Hello, Horny Readers!

I’d planned to make you wait for more tales of our weekend this summer with Our favorite masculine cock whore, Dickpleaser Danny, but some people are so horny for more (perhaps I’ve been activating some secret “cock curious” fantasies, which in My book can never be a bad thing) that I thought I would finally indulge them, or at least begin to do so (you know I’ll tease you horny buggers by drawing out the tale).

This chapter will surely illustrate how both DD’s masculinity and his submission combine to make him so special to Us.  Of course it takes talent (or perhaps skill, since skill has to be diligently developed) and determination to properly suck a big cock like Adam’s, but it’s a completely different level of surrender when you not only somehow find a way to force open your sphincter and accept a fat 9.5″ cock up into your guts, but ride it with the abandon that Our Danny does.

After a few minutes to recover from the triumphant draining of His big balls, Adam opened his eyes, rose from the couch, stepped dismissively over our prostrated and equally spent fuckslut, and tossed back casually over His shoulder, “You might want to take a nap, because I’m gonna wear that asspussy out tonight.  Make sure it’s clean.”

“Yes, Sir.” DD rumbled, his deep voice a bit gravelly from the punishment his throat had just absorbed.

From behind the couch, Adam leaned over and kissed Me tenderly.  “Let’s go out for dinner, yeah?”  I smiled up at Him hazily, still basking like a cat in the afterglow of the exhilarating D/s show I’d just witnessed, and nodded.  “Let’s take a shower.”  As I slid off the couch to head off to the master bath, I gave our brawny submissive a nudge with My foot and said, “There’s some leftovers in the fridge you’re welcome to, but keep it to mostly fruit and vegetables.  We’ll have a big breakfast tomorrow.”  As some of you may know, eating lightly in the hours before a fuckboy is going to be pounded is always a good idea for him, and cuts down on the possibility of unpleasant accidents.

“Yes Ma’am”, DD murmured.

“And don’t even think about stroking while We’re gone.”  I gave his still-throbbing teased and frustrated cock another nudge.  “We’ll know, and you know it.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

It was really a formality, telling him to be prepared for anal sex and not to spill any of his slutty subbie cream.  DD knew that beneath every order and admonishment We gave him was a roiling lust for a certain kind of experience it was his job as our submissive to provide, and that his desire to do so was stronger even than Our desire to have him that way.  Yes, he would suffer . . . soak his cock and balls in an ice bath to make them deflate if he had to, and thereby painfully repress the incessant desire to cum, rather than to fail Our expectations of him.  After so long together (Adam met DD shortly after college) and so many deeply satisfying  and explosive moments  between the two of T/hem and, subsequently, the T/hree of U/s, DD is a collared submissive.  The collar is usually on the outside, but with the right submissive and the right training, a collar on the mind is just as effective as a collar on the neck.

As We left for dinner, We heard the shower in the guest bathroom running, and knew that We would return from our meal to find a squeaky-clean fuckslut quietly waiting in his room to be summoned for the night’s activities.  And that’s where we’ll begin, when I decide to give you more, horny readers.

Maybe you should practice a little orgasm control on yourselves for Me while I tell this tale.  Put yourselves in DD’s place, and stroke for Me while you read.  Don’t cum until DD is allowed to do so.  If you decide to do this, please let Me know!  I’ll be enchanted!  Even if you don’t, and My tale inspires you to furious and compulsive masturbation, tell me that too!  You know I like to drive you wild!

Until next time, strokeboys and sissy sluts!