Hello, Horny Readers!  And a special greeting to you, cuckold husband!

You know, cuckold husband, just because your wife fucks other men, it doesn’t mean the two of you aren’t still in a relationship.  Not only that, but a relationship that still needs to be nurtured.

Sure, every cuckold relationship is different, and sometimes your wife needs nothing more from you than to keep her in the lifestyle to which she’s become accustomed, and otherwise make yourself scarce.  Sometimes it’s the opposite, and it’s something the two of you engage in as a couple because it’s a turn on for both of you (though if you simply get off on witnessing your wife’s pleasure as she rides the cock of another man, as if watching 3D porn, in My view the two of you are pretty much swingers and not really a cuck couple).

But I’m talking about the type of dynamic between cuckold husband, hotwife, and bull(s) that’s somewhere in between. I’m talking about the type of marriage where there’s still a great deal of emotional connection between your wife and yourself, if colored by a bit of condescension on her part, but she’s long since concluded that the satisfaction of her physical needs have to be outsourced.

She explained it to you lovingly, didn’t she?  It was implied that although she still loves you, her desire for satisfying sex would drive her to leave the marriage completely if you made her choose between the two.  And, embracing that higher love, known as agape, has prompted you to try to content yourself with a cuckold marriage.  Yes, the humiliation and the longing both sting, but it’s part of your loving sacrifice at the altar of your wife’s sexual contentment to endure both.

The problem is, sometimes endurance is not enough. Sometimes, your melancholy, how ever hard you strive to hide it, can put distance between yourself and your libidinous lady.  If the relationship between the two of you is an emotional connection rather than physical, her perception of your discontentment may compromise it. When she’s come back home, tingling with the endorphin flood of a night of complete satisfaction, wanting to bond with you by sharing every detail, and is greeted with less than enthusiasm, she will be less likely to seek out that bonding time.  That can be the beginning of the end.

Cuckold Husband, why not embrace the humiliation?

That’s right.  Rather than make yourself scarce when she’s primping and preening for a night out with her stud, nursing your bad attitude, participate!  Run her a bath with special bath salts to soak in, designed to nourish her silky skin to a polished glow.  Trail your fingers over her soapy back, and don’t fight the images of her stud’s fingertips digging into that same skin on the cheeks of her ass as she rides him.  Shave her legs for her, and don’t fight the thoughts of them up in the air with a superior male between them, drilling her to the ecstasy that she needs.  Wash her hair, a deeply sensual and loving act, without fighting the tears over the knowledge that she loves to have it gathered up in a more dominant and deserving hand while she’s being railed from behind. Let your tears fall into that luxurious bathwater, and if she sees them, tell her they are tears of joy at the thought of her pleasure, and gratitude over the free-loving bond the two of you share.

Instead of sniveling in the basement when she returns from a night of passion, pour her a glass of wine and tell her you want to hear all about it!

Be there with a fluffy towel to dry her off when she steps out, and sweet-smelling lotion to moisturize her after that.  She may feel so moved by your investment in her night of passion that she will give you a hand job with that same lotion before she gets dressed.  Rather than averting your eyes from the pussy she wouldn’t ever groom for you, but now waxes clean for her bull, offer to lick her to her first orgasm of the night so that she can go to him wet and relaxed and ready to accept his big cock. Help her pick out her lingerie and outfit, using your own little wee wee as a barometer.  Encourage her to wear the set that makes you the stiffest, even though the real show is for another man.  Kiss her chastely on the cheek and tell her you want her lips to be perfect when she wraps them around his cock.  It’s his place to smear her lipstick, not yours.  Right?

Cuckold husband, the conventional wisdom that “little things mean a lot” is doubly true in your relationship. Gestures like these keep you involved in your wife’s sex life, and nourish the love life the two of you still have. That’s better than the alternative, isn’t it?

Embrace the humiliation, and discover new depths to your “special kind of love”.