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Hello, Horny Readers! I’ll jump right in: We femdommes need, whenever possible, to intercede earlier in the lives of men. We need to teach them cock control, and their place in the sexual universe, starting at the age of 21! Yes, a fleet of cougar femdommes!

Goddess Rachel is your cougar Femdomme! 1-800-356-6169

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I’ve become disheartened by what I’ve heard and read about the sexual function and behavior of a lot of younger men these days. Younger women simply aren’t getting the quality of attention they deserve!

The culprits standing in the way?

And other perils of the modern world.

All I know is, it’s all rendered a lot of men sexually useless to women by the time they hit 30.

I’ve decided that if more of them were assigned a mature, sexy, dominant woman right along with their college matriculation materials, women their own age might have better lovers to choose from.

And W/e all know a woman’s satisfaction is what matters!

I’m not a milf; I don’t have any spawn and don’t want any. But I am past the ingénue stage. I also have enough experience to have accrued a good deal of wisdom. Wisdom about men and sex, among other things. What’s more, My resolve has only solidified regarding what women deserve in bed.

Why 21?

I don’t think I could take on an 18 year old submissive. They may be men legally, but in My view, they still get a pass for not knowing their way around a woman’s body. Heck, at that age, they barely know their way around their own!

21-plus is the dawn of the “no excuses” era!

So, how could a specifically femdom cougar mold such a young man?

Well, let’s ruminate!


It’s like fishing in a barrel!


Let’s face it, all men are sluts. Selfish sluts if you let them remain so. But no matter their age, women have the hook for turning their preoccupation with their own pleasure against them: beguile them with a sexy, skilled, hungry woman!

The cock is a joystick with which to direct them. While they’re dreaming of where they think they get to put their penis, I’d be making a plan for putting them under My special brand of cock control!

The holidays are a perfect time to begin. He’s home on semester break, confined to the house at least some of the time for get-togethers with loved ones. He might get easily bored! And what does a young guy do when he’s stuck at home and bored? Besides masturbating to porn, I mean.

Well he logs onto Tinder, that’s what!

And there I’ll be, with some cock teasing (but not explicit) pictures, and a profile that says I’ve been curious about younger men (not that that’s true–I’ve been chewing them up and spitting them out since I was 21 Myself).

Once they get in touch, the training can begin immediately.

I imagine most will try to mimic the way they think a self-assured man comes on to a woman: With diminutives and endearments. My reply is the same as it is when some of you older men assume familiarity you aren’t entitled to:

“My name is Miss Rachel. Just “Rachel” if you must. Not “baby” or any other diminutive.”

Some I’ll lose right there. But that’s okay. There are more than enough who are intrigued. Better still, the ones who are just waiting to submit to a femdomme, and just don’t know it yet.


Femdomme Cougar Mode: Activated!


Goddess Rachel is your cougar Femdomme! 1-800-356-6169I usually ask a younger man what attracts him to an older woman, knowing what the answer will almost always be: “Older women know what they want.”

“Ah, you like a woman who knows what she wants, do you?” I reply.  “Does that mean you take direction well?”

Whether they do or not, they’ll say they do so that they don’t miss out on the opportunity.

And that would give ME the opportunity to call their bluff!

Let’s make something clear: the only reason a younger woman may not know what she wants is that she’s unaware of what’s on the menu. Or more likely, hasn’t yet broken free of the shame patriarchy tries to impose on her about her sexual desires. But acquiescing to the narrative for the time being doesn’t hurt anything.

And once a young man appears to do his best impression of someone who takes direction well, he will be made to actually become one.


First, his cougar femdomme will give him what he thought he came there for: pussy. Enough of you are familiar with My dildo training to have the image in mind: you in light bondage, Me on top. Not to mention My expertise in keeping a submissive man, no matter his age, from cumming without permission.

Tease and delay during fucking notwithstanding, My talented pussy will blow his mind. To get more of it, he’ll have to meet certain expectations.

  • Pussy worship.
  • Nipple play.
  • Erotic massage with a release for Me and sometimes nothing for him.
  • Whole rendezvous with nothing for him.
  • Masturbation management when W/e’re away from each other, including chastity if he can’t be trusted.
  • Field reports once he returns to campus, detailing the results of deploying his new skills

And somewhere along the line, mental conditioning will allow Me to observe the cardinal rule of all relationships involving asymmetrical power dynamics: leave the less powerful person in better condition than you found them.

What does that mean?


I am his Perfect Mistress, not his girlfriend.


Girlfriends are to be found amongst the young women of his own age, not through his cougar femdomme.

He will know that from the start. If I sense that he begins to catch feelings that are disadvantageous for either of U/s, I will have to send him on his way. With aftercare, of course.

Fondness may be involved, and some very real and powerful orgasms for Me for the positive feedback loop. But early on, he will be given to understand that this is not a romantic relationship. I am his erotic mentor, and he is My pupil.

I could never become romantically attached to someone so much younger than I anyway.

Rather, I will initiate him in the ways of goddess worship. What’s more, I will make it clear to him that all women are deserving of it. Including the coeds to whom he will now be privileged to offer his services.

With that will come an understanding of the variety of appearances a pussy and women’s bodies in general, might have, unlike the unrealistic expectations porn can give. Not to mention what a healthy female scent is (you wouldn’t believe the number of young men who seem to expect a pussy to have as neutral a scent as a bowl of plain macaroni).

Not only will he recognize that the scent of the nectar of a clean, healthy woman is desirable, but he will become addicted to it! Likely through protracted facesitting sessions. *giggle*

Of course, I will also impress upon him the importance of safe sex practices and hygiene. This is another area far too many men of all ages seem to neglect in favor of instant gratification.

With that, one more man worth fucking (or who can at least be of service) will be released into the world!


Your Cougar Femdomme


Goddess Rachel is your cougar Femdomme! 1-800-356-6169


Tell Me, readers: How many disappointing interludes could the women in your past have avoided if you’d had a cougar femdomme in your life early on?

Maybe you have had one. I’d love to hear about the women you have to thank for teaching you your place, and the woman-pleasing skills to go with it, so feel free to share in the comments!

Even if you haven’t ever had the benefit of such an experience in your past, perhaps the idea of it arouses you. I’m more than happy to explore your cougar fantasies in a phone sex roleplay!

Here’s to better lovers for young women, and all women!


Until next time,


Goddess Rachel, Your cougar Femdomme