Hello, Horny Readers!

Are you looking for a way to spice up your experience of tease and denial?  Don’t forget about Pass The Penis!  What?  You’ve never played?  Well that needs to change right now!

For the uninitiated, Pass The Penis is just like it sounds.  You arrange with a Mistress or through dispatch to run a virtual gauntlet of your selection of the dominant women accepting sessions at the time, and each one gets a minimum of ten minutes to send you to cock tease hell before passing you on to the next for more erotic torment.

At the end of the gauntlet, you might be allowed to cum, but that’s something you have to negotiate with the Mistress who arranged the Pass The Penis game for you, or with the last Mistress with whom you speak.  I like being somewhere in the middle of the ladies selected, so that my prey is already keyed up and desperate, and so that I can enjoy the fact that letting him cum is not an option.  🙂

True, Pass The Penis is not for the weak, but even if you fail to hold back until the last Mistress has savored the last drop of your desperation, you can always try again!  And again . . . and again . . . and again!  We’ll never get tired of putting you through your paces!  And we love to admire each other’s handy work in the form of your groans as we pick up where the last cocktease left off!

Have you played Pass The Penis yet?