Hello Horny Readers!

Now where were W/e?

Ah yes.  Adam was bottomed out, balls deep, in DD’s willing but straining ass pussy, and he was moaning like the cock slut he is.  After a few seconds of silent, muscular concentration, Adam relaxed and allowed a few inches of His dong to slowly ooze back out of DD’s hole before once again pressing it home.

“Goddamn, that pussy is tight!”  He growled through clenched teeth, cranking DD’s leg back toward his ear yet farther, and looking down at the rim of the fuck hole that was clinging to His shaft, almost like pussy lips. We three are so connected, in ways that can’t be seen but only felt, that My own stomach muscles clenched in sympathetic response to how I imagined DD’s guts being further disarranged by the change in position that doubtless required him to adjust to a new dimension of the invasion of all that dick.  The side position isn’t even the most convenient in which to penetrate in anal sex, but it’s quite a humiliating position for a sub slave, particularly one who lives his life outside of Our bedroom as an Alpha.  And it’s worth remembering that humiliation is part of the whole allure for both us, and DD.

I was almost holding My breath as I switched back to video mode on My phone, but I wouldn’t be able to ignore the buzzing in My clit for much longer.  Soon, I would want to simply concentrate on watching and rubbing Myself.  But I wanted to capture the moment when Adam began to pick up speed in His strokes.  He continued the same pattern for a few minutes, oozing a few inches of shaft out, and oozing it back in.  Soon the strokes that “slid the sword into the scabbard” didn’t increase in length, but became more emphatic, and the sound of their skins slapping together became more apparent.

“Ohhhh fuck!”  Cried DD.

“Yeah, that’s right bitch.  Take it,”  Adam replied.

I brought the lens over to look at DD’s cock, and though it wasn’t quite as hard as it had been (standing straight out), the entire thing was beet red, and a long string of pre-cum was once again connecting the head of his cock to the bed where it dripped.

The state of an erection is not always an indication of the level of arousal a fuck slut is experiencing, whether the fucking is being done with a strap-on or a flesh and blood cock.  Sometimes the pleasure (or perhaps it’s best to call it the stimulation, because some of the pleasure is psychological only, to put it mildly) is so overwhelming that the circuits of the nervous system seem to have to choose one or the other, the ass or the cock, on which to focus. Suffice it to say that I know DD well enough to realize that his level of arousal was so great that if I were to stroke his cock, he would probably cum in under 30 seconds.

“O-Ohhhhhh!”  DD’s outcry rose another decibel, and I quickly swung the lens back down to see that Adam had now worked up to a nice, steady pounding.  He fucked Our submissive like this for several minutes before spitting out,

“Get that ass up in the air!”


(Don’t worry, Horny Readers!  The continuation will come right away!)