Hello, Horny Readers!

Grab a beverage, some lube, your cum towel, and any sex toys that turn you on, because this is going to be a long one.


“Get that ass up in the air!”

“Ohhhhhhh YES Sir!”

DD obediently rolled over on to his stomach, drawing his knees up and keeping his head down in the classic position of the cock whore getting ready to be penetrated.  Adam followed, without ever taking His dong out of the depths of Our submissive slave, gripping one of his shoulders and bringing His other hand cracking down across DD’s ass cheek.

“Now fuck Me!  Gimme that pussy!”


DD immediately went swaybacked, causing his hips to flair, and the muscular cheeks of his ass to take on a rounded look.  He began to slam himself back to meet Adam’s short, sharp thrusts, and I quickly snapped another photo from up above.  But when the flesh of DD’s ass began to shiver with the concussion of their fucking, and that unmistakable slapping sound of skins coming together mixed with his ever-present moans, I could wait no longer to pay some attention to Myself.

I crawled up to the head of the bed and reached under the pillows, where I always stash My Hitachi wand before a play night, plugged in and ready to go.  The phone, and its camera, was consigned back to its place on the nightstand, and soon the buzz of My wand joined the symphony of ecstatic sounds of anal sex.

Knowing Adam as I do, I could tell by the tense tone of His voice that DD’s tight little hole wasn’t the only thing getting worked.  A slight glow of perspiration glazed Adam’s face and chest, and the muscles in his jaw worked with concentration and control.  I watched with rapt attention as He changed positions, both His own and DD’s, with the effortless strength of the true Alpha buoyed even further by lust.

Hauling him up to all fours and using a tight grip on both his shoulders as leverage.  Pushing him back down to elbows and knees, then adjusting Himself so that His hands framed DD’s shoulders, and His weight rested on them and the balls of His feet, pointing His cock straight down in a jackhammering stroke.  Rolling them both back to their sides, and the first alluring position that had begun the night.  Long, slow, oozing strokes punctuated extended periods of fast, hard, punishing pounding, all accompanied by DD’s constant cries as he passed through all the stages of submission.

My own breath began to come more rapidly, and the familiar waves of tingling anticipation swept through Me over and over as I watched and slowly rubbed the nub of the wand up and down My pussy.  Suddenly, Adam deftly flipped Our fuck slut onto his back, jammed his knees back almost to his ears, and began to jackhammer his fuck hole at a truly vicious pace.  I flicked the button on My wand to “high”.  I am always thrown into sympathetic overdrive when the noise of their skins slapping together becomes so fast it sounds like applause.

Adam was silent with concentration, and I held My breath . . .

Finally, with DD’s moans reaching a fever pitch, My Love shouted, “Bitch I’m gonna cum!  I’m cumming,”  followed by the beginning of a ferocious growl that would stretch through His entire orgasm.

“Oh god YES!  Fuck him!”  I cried as I was swept away with My own climax, so powerful that it threatened to roll My eyes back in My head, complete with My customary full-body trembling.

“Yes please Sir yes please Sir yes please Sir AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!”  DD yelled as jet after jet of Adam’s hot cream scalded up into his battered guts.

DD’s teased and frustrated cock was once again rock hard, and flush up against his stomach.  His hands were just below Adam’s, helping to hold his legs open and back.  All three of U/s peered down between them to where Adam’s battering ram pistoned in and out of Our submissive slave, and soon it was glazed with cream which foamed up around the rim of DD’s ass pussy, a bit of the massive load churning in and out with the strokes.

Adam pounded out His orgasm for probably 20 seconds before finally slowing His strokes back to the oozing pace, where He stayed as He caught His breath a bit.  DD’s moans began to take on a bit of a fretful tone, muffled slightly by his teeth biting into his lower lip.  His eyes stayed riveted on his pussy, and the reddened shaft of Adam’s still-hard meat dowsing into it over and over again.

After Adam caught His breath, His strokes picked up in pace just slightly once more.

“Look at Me, cumdumpster.”

DD’s eyes snapped to attention, despite his well-heeled preoccupation.

“You wanna cum, bitch?  Huh?  You want Me to fuck this pussy until you fucking cum like a little cock whore?”

“Oh god Sir please?  Please?  Please may I cum?”  His eyes were soft with desperation, and his voice trembled with the effort of keeping his voice low.

“Whadda You think, Babe?”  Adam made the teasing pretense of asking Me.  I was curled up like a sleepy cat against the pillows, still basking in My own afterglow.

“Yes, Baby.  Make him cum.  I want to watch You fuck the cum out of him.”  I purred.  I reached up and grabbed DD’s ankle closest to Me, My non-verbal permission to him that he was now allowed to stroke.  He knew better than to stroke too fast.

“Oh Mistress thank you!  Thank you Ma’am!  Thank you!  Ohhhhhh!  Ohhhhh!”  His deep voice was rough, and cracked with the strain as Adam’s pace picked up again.  Doubtless his throat was as raw as his pussy, what with an entire day of sucking cock and crying out in pleasure and servitude.

He snaked a hand discretely between his spread thighs and began to stroke himself, a pump or two for every five or so strokes of Adam’s meat in and out of him.  His precum glazed his hard-on as completely as a generous dollop of lube, and he continued to watch as Adam worked his hole.

“Ohhhhh fuck!  Ohhhhhh!  O-ohhhhhh!”

“Yeah?  You like that big dick in there, don’t you bitch?”  Adam whispered.

DD could only moan in reply.  Adam slightly changed His angle so that the whole length of His shaft would graze across DD’s prostate, and set up a steady pace which would increase as He felt the first tremblings of the assgasm that would accompany the draining of his balls.  Once in a delicious while, He would bottom out in DD’s seemingly bottomless cock holster and simply grind, hitting every wall inside.  A fresh squirt of precum would result, adding to a smeary puddle forming on his abs.  Then, back to that steady pounding.


“Mhmm.  I can feel that pussy grabbing My dick, slut.  You’re gonna fuckin’ cum all over yourself soon, aren’t you?”

“Ahhh!  O-o-OOOhhhhhhhfuck!”

“Uh huh.  Gimme that pussy.”




“Fuck yeah, bitch.  Give it up.”


“Give it up.”


At this point, Adam had worked back up to a steady pounding, the applause once again accompanying their bodies coming together.  DD’s red and sweaty face took on a look of deranged lust, and I knew he was on the brink.

“Stroke that dick harder, sweet boy,”  I whispered from My comfortable position.  “You can cum when you’re ready.”


“Yeah, you’re gonna make a big fuckin’ mess all over yourself, aren’t you bitch?”

Once again, several moments of pregnant silence filled the room, joined only by the sound of slapping and the wet slurp of Adam plumbing the depths of that hole.  The tension in the air roused Me out of My lazy satisfaction, and I leaned forward to watch intently.  While My orgasm almost made My eyes roll to white, DD’s eyes suddenly did.  His mouth opened wide enough to strain his jaw hinges, but for several tense moments, no sound came out.

“Yup.  C’mon.  C’mon bitch.  Let’s see that load.”







“OH!  OH!  OH!  OH!  OH!  OH!  OH!  OH!  OH!  OH!  Oh!  Oh!  Oh.  Oh.  Oh.  Oh . . . ”

Almost as if Adam’s last was a command, the first of a seemingly endless series of white ropes shot from the head of DD’s cock, a few splashing up to give him a self-applied cum facial, one bullseying directly into his open mouth, and the rest painting everything from his chest to his bellybutton in diminishing amounts, until the last few spurts rolled down over his fingers.  And all the while, Adam continued to fuck out every drop, slowing down only when DD’s body slackened except for occasional and tiny convulsions.  He fucked more and more slowly as DD orbited some distant planet in slutty, cum-spattered bliss, finally coming to a complete stop, big balls flush with that cream-filled, twitching orifice We loved so much.

Once DD came back to Earth and his eyes rolled back bloodshot contrasting with blue, Adam withdrew slowly, eliciting one more spent little moan from him.

“Babe, take a picture of this blown out cum hole,”  Adam said between subdued gasps.  I grabbed My phone excitedly and rose to My knees, pointing the camera lens to where the heels of Adam’s hands were cozied up on either side of it, stretching it open to prevent it from sucking back down to the pretty little strawberry too soon.

And yes, it was gloriously used, stretched, blushed, and gaped to the width of Adam’s cock.  I could have thrown a golfball in there and never hit a wall.  I took a bit of video as well, when I saw that despite the tension from Adam’s hands, the O-ring was contracting and relaxing lazily, and a big, white dollop of Adam’s cum was beginning to bubble up out of the depths of DD.  I briefly thought about feeding it, as well as his own cum, to him, but figured he’d been a good enough boy tonight, and We could play with more cum eating the next day.

After I’d collected the last digital mementos of the night, I put the camera down and W/e all three collapsed, letting O/ur heart rates return to normal, letting the bliss just be.  I kissed the side of DD’s face and whispered in his ear, “Good boy.”

W/e must have dozed off, the three of U/s, because when I next opened My eyes, the room was dark and it was just Adam and I beneath the covers.  Adam was snoring slightly, and DD must have slipped discretely from the bed to clean up a bit and go to his own.

Protocol immediately after a session is pretty relaxed with U/s in an unspoken way, but after such intense intimacy, the D/s dynamic needs to be reinforced so that no one gets confused.  DD would never sleep all night in bed with Us.  He is treasured, but he is not Our lover.  He is Our submissive.  Our favorite masculine submissive.

And now that I’ve recounted a couple of the events of that summer weekend, dear readers, I hope you can see why.

Thanks for sticking with Me.

Until next time.