Hello, horny readers! Cum tribute? Yes, you read that right!

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Those in-the-know would never expect to hear Goddess Rachel express openness to something like that!

Believe Me, I’m just as surprised as you are!

You should instinctively know your cum belongs to Me. I love all things cock control. But a cum tribute involves more than just guided masturbation, edging, and release or denial as My whim dictates!

I didn’t realize this until I experienced it. I never would have entertained the idea unless I’d been approached. In fact, I almost said a knee-jerk “no”.

(Well, not that bluntly, but that would have been the gist.)

Luckily, for some reason I’m not sure of, I suppressed the impulsive rejection.

And you know what?

I’m glad I did!

Because as it happens, had I not given it a whirl, I would have missed out! If not on the initial result, then at least on prospects of this unique cocktail of dominance and submission for the future!

As it turns out, I was eventually so exhilarated, I’d like to replicate this session with more of you!

No, Goddess Rachel has not suddenly become a femdom switch.

To the contrary, I gleaned a purpose from the experience that aligns wonderfully with My dominant nature. One that offers you an opportunity to alleviate a sense of dissatisfaction that I carry with Me when W/e’re not in session together.

What’s that? I’ll explain in a minute. But first, perhaps I shouldn’t assume everyone knows what a cum tribute is?


So what is a cum tribute, anyway?


It’s degrading, Goddess Rachel!

Well, no, it isn’t. At least it doesn’t have to be.

You should know Me well enough by now to realize I’d never submit to degradation.

Here’s the definition of a cum tribute, at least as most who are already familiar with the term might describe it:

Ejaculation directly onto an image that arouses an admirer and inspires their masturbation.

But Mistress! Isn’t that a degrading thing to do to a dominant woman?

Strangely enough, after this recent experience, I’ve decided that for Me, the answer is no!

Besides, degradation isn’t even part of the intent for most, even in the most mainstream sense of the practice.

Still, you would be forgiven for assuming that a Femdomme wouldn’t be flattered by a submissive spilling splooge on a picture of Her. You’d probably be right in most cases.

Don’t get Me wrong; Intention does matter. Moreover, I understand that I can’t account for the intentions of everyone who might want to offer Me a cum tribute.

But you see, that’s okay. The only cock stroker who matters in this case is the one with whom I engage in a cum tribute session.

And, as you’ll understand if you stick around through both parts of this little miniseries, I’ve decided on some parameters to ensure that whether your intentions are pure or not, you’ll give an Oscar-worthy performance pretending there’s nothing on your mind but surrender, and obedience!

I’m sure there’s a question that remains in the minds of some of you: What if I feel that it’s a degrading practice, regardless of how pure My intentions might be?


Safe(r), sane, and consensual. Always.


Find out if you're worthy of offering Goddess Rachel a cum tribute! 1-800-356-6169At this point, I’ll remind you that what interests Me, no matter how kinky or hard core, is always under the auspices of safety, sanity, and consent.

Not everyone is going to resonate with the idea of offering their Goddess a cum tribute. Such a session might leave them feeling bad, and not in the sexy way. I don’t want that, and would never press boundaries that someone didn’t want pressed.

But what about that submissive who instinctively understands the helplessness, maybe even the erotic humiliation, of being so thoroughly enslaved to the mere image of Me,that he must call Me to confess?

And then present his offering to My picture, after My voice in his ear directs and demands the best he’s got?

Personally, I think some of the reluctance around the idea of the cum tribute may also have to do with the way men think about their own ejaculate. After all, isn’t that at least part of the reason so many of you need encouragement to eat your cum?

Granted, many women think of it in the same way: as something disgusting.

A waste product.


Semen is not a waste product.


I’ve decided that in order to consider a cum tribute degrading, among other things one would have to consider semen itself to be waste. Or something like it.

And I realized that I don’t!

If I did, why else would I be so unhappy when I imagine the millions of men thoughtlessly shooting it every day, without the aid of a masturbatrix?

I consider it produce. Produce to be tended, stored, and harvested as needed.

Don’t get Me wrong; just like other produce, there are grades of semen that are more desirable than others, usually depending at least in part on the source. And clearly, I am entitled to the top grade in everything, including ejaculate.

Naturally, for example, the offerings of a small penis or a sissy clitty are suitable for being kept permanently in the balls/external ovaries, not offered as a cum tribute. At best, they should be leaked from the end of a chastity cage, and then consumed.

But if you have reason to believe that I would not be offended by the penis via which you intend to deliver the cum tribute, you can probably rest assured that I would not be offended by the cum tribute itself.

In this case, on a picture of Me that makes you want to masturbate in the first place!

Let’s talk about those pictures a bit, shall W/e? Perhaps once W/e have, you’ll understand a bit more.


I know what you’re doing, stroker.


I don’t think I’m speaking out of turn when I say that We ladies of the Empire prefer submissives who are inspired more by what’s between their ears than by what’s before their eyes. We do like to provide what We call intelligent phone sex.

That said I am well aware how much time many of you spend perusing My picture gallery. Further, I often hear how much playmates enjoy even the censored pics and memes I make for My blogs and store offerings.

Also, several of you had a lot of fun participating in My “meme Mistress Rachel” assignment. You knew just which picture made you tingle the most in your jockies, panties, or cage, and couldn’t wait to add your caption!

That’s not even taking into account the racier, uncensored photos regular, long-term submissives may occasionally receive.

Needless to say, no matter who you are, or which pictures you see, unless you’re pussy-free or locked in chastity, I’m under no illusions as to what you might do while you gaze.

Oh, I understand that some of you are so deep in mental submission to Me that you might not do much more than that. But most of you, I’d wager, at the very least fantasize about what you might do if you were allowed.

Even some things you’d never dare to tell Me you think about doing, you naughty slut! *wink*

The point is, I’m not naive. I know a goodly portion of you do more than look or imagine.

I know you look, and stroke for Me.

Hold on! Don’t scurry away shame-faced. You may be relieved by what I say next!


The masturbation itself isn’t the problem.


Sure, I’d prefer you to masturbate only under My masturbation management. There’s a challenge there though: My instinctsFind out if you're worthy of offering Goddess Rachel a cum tribute! 1-800-356-6169 are uncanny, but I’m not psychic.

So even if I were to forbid you to masturbate to My pictures, I couldn’t be 100 percent sure most of you would obey.

(That doesn’t even take compulsive masturbators into account. W/e all know you can’t usually pry their hands off of those cocks with a crowbar!)

In short, free range masturbation isn’t My preference.

But it’s also not the problem. Not the main one, anyway.

What is then?

Let’s return to a simple declaration from the beginning of this post: I own your cum.

Every load, whether I admonish you to save it, or allow you to shoot it (mostly after thorough edging), is a tribute to your submission and My control.

Whether W/e’re in session or not.

It follows, therefore, that I resent much more the unauthorized spilling of My cum, and the manner in which i imagine it’s spilt when I’m not there to supervise, than the masturbation alone.

I mean, think about it: when W/e play O/ur denial games, when I say “no”, I mean don’t spill a single drop. What right have you to lose the tiniest amount of something that doesn’t belong to you?

Conversely, when I’m in the mood to collect what belongs to Me, I want it all.

And it should be an impressive load, to indicate how judiciously you’ve been keeping it for Me.

This is far preferable to other destinations I imagine and see in session for what I collect so greedily in those balls you carry around on My behalf!

So how do I get from there, to enjoying a cum tribute?


Return Tomorrow for More on the Cum Tribute!


I think I’ve settled on every ten days or so for the publication of a new blog post. For the most part, that’s what you can expect. But I’ve found that there was enough to unpack about the cum tribute and My experience with it that this already-long post would have ended up even longer.

And I’ve already given you a lot to think about, haven’t I?

Furthermore, since it’s a series, it doesn’t make sense to make you wait ten days for part two.

So, come back tomorrow, where I’ll  complete the link between My greedy cum hoarding, My lust for tease and denial, tease and delay, and all manner of power and cock control I’ve unaccountably found an expression for via cum tribute.

I’ll talk about what I prefer you do with what I feel belongs to Me, provide details about My first experience with the cum tribute, and how you can prepare to make sure you provide a suitable one yourself!

Don’t miss it!

**EDIT** Well clearly, that turned out to be a bit of a tease of a different kind! Yes. horny readers, “tomorrow” has turned into several days! But part two WILL be coming shortly!

Sorry about that!



Goddess Rachel, Cum Tribute Canvas