Hello, Horny Readers!

Do you engage in eating your own cum?  Or is it only something about which you’ve fantasized?  Are you voracious for your hot, sticky load, or have you had a hard time following through on your secret desires?  Whether it’s because you crave it, or because you want to do it to please your Mistress, eating your own cum serves many purposes important to the training of a submissive, and almost any submissive can benefit from learning how!

Take, for instance, the budding cocksucker.  There’s more to sucking cock as a submissive than simply opening your throat pussy and hoovering it.  A Stud Cock is going to expect you to submit to the totality of his Alpha Male status, and while facials are the preference of some and can be a beautiful display of your acceptance of yourself as a beta male or a purse carrying sissy, there’s no more appropriate manifestation of knowing your place then swallowing his superior load.  If you don’t practice, and prepare yourself for the taste and texture, you might chicken out at the most crucial moment.  And you don’t want that, do you?  Better to prepare for taking his load by eating your own cum first!

What about those of you who are better off leaving control of your orgasms to a Mistress?  You know–because if left to your own devices, you would be a compulsive masturbator, and those private, personal moments that 90% of the population enjoys would lose all their impact and meaning due to your overindulgence.  A great way to encourage a chronic masturbator to become more circumspect about his orgasms is for his Mistress to insist that if he cums, it will be right into his very own mouth.  Especially if he dislikes the idea!  Release for a submissive in chastity only in exchange for slurping up every drop he’s been accumulating in his denied balls?  Perfect!

I’m sure that for as many readers that visit my blog, there are fetishes that could be coupled well with eating your own cum.  I’ve got an idea for a fun game!  Leave a comment, telling me what your favorite fetish or turn on is, and I’ll tell you just how I could work cum eating into your training!  Or simply comment, and tell me about your experiences and thoughts about the subject!