Hello, Horny Readers! Those of you who have read My blog for a while are well aware that I am a fan of erotic storytelling. I love to recount some of My own hot adventures, and in sessions and audios, I love to spin femdom fantasy tales for all of you. I’ve shared the erotic storytelling prowess of pupslave a few times, but he’s not the only creative writer among My playmates! This doesn’t surprise Me, but it’s still an unexpected treat to actually receive something I can share!
Gemsissy and I are friends on Getgirlie, and haven’t had a session yet, but the interaction between U/s in the forums and via E-mail tells Me that when W/e do have some playtime together, it will have the potential to be incendentiary indeed! Take a look at this, the first of probably 4 parts of a story s/he wrote, and you’ll have a good idea of the type of imagination I’ll have the pleasure of exploiting in session one day!


An Erotic Storytelling by gemsissy

He wasn’t sure how long his iPhone had been chirping when he regained consciousness.  His eye spotted his bedside clock reading 1:30am and he groaned.  Reaching for the offending phone, he glanced at its display and everything changed.  It was a text.  From her.  “I want you. Now.”

His thoughts clearly quickly as if he’d been jolted with electricity.  His body was already responding, his cock growing and getting hard as he dug out of his covers and turned on the bedroom light.  Rushing around, he put on what he hoped was suitable clothing, grabbed his wallet and his keys.

Driving to her house from his apartment was easy so late at night.  Despite his intense desire, he kept to the speed limits and was happy he had when he passed a parked cruiser.  The officer nodded at him and he returned the nod, hoping the policeman couldn’t see him much. [Hee hee!  I just had to break in here to suggest that what could happen if the cop did see him could be worthy of its own erotic storytelling!  Hmmm. 😉 ]

Her neighborhood was quiet so he parked on the street and hustled up to her door, knocking softly, all as she had instructed the first time they’d met.  Waiting in the chill of the early hour air, he shivered and pulled his coat around him more.  At last, the foyer light came on and the door unlocked.  He waited an excruciatingly long sixty seconds and then opened the door, entering, and locking it again. [I like that little detail of his being controlled by his Mistress.  She could have left a key, or given him his own copy, but instead she made him wait, just for the power trip most likely!  I relate!] The only other lights were the hallway back to her bedroom.  He hung his long coat on the coat rack and hustled back.
He saw the bottle of Absolut on her vanity but it was mostly full.  The room was lit by several small lamps.  She lay back on the bed, her back against pillows against her headboard.  Thigh high stockings, stiletto heels, and a corset completed her outfit, all in black, the corset in satin.  She spread her thighs and grinned lasciviously.
Without hesitation he crawled on to the bed and up between her legs.  No panties blocked his way to her soft curls so he leaned in and kissed her pussy.  His hands stroked her thighs and cupped her fine bottom as his lips and tongue went to work.  He’d been a poor pussy licker when they’d met but steady instruction had brought him up to her expectations.  He now knew how she liked the hood of her clit licked, her full labia kissed and sucked, two fingers probing her pussy, and even a thumb in her bottom when she was really horny.  Tonight, she was really horny.

Whew!  I think that’s a good place to stop for today! But never fear–I will publish part 2 tomorrow.  As you can see, it’s bound to be full of delicious shenanigans! And if any of you have sexy storytelling prowess you’d like to share, please feel free to send examples of it to Me via E-mail. I can’t promise I’ll publish it on My blog–I may just keep it for My own spank-bank–but you never know!

See you tomorrow!