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Hello, Horny Readers! How is your 2024 going so far? Mine has been great! My boyfriend surprised Me with a visit in the early evening of New Year’s Eve Eve, and let’s just say the few days that followed were . . . busy. *giggle* I needed it, both emotionally and physically. And I was richly satisfied by the time I brought him to the airport on Tuesday morning. But that visit, and a post I saw on Twitter had Me thinking . . . I may be developing a bit more of a pillow princess side in his absence!

I’ve always been fairly athletic sexually. That goes for kink play, and the more traditional yin yang dynamic of My relationship. Adam is the only guy I “make love” with, but even that I tend to like a bit rough at certain points.

This won’t change anytime soon, much to the relief of My strap-on subs.

But, while he’s away, My subs might be called to more active duty!

That’s really only happened once before. Longtime readers of My blog might remember one Summer where I availed Myself of the oral servitude of one of My sissies. I had such a wonderful time, I felt sure it would become a more regular occurrence, But for one reason or another, it didn’t!

I decided it was a mere passing storm. And for years, it pretty much has been!

But lately, the idea has begun to appeal to Me once again. Fairly free of necessity. Sort of organically.


Goddess Rachel? A Pillow Princess?


From whence did My burgeoning pillow princess side come? I don’t know!

I’ve always made more use of My subs while My stud is away than when He’s here. But usually it involves O/ur various mutual kinks. And I do have a ton of inanimate sex toys that can crank several orgasms out of Me if need be. Which they do. *wink*

But lately, I’ve just as often been craving the special something you can only get from being pleasured by another human as I have something from My extensive collection. Especially a submissive one! No reciprocity expected! Sort of a combination of body worship and objectification!

Unfortunately, My in-the-flesh submissives all have lives, and coordinating service as frequently as I would like it is easier said than done!

Plus, some of the body worship massage skills of some of them leave a little something to be desired. They’re much better, for the most part, at taking dick, whether silicone or flesh, and taking punishment, than giving that kind of sensual attention.

So I continue to rely heavily on non-human toys!


What would I want from you?


Are you fantasizing about being called upon? The desire, on My part, for this kind of attention from a sub is rare enough that it might be hard for you to imagine!Goddess Rachel teases you with Her pillow princess fantasies! 1-800-356-6169

You can get a sense from the post I linked about facesitting one of My sissies, but My pillow princess cravings would require even less from Me. I would want to be worked over thoroughly:

  • A full body massage, with warmed oils, starting with My scalp and lots of focus on My feet
  • Breast worship (with some hard nipple sucking and light nipple teasing)
  • G-spot massage (I would probably squirt)
  • Pussy worship until I couldn’t cum anymore
  • Ass worship until I fall asleep

All while I simply lie there and enjoy!

One thing My current cravings have in common with the last episode is that once I was thoroughly spent (or emitting My cute little snore), you would simply retreat. And all of this would occur without a word. Except if I needed to redirect you with “harder”, “that’s enough”, or “get My dildo and fuck Me with it while you suck My tits“.

And of course, you wouldn’t be allowed to touch yourself, or acknowledge your own probable arousal in any way.

Could you manage all that, do you think?

Well, I’ll keep you posted if any of My stable subbies do!

Just a short post this time, concerning thoughts and adventures in the world and mind of your Goddess Rachel outside of My fantastic femdom phone sessions with you!

I’ll be back in a week or so with another post.

Meanwhile, what kinds of fantasies or new kink practices have been on your mind lately?

Share in the comments!


Until next time,


Goddess Rachel, Pillow Princess?