Hello, Horny Readers!

You know, I’ve always said that body worship was only tangentially of interest to Me. I’m talking about having a slave using his mouth on My pussy for the purposes of making Me cum, or fondling and sucking My tits, things like that.  I’ve engaged in it a bit in face-to-face life, but for the purposes of Femdom phone sex, it’s not something that has really appealed to me.  I don’t masturbate during sessions, so even if I *were* interested in facilitating those fantasies, it would be hard to translate that way.

That said, recently I’ve engaged a new slave who was extremely persistent, who had his heart set on a session with Me in which his love of ass worship would be the main feature.  He begged even after I said no several times.  I told him there would be no moaning and groaning (unless it was from him), I told him I had about five minutes worth of stuff to say about having his face buried between the cheeks of My ass, I told him he’d likely be much happier with someone else who actually enjoyed the subject matter as a main course rather than a garnish.  He would not be dissuaded.

It turned out to be one of the most entertaining sessions I’ve had in a long time!

What made the difference, you may ask?  It was the fact that it wasn’t the thought of making Me orgasm from it that turned him on, but the humiliation inherent in being someone’s ass slave, of being degraded because of his perverted desires.  And if you know anything about Me, you know that humiliation and degradation are two of My favorite things!

It honestly didn’t take much.  I spent the entire session talking about different circumstances in which his job would be eating My asshole, and laughing giddily at his ecstatic response to these simple words.  How, if he were My live-in ass slave, he’d get in the shower with Me, sitting back on his heels, and use his tongue to make sure My rosebud was squeaky clean while I shampooed My hair. His face would be part of My seat cushion as I worked at the desk in My home office (a form of queening).  Heck, if I had an itch somewhere in the vicinity of My ass crack, I’d snap My fingers and he’d scurry over to scratch it for Me–with his face.  And for punishment?  I’d write Miss Rachel’s Ass Slave on his forehead in Sharpie marker, which he would almost be able to wash off, but the shadow of which would remain, when he walked into work the next day.

Readers, he squirted like a geyser.

I guess the lesson I learned is that even if a kink doesn’t arouse Me on the face of it, a few tweaks can make it work! Especially if one of the tweaks is adding in humiliation and degradation to something that otherwise wouldn’t be My forte.  Humiliation and degradation turns a garnish into a meal!