Hello, Horny Readers! Back again, huh? *wink* I’m so glad I’ve gotten you interested enough in cum tributes, or at least My ideas about them, to return!

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Okay, okay, I did say I would publish this part “tomorrow”. It’s been a busy few days, so cut Mistress a break. *giggle*

Anyway, let’s get back to the matter at hand.

To recap, I can tolerate the fact that some of you masturbate without supervision. I can understand that you may do so looking at photographs of Me.

But consider Me a cum farmer, and your loads My produce (not waste). The fact that I don’t consider semen to be waste is one reason I don’t consider cum tributes degrading or disrespectful. Another reason is the intent, context, and method of harvest I insist on.

Meaning, I don’t want it harvested before it’s time, and I don’t want My crop spoiled or harvested carelessly!

To repeat, I know you stroke your cock looking at photos of Me.

And I don’t mind!

It’s what you potentially do with My produce at the end that annoys Me!

Ever had a girlfriend or wife wake up angry with you because she dreamed you cheated on her?

It’s kind of like that. I’m not psychic, and I don’t know what every cock stroker does when masturbating to photos or fantasies of Me. But I strongly suspect.

And I’m not happy!

The bottom line is, you owe, strokeboy!

Lucky for you, there’s a (possibly new to you) acceptable way to pay up!


Pay your dues in cum tributes! 


It comes down to this:

Why should you be allowed to be inspired by My beauty and power as captured in your favorite photograph, wrap your hand around MY property, stroke it, and blow MY load all willy nilly with Me none the wiser?

You know you do it.

I bet you don’t even edge properly before you drain My balls when I’m not there to virtually take control of your cock.

And where does My cum end up?

During cam sessions, I’ve seen many of My thoughtless minions simply waste My cum into a kleenex, or some dirty piece of laundry that just happens to be lying on the floor next to the bed.

So not only are you draining a resource that I hoard zealously, and spill sparingly, but in such a thoughtless manner, too!

This is the sense of dissatisfaction I spoke of at the beginning of the first installment. As you no doubt realize, a dissatisfied Mistress can be a mean Mistress.

That said, until now, I simply, if reluctantly, accepted the behavior I suspected as par for the course.

But then a solution: cum tributes!

As further stated in the previous installment, the idea would have never come to Me organically, and I was surprised I didn’t reject it when asked!

Guess what?

I liked it! Your Mistress was pleased!

Well, by the experience. Not so much the finish. At least the first time.

Allow Me to expound!


Cum Tributes should be quality and quantity!


Goddess Rachel has more for you on cum tributes! 1-800-356-6169I relaxed a bit when I realized that most of the session would involve kinks I’m familiar with and enjoy: JOI, edging, mild cbt, harsh humiliation.

The stroker pre-selected a photo of Me that he’d been obsessing over, and had it set up in view of U/s both via Skype. It was positioned such that the cock was in full view, hovering over that photo.

The cock was lubed nicely. I proceeded to demand vigorous stroking and edging. As the big finish approached, I braced Myself to feel insulted.

And I was!

But not for the reason you might think.

The load was pathetic!

“You call that a tribute?!?” I barked.

Maybe three lousy pearls spattered My cleavage!

And he talked such a big game, too!

Needless to say, if you’re going to offer cum tributes to Goddess Rachel, I expect you to drench the image that inspires you! If you can’t offer at least two large, creamy ropes, well, I have to question your claims of devotion!

Oh, I can hear some of you now:

“The average volume of ejaculate is a teaspoon.”

Let Me ask you something, subbie: When have you ever known Me to be content with “average”? I demand the best from My subbies in all ways, cum tributes included! Besides, this load was considerably subpar, even by “average” standards.

Now, you strokers who’ve always shot small wads, don’t be discouraged! Keep reading!

The subbie in question and I eventually went O/ur separate ways for reasons unrelated to his initial paltry offering. But not before W/e had a second go!

After he was suitably upbraided and charged with doing better next time, that is.

The result? Much more suitable!

Take a look below for a primer on how I spurred him on to dramatic improvement!


Preparation for Cum Tributes: Edging


Of course at harvest time I’m going to have you edge for Me. Several times, in fact, until My load is in full ripeness!

But you should be edging long before then!

The subbie who inspired this interest in cum tributes admitted after the first time that he had just cum the night before!

He had the nerve to offer Me the dregs of My balls!

Now don’t get too smug. saying to yourself, “I would never do that.” Even if that’s the case, I bet you can offer Me more than just your average volume, too.

Yes, you’re still going to edge for Me, even if you regularly squirt huge loads.

What’s more important to Me in cum tributes, remember, isn’t just “a respectable load”, but the best you’ve got!

You. You personally. So even if you think you’re home free because your loads are always big, understand that I want them bigger. And I expect you to do the work to ensure that.

How much edging do I expect from you in preparation for cum tributes?

. . .

Edging and Abstinence.


I intend to treat cum tributes the same way I do My beginning chastity program. That is, I’m not without sympathy for how often you may be used to cumming.

That doesn’t mean I don’t expect you to challenge yourself. *beatific smile*Goddess Rachel has more for you on cum tributes! 1-800-356-6169

It shouldn’t be that hard!

Consider this: Many of you don’t always masturbate because you’re horny. Just as often I’ll bet some of you masturbate because you’re bored, or just because you can.

Assessing whether or not that’s true for you, and being honest with yourself about it, is part of the overall devotion that should be inherent in cum tributes!

Suffice it to say, if you stand convicted, I think you can easily cut those instances out. Especially if they usually end in an orgasm.

Let yourself be further inspired (as so many have before you) by My oft-stated favorite piece of scientific information as it applies to sexuality:

You would be fine under permanent ejaculation denial.


That’s right: never cumming again.


(as long as I milked your prostate)

So, I’m going to say, take the number of days between masturbation sessions, and double it. Make sure you’re edging as many times as you can during those sessions that remain.

At first, you can still cum at the end. But after about a week of this new schedule, I want you to start eliminating orgasms.

Here’s an example: If you usually stroke every day for about 20 minutes before you cum, stretch that to every two days, edging the whole way through, and cumming at the end.

Then, start removing orgasms.

There’s 7 days in a week. If you’re edging and cumming every two days, that’s roughly 3 orgasms a week. Commit to cutting down to two. The next week, cut it down to one.

The next week, stop cumming altogether.

Once you’ve gotten successful at saving Me at least 3 days of My harvest without incident or accident, you’ll arrange for a Skype session.

You’ll have your favorite photo of Me on display (where W/e can both see it), and where I can see My cock. I’ll top up those edges, and perhaps accept some verbal yearning, declarations of devotion, and promises of how much cum you have for Me.

And then you’ll offer Me My cum tribute.

Make sense?


More tips and tricks for offering the best cum tributes!


Stay hydrated. Just for the purposes of health, you should be drinking half an ounce of water (or herbal and decaffeinated tea), per pound of your body weight. If you drink a lot of coffee, you should be balancing all that caffeine with even more. If you work out a lot, more than that, and you should be adding some electrolytes to that water during and after your workout.

Improve your overall wellness. See to it that you’ve got strategies for healthily managing your stress. Try to get adequate sleep. Get some exercise. Limit or avoid alcohol. Try to eat a mostly healthy diet.

Look into supplements. Carefully. The size of your cum shot depends on several factors, including but not limited to your testosterone levels (another reason sissies are generally not suitable for cum tributes! *giggle*), your sperm count (this is somewhat genetically preordained for each person) how healthy your sperm are (how strongly and how fast they swim), erectile function (the better you are at getting and maintaining a hardon, the harder you are likely to cum, and the greater the volume of your cumshot), and libido (keeping you teased and edged, keeps you horny!)

There are dietary and supplement strategies you can employ that affect each of the above factors. But you should be very careful as you look over what’s out there. There are plenty of supplements on the market that purport to be specifically formulated to increase the volume of your load. But lots of them also contain hidden substances that either pose risks in and of themselves, or do because they’re present in unhealthy amounts.

Keep reading for some less risky suggestions!


Safe(r) supplements for respectable cum tributes


The FDA doesn’t regulate supplements, so anything you try should be vetted by you personally for things like upper tolerable limit, interactions with medications or other supplements you might be taking, health conditions known to you, etc., no matter how inoffensive it may seem.

Here are few supplements that seem to be mostly harmless (that means even if they don’t work, you’ll likely be no worse for the wear for trying them):

Lecithin: you can take this as a supplement, but it comes from foods, and your body also makes it. So if you don’t usually, you can try eating more eggs, soy, sunflower seeds, cauliflower, whole grains, chickpeas, cabbage, organic meat, seeds, liver, split peas, peanuts, milk, and nuts.

Fenugreek Herb: Some research indicates it may increase your testosterone.

Ashwagandha: There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence, and some studies on it increasing sperm count, sperm health, and semen volume. It also has a lot of other non-cumshot benefits. I take it Myself to help Me relax!

Maca Root: Some believe it helps get that cock hard when called upon, and makes for lots of healthier “swimmers”!

Zinc may help balance testosterone and improve sperm quality.

As I said, proceed with caution, and let Me know if you try any of those!

Whatever method you try, I expect to see the results spattering your favorite image of Me soon!


Take stock of My stock, and prepare to deliver!


I think with that, I have thoroughly introduced you to the concept of cum tributes: what they are, why they aren’t degrading to Me, how you should prepare, what’s acceptable as a cum tribute, who is acceptable to offer one, how I intend to harvest, and why I’ve become interested in doing so in this particular manner.

In short, if you feel indicted by My description of the habits My instincts tell Me that many of My worshipful strokers get away with outside of My supervision, this is a way for you to consider rectifying the situation!

If cum tributes have long been a practice of yours, but you never thought your Goddess Rachel would not only be open to them, but approve (under the right circumstances), now you know differently!

So, stock up, prepare, and show Me the fruits of My control and domination in a session.

All over Me.



Goddess Rachel, Farmer of Cum Tributes!


P.S.: You would think that I wouldn’t have to say this, but those same instincts that tell Me how you conduct yourself out of My sight, tell Me that I do: I DO NOT want random cum-spattered images. Whether I know you or not. I do not care to view explicit images outside of sessions.

P.P.S.: Please understand that just because the harvesting and delivery of My cum tribute from the first acolyte included cbt and harsh humiliation, yours need not. As long as it’s clear in your deportment and the way you’ve prepared, that it’s a submissive, worshipful act. *wink*