WARNING:  If you are offended by or negatively sensitive to strict BDSM or chastity play and language, simply don’t read this post.  The solution to finding this kind of play distasteful is to avoid exposing yourself to it or engaging in it, not to complain about, or to, those who do enjoy it.  Thank you.

I am so pleased.  I have several chastity pets whose masturbation I monitor and whose orgasms I strictly control, but it’s special when a potential acolyte comes crawling to Me with the desire to be put in his place beyond that.  I have acquired a thing . . . who not only needs, but deserves to have its wiggly-worm locked up and its mounting desperation enjoyed, but upon whom I can exercise My sadistic streak–spanking, CBT, utilizing its fuckholes, and visit upon it what ever psychological torment suits My fancy.  It needs not only to be humiliated, but to be degraded, reduced to nothing under My cold gaze.  Delicious.

Like the darkest of chocolates, this type of kink play isn’t for everyone, but as longtime readers of My blog will realize, those who have an appetite for it will certainly have their craving fed in Miss Rachel’s domain, certain boundaries notwithstanding.

I required it to write Me a love letter, which I told it I would expose for all the world to see.  Observe the pathetic slavering of this chastity thing:

i am a pathetic wanker.  i have a tiny cock (As I told it, since it is tiny, it is not a cock.  2 demerits).  i could never please a woman.  As such, i need to be taken out of the sexual population and used as a slave so that some woman could actually gain some pleasure from me since my cock (should read “Mistress’ skin tag.” or at least acknowledge that as pathetic as it is, the scrap of meat between its legs is no longer its property, but Mine.  2 demerits) certainly could not provide it.  That’s where my new Mistress comes in.

(paragraph break inserted by Mistress Rachel.  Improper formatting.  2 demerits.)

She is everything i am not.  Powerful, sexually alluring, and worthy of respect and worship, She is the type of woman that i should not even be permitted to look at or acknowledge if the world were truly fair.  However, She is forced to deal with me; a task She selflessly takes on for the good of all other women out there as well as my own good.  By taking ownership of my cock (2 demerits), She is saving any other woman from the disappointment i would be sure to give them.  By locking me in chastity, She is saving me from my lack of control and ensuring that only real men are able to gain pleasure, something i am not worthy of having.

(paragraph break inserted by Mistress Rachel.  Improper formatting.  2 demerits.)

i don’t even belong groveling at Her feet; i don’t belong in the same room as Her.  Her mercy on me by taking ownership of my cock (2 demerits) is a great act of charity, proving beyond any doubt that She is worthy of my dedication to Her pleasure.  Last night She sent me to bed after teasing me without an orgasm.   As i lay there i needed to cum so badly that i humped the bed grinding Her cock (it is not a cock.  A cock is at least 6.5″ long.  It lies.  2 demerits.) against the sheets just to get some sexually (“sexual”, not “sexually”, IDIOT.  1 demerit) contact, needing (It LIES.  It has no medical need to squirt, only the selfish yearning to do so.  2 demerits.) to cum but knowing that if i touched myself (“Mistress’ useless property” 1 demerit) i might lose my discipline and go too far.

(formatting.  2 demerits.)

If i were a real man, i would cum.  If i were a real man, i would be able to get a woman to make me cum.  i am not a real man, and don’t deserve to cum.  My perfect Mistress understands this and in Her great wisdom will ensure that my orgasms are rare and only to remind me of what real men get to experience on a regular basis.  i need my Mistress to keep me in my worthless place so that real men and women get are (“get are”?  What does that mean, worm?  1 demerit)the only ones who get pleasure.   It is a task that She has thankfully taken on for the good of mankind.

Thank you Mistress for Your ownership and control, i am truly unworthy of You.

Yes, thing.  This I know.

As you can see, it needs lots of training.  Soon it will know better than to “speak” of itself in the first person, for example.  But all things in their own time.

Stay tuned.