I don’t know what’s wrong with Me lately.  Maybe it’s the onset of Spring, and the sex withdrawal symptoms that get especially acute as the time draws nearer for Adam to come back to town, but I am insanely horny right now!  I have almost always gotten aroused, at least psychologically, during sessions.  When the chemistry is particularly good between Myself and a submissive, My pussy has always gotten a little moist.  But a few times lately, instead of simply squeezing My legs together and doubling down on My concentration, I’ve found it nearly impossible to keep My fingers out of My panties! What’s more, I find Myself more and more drawn to kinks that heretofore haven’t really been in My top ten in the context of femdom phone sex, namely, facesitting!  Facesitting for the purposes of getting off has been part of My personal sex life, but even then it’s not something that I crave very often.  I’d much rather use one of Our subbies with Adam than by Myself.  Lately, however, thoughts and fantasies of oral servitude have been intruding!

That’s right–Miss Rachel, who has always made it plain that She didn’t masturbate during sessions, who always told boys who inquired that if body worship was their main focus, they were better off looking for another Mistress, has found Herself thinking more and more often about using a submissive’s face to get off!  That’s right–not just to humiliate him by treating his face as a piece of human furniture, not just to degrade him with smothering, but to masturbate with his face, and have him eat My ass and pussy!

Now, it should be noted that when I fantasize about facesitting, about sessions that include it, it’s always in tandem with some other kink it’s probably well-known I enjoy.  Most of the time, it involves orgasm denial.  I suppose that actually makes sense, because I think of all subby cocks that are of a decent size as dildos in training, either for Me or for other women the subbie might have the privilege of pleasing in his face to face life.  I’ve talked during tease and denial sessions about a potential dildo being tied spread-eagle to My bed while I ride him, for hours if I choose to, expecting him not to cum until I’m satisfied (spoiler alert:  this is even the theme of My Tease and Denial For Beginners audio). But these days, I’m not only thinking about teasing and denying a boy while he crams his cock into My pussy, but while he crams his tongue in it!

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Maybe Tumblr has something to do with it, too.  I recently started a blog there, and as I followed accounts that focused on femdom, I of course came across more and more arousing photos that featured facesitting.  All those dominant women, all those beautiful bare pussies, straddling slave faces while rock hard and desperate subbie cocks were left to waver in the air as Mistress took Her pleasure, flashing by My eyes so many times a day, could certainly have taken their toll.

The point is, I’ll never masturbate during a session just because a playmate wants to hear Me cum.  I’m still not the right Mistress for those who are looking for an erotic encounter between equals.  The D/s dynamic is still firmly and emphatically present in all of these facesitting fantasies.  Further, all of this could be a transient season of Rachel-in-heat, one that could disappear once Adam comes home to put His incredibly skilled tongue on My clit, and obliterate most other erotic thoughts for a time with the introduction of His big fat dick.  However, these days while I control your cock, I might just be thinking about you eating My pussy while I do it!