Hello horny readers!

As regular readers of my blog and of The Daily Cock are by now aware, if you are a previous caller to our service, you are eligible for 10 free minutes of cock teasing sensual domination with me on November 10, 2010!

Don’t have a cock, you say? Do you have a sissy clitty instead? Come receive 10 minutes of free sissy instructions from your very own sissy-Mistress Rachel, as long as you were a previous caller to our service as of 10/31/10.

Are you a cuckold? For a free 10 minutes on my day, I look forward to being your hot wife, taking my pleasure of another man’s cock while you watch.

On that day, I will be taking calls from 8am to 5pm Eastern time, 7pm-11:59pm Eastern time, and by appointment during any unscheduled time between 12am Eastern and 12pm Eastern on 11/10/2010!

Start fantasizing. November 10 is just a short time away. E-mail me at Rachel@enchantrixempire.com for an appointment during any time you don’t see that I am scheduled, or catch me on YIM. My screen name there is enchantrixrachel.

And be sure to check the Mistress of the Day schedule for your free 10 minutes with our other enchanting Goddesses on the days in November devoted to them!

See you on the 10th! I look forward to taking sensual possession of you. 😉