Hello, horny readers! I enjoyed several sets of blue balls on Christmas night. Some of you, however, disappointed Me. I am well-known as a strict Mistress, so it should come as no surprise that for those who failed, punishment is imminent. You know who you are.

That said, the blue balls failures and the forthcoming corrective action got Me thinking. Whether you are on My shit list or not, this week is perfect for availing yourself of My wrath! The week between Christmas and the New Year is ideal for taking stock of wrongdoings, resolving to do better in the year to come, and making new goals.

Imagine how fruitful 2018 could be with the support of a strict Mistress! I’ll clear your conscience, keep you on task, and in the right frame of mind! I’m happy to serve as your confessional and to be the instrument of your redemption. I’m available to help you confront your misdeeds and failures no matter what they are. Femdom principles are perfect for penance, and redirection.

A strict Mistress is as understanding as She is cruel!

I’m not surprised that some of you who contacted Me to “pledge your edges” didn’t deliver. In some cases common excuses are responsible. Maybe you had guests Christmas night who stayed longer than you thought they would. Maybe you fell asleep. But I well know that for some of you, between the time you made your commitment, and Christmas night, you simply lost your resolve.

Some of you, stuffed with Christmas dinner and drunk on eggnog, probably felt more like the king of the castle than a submissive male undergoing orgasm control.  You got comfortable and decided a nice wank before bed wouldn’t hurt anything. It did though, didn’t it? You tapped into a reserve of cum that was rightfully Mine.

I know these things before you confess them. This insight is part of what will help Me prepare you for 2018 with a clean slate. I understand the thought processes and circumstances that can lead the submissive male off of the path. I’m prepared to hear any excuse . . .

. . . and dismiss them all.

A strict Mistress knows there can be no forgiveness without repentance and penance.

The first step is to confess, to admit wrongdoing, or the ways you’ve fallen short. The next step is to express contrition. The final step is penance.

The most effective penance is usually directly related to the transgression. Scientists make vaccines from a bit of the disease they are meant to fight, and My methods are no different.

Say you were meant to edge without orgasm, and you failed. A sentence of a certain number of ruined orgasms seems appropriate, doesn’t it? Maybe a bit of ballbusting might be called for if the forbidden orgasm wasn’t an accident.

Or, say you’re undergoing a coerced feminization program. Your Mistress wanted you to purchase some panties, for example, and you didn’t. I suggest that your ass should be spanked until it’s as pink as the panties you were told to wear. Of course, your penance would have to be performed on camera, with your strict Mistress Rachel watching. This punishment should be repeated every day that you don’t purchase and wear your panties.

Make sense?

Mentoring from a strict Mistress can be useful motivation in life outside of kink.

Maybe you’re a procrastinator. Tell Me about a certain task you must complete, and I will assess a fine for every day past the deadline that you fail to complete it. The fine can be in dollars, edges, strokes of the belt, days in chastity, or public humiliation tasks.

Are you trying to lose weight? Every time you eat something you shouldn’t, you should have to eat the same thing again in front of Me, but this time, topped with your cum. Need the motivation to get more exercise? If you skip the gym on a day you committed to going, you’ll break a sweat with Me instead, one way or another.

Do you have an attitude problem? Have you been unpleasant to coworkers or family lately? Are you one of those people who are rude to waitstaff or those you consider beneath you as they provide you a service? Are you, in short, an asshole?

Maybe you need to wear a nice fat butt plug, locked in place with a harness, for a certain amount of time. You can’t very well feel superior to anyone when Mistress is remotely stretching your slut cave. Furthermore, when you’re forced to be acutely aware of the discomfort in your asshole, it might make you more mindful of the discomfort you cause in those around you when you act like one.

I’ll be happy to offer you strict Mistress support through 2018 and beyond!

Yes, this week is ideal for a fresh start. Most people make resolutions this time of year anyway, but few people keep them. This is the week is the traditional time to start over, but I’m available to keep you honest the whole year through!

Make a list of your goals, whether kink-related or not, and get in touch with Me privately via E-mail or phone. W/e’ll discuss the ways in which I, with My understanding and My sadistic streak in tow, can help you reach them! If you’re not sure what your goals should be, perhaps I can make an assessment of your life, and offer My advice, along with a plan for Femdom self-improvement.

I’m getting fired up, and admittedly aroused, just imagining the possibilities!

Speaking of working out, listen in below and I’ll tell you how a boy might be induced to break a sweat, Femdom style!

Happy Holidays!


Miss Rachel, your strict Mistress for New Years’ Resolutions and beyond!