Hello, Horny Readers!

When  I last wrote, Adam had finally summoned our favorite masculine submissive.  After He sent the text, He and I retired to Our bed (king size, since We play well with others).  We cuddled up together against the pillows.  I could feel the electricity in the room rise as We waited for the door to open.  If I had any hair on My body from the neck down, it would have been standing on end.

A lifetime of athletic pursuits kept Adam’s resting heart rate  low, but I could feel the strength of it with my cheek on His chest.  I know Him well enough to pick up on every minute change in His respiration, and what it means.  His cock had been at least partially hard ever since Our shower together, and his big balls tightened and relaxed in anticipation of being violently drained.

DD’s feet were noiseless in the carpeted hall, but I could swear We could feel him getting closer.  The control and domination We held and developed between U/s allowed for a type of telepathy that none of U/s could prove, but that W/e would all testify was there.

Finally, the door opened, and as it did we could see him through the crack between the door  and the jamb, sinking to his knees like a good boy, the submissive collar in place at all times, yet invisible.  His eyes were downcast respectfully, and he dropped to his hands and knees to crawl the rest of the way in, raising back up partially to close the door behind him.  He sat back on his heels just inside of it to await instruction.

I disengaged Myself gently from Adam’s embrace and made a little space between us, patting it with My hand.  “Come up here, sweet Danny.  Come and talk to your Mistress.”

“Yes ma’am.”  I felt my clit twitch hearing the roughness of his voice, reminding Me as it did of the use his throat was put to earlier in the day.

He crawled up onto the bed like the naked slave pet he was, and though his eyes remained downcast, I caught the quick dart they made toward Adam’s formidable meat, flexing where it lay against His stomach.  He laid on his side, facing Me, his knees drawn up toward his chest, his hands tucked between them.  I laid on My side too, facing him, and reached down between his legs to find that his cock was rock hard and leaking, just as I’d left it before We went to dinner.  I used My thumb to smooth his precum all around the purple head, and a shiver went through him.

“Look at Me, sweetie.”  His eyes met mine.

“Have you been hard this whole time?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“And you haven’t been stroking?”

“No Ma’am.”

“Good boy.  You’re such a good boy.”  I let My fingertips trail off of his cock, and reached up instead to caress his face, using the same thumb with which I’d smeared his cock head with his juices to paint his lips.  Cum eating, or the reminder of it, was always a strong trigger for DD, reinforcing his submission.

Adam reached over and opened the drawer in the bedside table.  He brought out a bottle of lube, whistling softly and carelessly through His teeth.  He squirted it generously over His cock, spreading it by way of the tight grip of His fist.  He then rolled to His side as well, sliding an arm underneath the one on which DD rested, and grasping the shoulder opposite, sealing Himself against his back.  I leaned forward to kiss Adam over DD’s head, and took the lube from His hand.

Adam reached down and hooked DD’s leg, pushing the knee back toward his shoulder.  DD kept his eyes on mine obediently, but the character of the gaze in them changed, hardened into a look I by now recognized as barely restrained manic lust and anticipation.  I held the lube up between us, cupping My free hand under the bottle and letting a long stream of it pool in My palm.  I brought the lube down underneath DD’s balls, which by now were sealed tightly against his body, and began spreading it from taint to tailbone, pausing to press some of it up into his starfish as far as My finger would go.

I finger-fucked him gently for a few minutes, curling My finger against the special spot that made his fuck hole hungry.  His nostrils flared, his breath deepened, and his gaze hardened further, until I withdrew My finger and, reaching just a little farther back, grasped Adam’s cock.  I laid it right along the slippery track I made with the lube, and We kissed again as He began to grind, using DD for masturbation.  Every once in a while I would grope My way down to stroke Adam’s balls, and I would come into contact with His cock again, feeling each time how just when I thought it couldn’t get any thicker, longer, or harder, it had.  Finally, one of those times I found that His grinding strokes had shortened to pulses, and the swollen purple plum-sized helmet was catching on the rim of DD’s starfish.

This was the moment I always wanted to draw extra near to DD’s face, even kissing his lips with a closed mouth once in a while, such was My excitement.  I wanted to be inches from his eyes when that big fat cock first broke the seal.

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