So far in this series, I’ve explained that there are a few ways in which to approach the cuckold relationship.  I’ve stated that the classic arrangement is my favorite, and in my opinion, the most realistic.  Women, simply by virtue of the fact that we are much better at controlling our sexual impulses, are intended to be at the top of the sexual hierarchy, at least in a heterosexual relationship.  A woman, no matter what she looks like, can get top quality cock whenever she takes a notion, if for no other reason than that most males will stick their penises in anything tight and wet.  Heterosexual males, however, no matter how good-looking they might be, have to work for pussy.  And because there is no real alternative, heterosexual males sometimes have to content themselves with crumbs when they’d rather have a three-course meal.  All because of the truism that for heterosexual males, pussy rules the world.  Control the cock, control the man.

Drop into the world of these truths (as far as I’m concerned) the beta male, designated so because he has become domesticated, or because he has lost his ability to satisfy his wife the way she wants, or perhaps because he never has been able to, and the reasons his wife thought it prudent to marry him simply aren’t enough anymore.  I maintain that the budding cuckold husband often understands this reality before his wife does.  He can get a strong foothold in staving off divorce by suggesting to his wife that there are other means by which she can get what she needs and wants sexually.

Inevitably, some of you who feel the sting of recognition in everything I’ve described will still be resistant to the idea.  Most likely, because you love your wives, and find it hard to imagine yourself or your wife being subordinated in the bedroom by your wife’s lover.  It’s painful, thinking of her titties bouncing, picturing her in your minds’ eye as she rides his superior cock reverse cowgirl.  Isn’t it?   The spit dries up in your mouth and the tears come to your eyes because you can almost hear her,  crying out in a type of ecstasy you’ve never heard before.

I submit that if it’s really love that makes you hesitate, the cuckold relationship can be an opportunity for showing that love, but in a higher form.  The highest form of love is one that seeks what is best for the loved one, even to self-detriment.  Agape love, or “selfless love of one person for another without sexual implications”, is arguably a higher form than Eros love, where the caprice of fiery emotions can obscure what is best.  I suggest that those men who find themselves in the situation I’ve described think of a cuckold relationship in terms of a quest for personal improvement.  Reach higher, potential cuckolds, than the selfish impulses of Eros love.  Strive to truly make her joy, your joy.  Release her from the prison of your inadequacy.  Consider the cuckold relationship as an alternative solution to the sexless marriage.