Hello, Horny Readers! I’ve seen references to gooning all over social media for years. I think the term is most popular in the U.K.. I’ve never looked into it deeply before fairly recent days. I just thought, at face value, that “gooning” was a synonym for “masturbating”. But I’ve learned that it’s somewhat more than that! It’s even got greater significance than orgasm edging. Perhaps call it extreme orgasm edging. I don’t cotton to all of its connotations and associated practices. That said, the images and ideas around it have really been turning Me on!

What is gooning?

As I understand it, gooning is basically endless orgasm edging for chronic masturbators, usually with a focal point like porn, or photos of your Mistress, or basically anything that triggers a devoted stroker. There’s a component in what I’ve seen of cockteasing too, where the trigger, whether it be bouncing titties or a juice ass, is not always fully revealed to the masturbation slave, and they are admonished to edge until it is (edge until her tits bounce free of that low neck–which, since it’s a gif, it never will).

There’s also a component of mesmerizing involved, where a boy not only concentrates on edging for Mistress, or to their trigger, or to their trigger for Mistress, but where they become so lost in doing so that they edge on autopilot, and couldn’t cum even if they wanted to, without Mistress’ say-so.

What part of gooning isn’t Mistress Rachel’s cup of tea?

Let’s face it, there’s a certain component to all kink play where One must trust that their submissive knows themselves and has their own best interests at heart on some level. I need to be able to trust that the person I’m playing with, as mentioned in My last post in another context, has a functioning sense of self-preservation as far as their lives outside of the fantasy realm is concerned. But I also know that one can be addicted to sex and, more germane to this post, addicted to porn, as much as they can to drugs, alcohol, or food.

Some niches of gooning encourage a gooner to lose themselves to porn, to the exclusion of all other human relationships and all other obligations of life.

Porn addiction is real, and from what I’ve discovered, it doesn’t leave the addict any happier than drug addiction leaves any other junkie. I’d never encourage anyone to destroy themselves, their relationships, or their lives on purpose, so this aspect of things doesn’t appeal to Me.

Yes, yes, I know: the name itself is quite suggestive. What is a “goon” but a witless wonder, slack-jawed, drooling, and in this case, rendered so by edging. And I like the thought of that. Love it, really. But not to the extent that you can’t function as a person. That’s just good kink ethics, to Me.

Here comes My broken record:Β  Safe(r), sane, and consensual are the orders of the day in Miss Rachel’s world, always.

That said, goon for Mistress!

Now that you understand what gooning is, and what Mistress does and doesn’t like about where it can go . . . goon for Me! I’d love to guide a stroker through a session where they get lost for a time in the tantric pleasure of rhythmically stroking and edging for Me in a way that feels as if it will never end!

And maybe it won’t, as you’d have homework to do. *giggle*

Now, I’m going to offer something a bit different than I’ve offered before. I’m going to let you in on a work in progress, a rough edit of the very beginning of a longer audio I’m working on for the audio store. The working title is Gooning Exercises.

See if it makes you want more–not more orgasms, but more gooning! Feel free to offer constructive criticism in the comments as well, because it will improve the finished product!



Gooning for Goddess Rachel? Don’t stop!