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Hello, Honry Readers! Let’s face it–most of you call Me to explore cuckold fantasies, not to discuss a relationship model you’re actually living. And don’t get Me wrong–I love it! Fantasy is a safe way to explore an idea. Especially one you may not actually want to experience.

I’ve noticed that among those of you who fantasize about being cuckolded by your wife or girlfriend, there’s sometimes confusion and shame as to why.

After all, most men aren’t yet free from the societal conditioning that circumscribes manhood. According to that conditioning, allowing another man sexual access to your woman is one of the surefire ways of getting your man card revoked.

I. of course, say “down with kink shaming” in general. But it can help to defeat self-imposed kink shaming if W/e attempt to answer the question: Why are cuckold fantasies so alluring?

Demystified and delineated motivations can normalize uncomfortable impulses, and thus alleviate some of the misgivings associated with them.

I want you to explore your cuckold fantasies with Me freely. I have a vested interest, therefore, in helping you to do so.

Below, I’m going to share what I’ve learned over the course of My time facilitating scores of these cuckold fantasies. I think those of you who are either curious about the subject matter, or perhaps even a bit conflicted, will find that your naughty thoughts about your wife having sex with other men are pretty understandable.

Let’s start with porn.

What does porn have to do with it?

Read on!


Cuckold Fantasies: 3D Porn


On CuckoldFantasies.com, I share My opinion on what constitutes a true cuckold relationship. That said, I accept the fact that many playmates come to Me with visions that differ from the parameters I set there.

For the most part, these versions still count. The horny husband isn’t having sex with anyone unless you count himself, via his fist. Most of the time he’s limited to voyeurism. Further, the man or men his hotwife is fucking tend to exceed him in some way, even if he’s not necessarily inadequate.

Isn’t that scenario familiar though?

Think about it: watching a beautiful woman getting the breaks fucked off of her while you stroke your cock is basically what most men have been doing since they were young. It’s just that there’s usually thousands of miles and a computer screen separating him from the action.

Not to mention that in a cuckold relationship, the featured fuckdoll is their very own bride, rather than some otherwise unattainable adult actress.

It’s kind of romantic, really.

Ideally, anyway.

Keep reading.


Turning a vanilla girl into an insatiable cockslut.


Not everyone is lucky to be perfectly aligned with their life partner in all of their needs. Sexual incompatibility, especially after a long while, tends to rear its ugly head from time to time. It’s not unusual for half of a relationship to want more sex than their partner at one time or another.

Even if a couple starts out well-matched in terms of what they want or need sexually, sometimes people change.

But more often than not, it’s the man who becomes dissatisfied.

It scalds My Femdomme heart to know how many men still expect to marry an untouched near-virgin, and then are surprised when the best they can get is once-per-month missionary with the lights off.

Consider this another argument for Female-led relationships becoming de rigeur, but more to O/ur current discussion:

What’s the polar opposite of frigid?


A cuckold fantasy allows a man to mentally explore what it might be like if their beloved pollyanna suddenly became insatiable. So insatiable that one man alone simply couldn’t keep up with all her needs.

HE finds her incredibly sexy, sexual hangups and all. But in reality, to suggest anything that approaches the thoughts that go through his mind assures him of permanent lodgings on the couch.

He’d rather not mess with the 90% of the relationship that’s good by pushing to change the 10% that leaves something to be desired. So he’ll imagine her as part of another world, behaving in a way that could only happen there.

Aren’t you grateful to have your Goddess Rachel to construct that “other world” with you?


Fear (or Reality) of Inadequacy


In the above example, a man knows his wife and her limitations, and is compelled to accept them.

Alas, some men are destined to make things about themselves. Cuckie will convince himself of the idea that the right cock could break through her reluctance to reveal the slutwife he knows lies beneath.

How can she not want a foot-long bbc oozing in and out of her asshole while he licks her clit? *smirk*

She says “absolutely not” to anal sex with him, but maybe she would for a guy with undeniable sexual authority?

Or, his feelings of inadequacy are more rooted in reality.

Life happens. Testosterone goes down, and the penis stays down with it. His wife may be sincerely content with toys, cunnelingus, or no sex at all.

But sometimes, when a man has a hard time accepting his limitations, he will insist to himself that a man with a cock that works is the answer.

Or, in the case of a small penis, a bigger cock is the answer.

Either way, he can’t fuck her (or not properly), but despite her protestations, he still wants her fucked.

So he comes to Me to explore cuckold fantasies, in which she confirms what he suspects, and he can generously suggest she take a lover.

Then, he can be relieved of the self-imposed guilt of keeping her from the sex life she deserves. And would want, if she didn’t have to rely on her impotent husband.

But there’s other guilt from which men seek to distance themselves through cuckold fantasies. Or maybe shame is a better word. Once again, societally-induced. The presence of his wife, or any other woman, in the scenario, can serve as a buffer.

A buffer between himself and what, you ask?

I think you already know.


Cuckold Fantasies for the Cock Curious


I actually love these sessions:

Cuckie sounds riled up from the start. The near-hyperventilation of over-the-top arousal, nerves, or a combination.

I strive to keep the mischievous smile out of My voice. I’m almost sure from the start of what he’s holding back. Definitely something more than the standard turned-on cuckold.

I offer soothing words, assuring him that this is a safe space. The sense of overwrought desire persists, though confessing to the cuckold fantasy comes easily enough.

W/e talk O/ur way through the particulars: what his wife looks like, where he’s positioned in the room, how his wife treats him . . .

I continue gingerly:

You know, cuckold fantasies involve something different for every cuckold, but classic cuckolding usually includes certain aspects . . .

I can hear it in the way his breath changes. He knows where I’m going with this, but he’s not going to be the one to say it. He’s waiting for Me to say it. He needs Me to say it.

It’s okay if this doesn’t turn you on. But, many cuckolds enjoy fluffing that big cock for his wife, and eating creampies . . .

Need I say that if he doesn’t cum immediately, at least the dam is broken? Strangled gasps turn into abject, desperate moans. Sometimes those are followed by a deluge of truly impressive verbal cock hunger. Often we never even get to the part where cuckie’s wife is getting fucked while he watches.

It’s all about cuckie, and that big bull cock.

It was from the beginning, you see, but it could only be accessed through a cuckold scenario. Such a cockslut cuckie-in-waiting needs, for his own psychological well-being, something that puts him in the same room as a massive cock, and a reason for coming into contact with it that doesn’t require him to straight-up admit to cock lust.

Don’t misunderstand Me though–I don’t begrudge him the little dance. As I said, I’m more than happy to do-si-do around the master bedroom in his mind until he’s ready to land square on his knees, face to face with what he really came there for.


Tell Me about your cuckold fantasies!


Don’t be shy.

I clearly understand them, and you. Sessions with your cuckold Goddess Rachel are judgement free; some permutations of the cuckold fetish aren’t My cup of tea, and you’re welcome to contact Me privately to find out what they are if you like. But even then, I won’t judge you, and I will always encourage you not to judge yourself!

Come on, then! Enjoy the kinkiest of cuckold fantasies with Me, whatever their origins may be! You don’t even have to have a reason, to your knowledge, that you come at your cuckold fantasy the way you do.

I know enough for both of U/s.


Goddess Rachel, Cuckold Coach