Hello, Horny Readers!  So, while I was convalescing, Adam spent a lot of time at His condo across town, getting it ready for the sub-letters.  Usually I’d help Him, but since I was out of commission, there was more work to do.  One afternoon, I knew I was getting better because suddenly My mind began to wander, and I was getting really, really horny!  I probably could have called My man to come home for lunch and give Me a quickie, but I was more in the mood to be a pillow princess, to maybe load up some porn and just be serviced with My laptop balanced on My stomach.  What does a Mistress do in such a circumstance?  Well S/he calls one of Her trusty submissive for a little face-sitting, of course!

I didn’t start out planning on face-sitting (some call it queening, as you know).  I was still in that stage of recovery where exerting Myself could make Me feel faint.  I really did intend to just lay back and get My pussy eaten all afternoon.

I called around, not expecting to find someone available on My first try, or even My second.  It was a weekday afternoon, after all.  But Jamie was the second call I tried, and picked up on the second ring.

I was skeptical, because Jamie is one of O/ur sissies, and I’d never used he/r by Myself.  Only with Adam, and rarely involving direct contact with Me.  Jamie is great at sucking and fucking stud cock, but s/he was an unknown quantity with regard to lady-pleasure.

But when I suggested an afternoon of oral servitude, specifying that I was too horny to wait for he/r to get dressed and s/he’d need to come as-is, s/he jumped at the chance. Her enthusiasm assuaged some of My concern.  “Don’t talk,” I instructed. “not even for the respectful greeting.  Just come in and eat My pussy until I tell you to stop.”  “Yes, Mistress.”

I showered quickly (so glad I’d gotten waxed a week before I got sick), dried Myself, moisturized, and unlocked the door for he/r before retreating to My bed and its nest of pillows.  I soon heard the door open and close, the rustle of zippers and cloth against cloth as s/he got undressed by the door, and then the soft whisper of he/r knees against the wood floor as s/he crawled toward the room.

I closed My eyes and spread My legs before s/he got there, a pillow under each knee for comfort.  I remained relaxed and silent when I felt the pressure of he/r body pushing down the mattress and settling between them. S/he would eat My pussy hands-free, as a good submissive should, transforming themselves for their Mistress’ pleasure into little more than a sex toy unless otherwise ordered.

I felt he/r breath, and then he/r lips.

Jamie has big, pillowy lips.  Perfect for lipstick, and for wrapping around Adam’s great big cock. Apparently, they’re also perfect for isolating My whole pussy with their cushion-y softness, for providing a frame for he/r tongue, and My clit.

Maybe it wasn’t all he/r mouth.  Maybe it was the pent-up weeks without many orgasms catching up with Me.  But as soon as he/r mouth touched Me, jolts of pleasure shot from My clit, through the pit of My stomach, up through My nipples, down My arms in gooseflesh, and out the tips of My fingers. Every little flick of the tip of he/r tongue was like a separate jolt, and suddenly, I couldn’t get He/r mouth and tongue close enough.

I reached down and groped for he/r head with its unfamiliar every day short hair (I’d seen it before, of course, but was used to feeling one of he/r silky human hair wigs under My hands instead), and pulled he/r close.  S/he responded by licking faster.  My back arched and My nipples ached.  I began to buck My pelvis up and down, and it still wasn’t enough.  More, more MORE, My pussy screamed.  I brought My legs together around he/r head and squeezed while s/he lapped at and sucked on My pussy voraciously, and soon I felt the telltale swelling, gathering, clinching pressure.  My cry of “Eat My fucking pussy, bitch!” directly preceded an intense, leg-trembling, juice-gushing orgasm that lasted about 30 seconds . . .

But I felt very little relief!  A great deal of pleasure, but not enough release!

It felt like there was at least two orgasms’ worth of pressure built up right behind the first, and the face-humping I did all through that one never slowed.  Now that My clit was swollen and even more sensitive, the yearning just seemed to kick up a notch.  I could feel Myself getting wetter and wetter, and hear the increasingly sloppy sounds of Jamie’s oral service, but even with My thighs tense and both hands on the back of h/er head, grinding for all I was worth, I just couldn’t get enough.

Suddenly, in a fit of impulse, inspiration, and frustration, I pushed Myself up on My hands and flipped over, My legs wound around he/r neck and upper back dragging he/r with Me, so that I ended up in a modified face-sitting position.  I leaned forward and braced Myself on the headboard so that I could not only push down against that whirling tongue, but back against it.  I know it wasn’t probably the most comfortable for Jamie, but then, enduring some discomfort in such a scenario is part of the duty of the slave.

I had found My sweet spot.  I have to remember this position for face-sitting adventures in the future, because it was perfect.  As soon as I settled in and resumed humping to help it along, I felt that familiar gathering pressure and tingling waves.  Something rare came over Me, and I began to growl and pant in a most unladylike manner, responding to the exquisite pleasure.  I could see Jamie’s hands reflexively rise from the bed as if s/he would like to hold on or lift Me up or control the way I was absolutely using he/r face, but s/he remembered he/rself, and they always floated back down to their proper place by he/r sides.  Good gurl that s/he is, her lips and tongue never stopped their focused massage.

Readers, have you ever cum so hard it made your ears ring?

I did.

In fact, I came so disorientingly hard that My whole body seized up and I toppled off of he/r face and onto the floor!

(It’s okay, you can laugh.)

“Are you alright, Mistress?” I didn’t fault poor Jamie for breaking the rule of silence, but I didn’t answer he/r either.  I couldn’t, for a minute or two.  When My eyes focused, I looked at he/r pussy-glazed face in what was, I’m sure, a predatory way.  He/r eyes widened, and a pleased smile toyed at the corners of he/r mouth when I replied by pouncing on he/r and attempting once again to drive the back of he/r head through the mattress.

I think all told, O/ur face-sitting fun must have gone on for another hour after that.  Jamie made Me cum six times, and finally the fire within was extinguished.  I allowed he/r to lay between My legs with he/r head resting on My pelvis while W/e both recovered, and then sent he/r on he/r way.

Readers, you know Me by now.  You know that in phone sessions, face-sitting isn’t high on My list.  It’s on the list, but not high on it, and I prefer foot worship to face-sitting as it is.  It’s usually the same in My personal life.  More frequent than on the phone, but still rare.  Or at least it was.  I’ve rubbed My little bean several times since that afternoon just remembering how well My sissy ate My pussy, and Adam fucked a couple of loads of sissy cream out of he/r partially as a reward the weekend before He left.  I think at least in My personal life, face-sitting might now be on the menu more often!

And I’m buying sissy a new corset as another “good girl”!  *giggle*