often weak.

This post is for you.

I’ve controlled enough cocks and owned enough orgasms to know that even the most devoted slave has moments of temptation. The question is, how do you overcome them?

My view is that resisting the urge to cum without permission is much like reforming your eating habits or quitting smoking. You have to have ways to cope, to convince yourself that you don’t want to fall off the wagon. And I’ve got suggestions I want you to try.

One is physical, one is psychological. I suggest you familiarize yourself with both.



Pain as deterrent in orgasm denial


According to studies cited by life coach James Clear, it takes two months, on average, for a new habit to become automatic behavior. So how do you turn abstinence into an automatic behavior?

I mean, it’s one thing to pick up and sustain the habit of doing something, but what W/e’re talking about is picking up the habit of not doing something.

Those of My orgasm denial slaves who have tried My method report success. I expect you will, too:

  1. Observe the pattern that leads to unauthorized orgasm, and
  2. Disrupt it.

I’m saying, for a time, don’t try to simply “muscle through” the urge to cum. Instead, let it play out, and take note of what happens. My guess is that it goes something like this:

“I’m so horny! I can’t concentrate with these blue balls!”

“Maybe I’ll just give My balls a bit of a massage, to soothe them.”

“My hard cock is right next to them though. I want to stroke it so bad!”

“Mistress didn’t say I couldn’t stroke. She said I couldn’t cum. Maybe I’ll just masturbate a bit.”


Seem familiar?

Now, where in there would you suppose you could take a physical action to disrupt the pattern?

If you guessed “right after I acknowledge how horny I am”, you guessed right!

Try this: Next time you feel horny, but before you pull down your pants, grab the nearest object suitable for slapping or spanking, and deliver a single, mid-strength blow to your balls and cock. It should be hard enough to be unpleasant, but not hard enough to buckle your knees. Do that every time anything resembling “I’m horny” enters your mind.

No, it won’t stave off blue balls forever, but it will give you time to reconsider those next steps. And after a while, the memory of that slight unpleasant sensation will arise whenever you’re tempted, to disrupt your pattern of disobedience without you having to strike that blow.


A cbt caveat


Now, if you’re a cbt slut who gets off on blows to your balls and cock, W/e might have to come up with something else. Think of a physical sensation that isn’t too risky, but that you don’t enjoy, and try that.

A rubber band you can keep around your wrist to snap every time? A shot of hot sauce on your tongue?

As a matter of fact, share some unpleasant sensations that aren’t cbt that you feel might be effective for you, or others, in the comments! Let’s crowdsource this orgasm denial deterrent! *giggle*

Or, perhaps it will be the psychological support that will work best for you.

Read on for an example!


Masturbation Meditation


I suggest developing a mantra, perhaps with the assistance of your Mistress, that you can turn to when you are tempted. The moment that horny devil on your left shoulder starts whispering in your ear that surely you can masturbate without edging, or edge without cumming, tries to lead you astray. It should be something simple enough that you can call it up immediately.

Example: “Masturbation is temptation.”

That way you can remind yourself that if there’s even the chance that you will cum in an unauthorized manner if you masturbate, it’s better to avoid it.

I have even recorded such mantras for orgasm denial pets to listen to while they sleep! If you choose that, the messaging could be more complex, but centered around a simple idea like the one above.

The bottom line is, I want you to be successful in denying yourself for your Mistress, but I understand how difficult that can be for some of you.

If you resonate with that, that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, try the above methods, or share others that have worked for you. No need to protest that you simply have rock-solid will and devotion to your Mistress and would never fail Her, because that doesn’t help those who are struggling, and is simply tiresome bragging in this context.


Until next time,



Goddess Rachel, Orgasm Denial Mistress