Hello, Horny Readers!

“Open that pussy.”  I whispered in encouragement, forking My index and ring fingers just under the big swollen cock head of My Beloved, helping to center it while Adam continued to lightly pulse His hips.  I always marvel, when anal sex between Adam and one of Our submissive cock whores is in the offing, at the disparity between the width of His cock and the size of the fuck hole destined to take it.  His massive  cock makes the opening to practically any cum dumpster look dainty, but DD has an especially tight hole.

Cut the green tip off of a strawberry and look into the stem end of the fruit, and aside from being pink rather than white, that’s pretty much what DD’s pussy looks like.  It’s beautiful, really, and it always amazes Me that it never looks any worse for the wear after the several times it has taken a brutal pounding.  I’ve wondered whether or not it’s because he keeps himself so fit, that along with other muscles, he keeps his sphincter exercised.  Perhaps he kept up with the kegel exercises I had him doing when breaking him in with My strap on and anal plugs a few years ago when he was new to Us.

This especially-apparent size disparity, along with the carefully muted (so as not to appear to be topping from the bottom) intensity of the longing both to submit and to be fucked that DD experiences always make for a magic moment, the moment when Adam’s nob first breaks the seal.  I was about four inches from DD’s face, whispering that same encouragement, which he punctuated every once in a while with a low moan.  I could tell the exact moment his tight O ring finally gave, sucking in the head and a little more all at once, because the intensity spoken of above burst into higher volume and register, and his eyes, narrow slits of slutty submission before, opened wide along with his mouth.

“Good boy.  Good fuckin’ boy,”  Adam muttered through His teeth.  I looked up at Him, and a swell of love and arousal swept through Me observing His clenched jaw and flexed muscles, everything concentrated on the controlled yet relentless cramming of His meat up into DD’s guts.  I switched My position so that I could look directly at the penetration, and grabbed My phone from the nightstand on My side of the bed as I did.  I have a collection of souvenir photos from most of Our encounters, and even some video.  That night would provide several record-able moments to add to the rest.  I guess everyone has a bit of the voyeur in them, and I am no exception.

Through the camera lens, I watched with rapt pleasure the way the pink rim of DD’s fuck hole had all but disappeared as it folded in with the progress of Adam’s fat dong.  The shine of the lube made every vein in what remained visible of Adam’s shaft stand out in bas relief.  The composition of the photo consisted of this image, and DD’s taint and tightened nut sack, all in clear view because of the position in which Adam held him.  I took a few shots, and then switched to the video feature, so that I could capture the alluring soundtrack of the word “oh” or something like it bubbling out of DD’s throat as closely together as a string of pearls, and every once in a while a muted interjection (“Fuck”, “Fuck yeah.”) from Adam.  In the few interspersed seconds when either of them took a breath, the faint, sticky swish of the sound of the fucking itself could be heard as more and more of Adam snaked into the depths of DD.

“Look at Me, bitch.”  I brought the lens up to their faces, but as DD looked back at Adam obediently, I could only see His, as DD’s was blocked by his own leg in the frame.  No matter.

“You gonna fuck Me?  Huh?  You gonna give up that pussy?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh yes Sir!”  DD moaned out loudly.  The only time Our masculine submissive ever approaches the register of a feminized fuck doll is when he’s full of Adam’s cock, but who can blame him?  Physically and psychologically getting your asshole turned into a pussy will do that to any man, whether he’s actively being feminized or not.

DD continued to look at Adam and Adam at him with an aggressive, lustful air as the last of His big cock finally oozed its way home.  Another sustained moan, almost mournful, raged from DD’s vocal cords as Adam bottomed out in him.  I swung My phone back down to ground zero as DD cried out over and over again, long, lustful howls with their plaintive tone, though Adam was now completely still.  Every muscle in His body flexed as He used all of His strength to put an exclamation mark on being balls deep in Our submissive slave.

Next:  The fucking!  Does DD finally get to cum?  You know Adam will!