Goddess Rachel wants to know all about your cross-dressed cocklust! 1-800-356-6169


I’m back, Horny Readers, with part two of My little miniseries on O/ur cross-dressed community!

Now, apparently, with more cocklust!

Goddess Rachel wants to know all about your cross-dressed cocklust! 1-800-356-6169

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And have I got a textbook example for you!

Everyone, allow Me to introduce you to cdCindy.

It’s been a while since W/e’ve had a session, but every one W/e have had has been memorable!

Why is s/he a textbook example? Well, s/he’s the purest form of going all-out for both crossdressing and cock that I can think of! Further, this includes a dream s/he nurtures of turning he/r marriage into a cuckold relationship!

But that summary doesn’t do he/r justice. I may be long-winded, but you must get the full picture to truly appreciate he/r as I do!


Cross-dressed Cocklust Case in Point


First of all, if you saw cdCindy dressed, you might suspect that s/he had a little something extra in he/r panties, but you would be as impressed as I was by how elegant, feminine, and well put-together a crossdresser s/he is!

Cindy is a bit stingy with pictures and showing he/rself off for U/s at the Enchantrix Empire, but s/he did once share a cross-dressed picture briefly.

For someone who has so little shame when it comes to cock, s/he sure was shy about showing he/rself off to he/r fellow kinksters!

Anyway, I think s/he told Me that s/he is 5’8″ and 150 pounds. In femme attire, s/he parlays that slim frame into true feminine appeal! S/he has a figure that many women would be happy to have, and the wardrobe to show it off to its greatest advantage!

The outfit?

If I recall correctly:

  • slim-fitting navy blue pencil skirt
  • thin grey cashmere v neck (it looked clearly designed for women, and not repurposed male attire)
  • sheer, nude stockings over slender, hairless, gracefully crossed legs.
  • sensible but sexy pumps.

And he/r grooming? Also top-notch.

He/r makeup was tasteful, and applied with a clearly practiced hand. As mentioned before, he/r hair removal was on point. And s/he topped it all off with a silky, layered, shoulder-length wig in ash blonde that framed he/r face perfectly!

Oh–and s/he had perky little teacup titties. *wink*

I don’t think he/r titties were real; probably falsies, but they suited he/r frame beautifully!

Doesn’t s/he sound lovely?

Now, Cindy may chime in in the comments and tell Me that I’ve gotten certain elements of he/r appearance wrong, but this is what I’m describing from memory. Whether the details are accurate or not, the impression is spot on:

Top notch cross-dressed feminization!

Whatever mistakes I may have made in describing Cindy’s attire, I have an indisputable memory of what an absolutely depraved, rabid cockhound Cindy is.

Any crossdressers or sissies feel a little sympathetic tingle? Front of the panties, back of the panties, or both?

Keep reading.


Crossdresser Cuckold Cocklust


Goddess Rachel wants to know all about your cross-dressed cocklust! 1-800-356-6169


Unless there have been incredible developments since the last time I spoke with Cindy, s/he isn’t a cuckold yet. But it’s he/r absolute dream to be cuckolded by he/r wife.

Cindy and he/r wife haven’t had a married sex life for years now. And s/he would only change two things about that:

  1. He/r wife would continue not to have sex with he/r (at least not intercourse), but would have a boyfriend who did, and
  2. Cindy wouldn’t feel deprived, because s/he would have a boyfriend, too. Maybe the same guy. Maybe more than one.

I can’t remember whether or not Cindy has shared he/r crossdressing desires with he/r wife. If s/he has, I don’t know whether or not Cindy suspects that that has anything to do with why they don’t have sex anymore.

As a matter of fact, I don’t think he/r wife has said anything one way or another about why s/he’s not interested in sex (at least not with Cindy). Perhaps if s/he comments, s/he’ll remind U/s.

But to Cindy, it doesn’t really matter why.

Cindy doesn’t miss sex with he/r wife.

It’s not that the two of them don’t have an amicable relationship. It’s just that Cindy is a cock-loving crossdresser, and no longer wants sex with women. At least not in the traditional male role.

So, while Cindy’s wife may or may not know about the crossdressing, she definitely doesn’t know about all the cock.

At least not as of O/ur last session.

But if she did, what is it that she would find out?

If you keep reading, you’ll know first!


Little clitty, hungry holes!


Another reason Cindy’s wife may not want to have sex with he/r:

Cindy has an itty bitty clitty. The seed of many cuckold relationships the world over.

But I don’t even think that’s it.

And remember, Cindy’s not suffering at all.

S/he’s parlayed that elegant crossdresser appearance into lots and lots of cock!

And in such cases where s/he must choose between crossdressing and cock, s/he’ll choose cock. But s/he brings a particular brand of submissive femme cock worship with he/r no matter what s/he’s wearing.

I bet many of you cock-lusting kinky femmes know exactly what I mean by that.

S/he’s a great combination between a romantic and an absolute cumdumpster. S/he not only craves sucking cock and to be fucked, but to kiss, and make out with men. S/he wants to be treated as a femme and a slut at the same time!

And horny readers, s/he has been.

Many, many times.

Goddess Rachel wants to know all about your cross-dressed cocklust! 1-800-356-6169

cdCindy in spirit!

What’s more, if all he/r dreams came true, s/he’d be treated as such in front of he/r wife, partly as a means of solidifying in both their minds that Cindy’s life as someone who has sex with women is over!

But as it stands, s/he’s had threesomes while crossdressed, hotel/motel assignations (s/he’s even treated motel clerks to blowjobs), been an on-call ball-drainer, been fucked in front of a ritzy penthouse window while watching another couple doing the same across the way, and been a cross-dressed lover, not just a cumdump.

Not that s/he’s not perfectly willing to be a cumdump, mind you.

I mean, would any standard (but no less enjoyable) cocksucker recite mantras devoted to their sexual surrender to real men, cock, and cum?

Cindy does.


Cross-dressed Cumdump Conditioning


I used to think Cindy had one, maybe two kinky mantras that she said every day. Turns out, those were just the ones s/he shares most often during sessions.

In reality, s/he has a whole collection of them!

Here’s the one I’ve heard from he/r most often:


I will find a cock today and I will worship it.
I will take it into my mouth and feel the warmth on my tongue.
I will feel the cum flow down my throat, over my body, into my mind and my soul.
I will drink the cum freely and experience true bliss.

Even those of you who like to eat your own cum can relate to some of that! Or perhaps become inspired by it!

And how about this one?

COCK IS MY UNIVERSE (Church of Cock)

Cock is my universe.
To take cock into my mouth or into my body is to let the universe exist within me.
It is my sole purpose in life. I crave cock. I need cock.
I want to be a cum dumpster. I want cum in my mouth. I want cum on my face.
I need to have a cock in my mouth. No matter where I am, I crave the taste of cock.
Sucking cock is my purpose in life.
Cum sustains me. Cock is life and cum is bliss.

And yes, s/he has other odes, to being a cross-dressed cuckold, the fact that what’s between he/r legs is not even a small penis, but a clitty!

Now tell Me, is it really possible to be any more of a feminized fuckslut cock-craver?


You Tell Me!


The only one who’s on par with Cindy, in My experience, is Sissy Slut Samantha, who many of you have probably seen in the comments!

If you think you’re more devoted to crossdressing, cock, and cum than either of these two, please do feel free to share the evidence!

If not, I think you all have to admit the admiration and inspiration you’ve gotten from the story of cdCindy! Perhaps you can use it to deepen your own exploration of your crossdressing desires, whether you love cock or not. And if you do love cock, there’s certainly inspiration in cdCindy’s story for learning to love it more!

Whatever you take from cdCindy’s story, it was so much fun sharing it with you!

Feel free to get in touch with Me in session to share your own crossdressing, cuckolding, and cocklust fantasies (or realities) if you’re inspired but too shy to share them here! I love serving as an erotic confessional!

In closing, all hail cdCindy! Thank you for letting Me share your spicy, slutty, sexy life!

Until next time,


Goddess Rachel, friend to the cross-dressed, the cock-addicted, and cuckolds everywhere!