Come play sensual Pass the Penis with Goddess Rachel and Friends! 1-800-356-6169


Come play sensual Pass the Penis with Goddess Rachel and Friends! 1-800-356-6169

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Hello, Horny Readers! Once in a while I have to remind you that the title of this blog doesn’t just refer to My sexy purr. Hell, sometimes I have to remind Myself! And, because Our featured site this month is, I think it’s an excellent opportunity to provide you with an example of how you can experience that softer side of Me, and My Mistress friends. Namely, via a round, or two, or three of sensual Pass the Penis.

Let’s face it, I know Our playmates. You’re as diverse in your tastes and kink personalities as I am! So naturally, it should be no surprise that some of you are sensitive, yet no less submissive.

And you yearn to be controlled by Me.

Therefore, while GFE still isn’t My thing, I’m more than happy to take it easy. After all, you’re still in My clutches whether I sink My perfectly-polished fingernails in or not!

Furthermore, because you’re submissive, you want to please your Mistress Rachel.

Don’t you, My sensitive strokeboy?

Well, one way is offering yourself up to be shared with My fellow Femdommes.

And Pass the Penis is a perfect method!

Add to that the fact that it’s even easier on your budget to do so this month, well, there just isn’t any excuse not to, is there?

But maybe I’m getting ahead of Myself.

Some of you may not even know what pass the penis is, or why I would differentiate between the standard version, and sensual Pass the Penis. After all, I’m meeting new playmates every day, lately.

Never fear; I will offer you full disclosure before you make your leap into the aforementioned clutches.

Clutches that are gentle, but no less secure.

Shall W/e start with an explanation of Pass the Penis itself?


A guided masturbation gauntlet


That’s one way of putting it.

The main kink amongst those who come to Us to play Pass the Penis is Tease and Denial. And even if you come to Us for sensual Pass the Penis, there will still be an element of delayed gratification involved.

But usually, We take a bit of glee in your desperation. Sometimes a lot. 😜

Perhaps there’s even an element of humiliation. Maybe more than a bit. Maybe a purposeful attempt by every Mistress you call to make holding off until the last Mistress as difficult as possible. A bit of schadenfreude, perhaps, with a sharp admonishment that you’d better not spill a drop.

Then, the final Mistress gets to decide your fate, whether a full-on orgasm, a ruined orgasm, or total denial.

You can have as long a gauntlet as you like, and you can pick specific Mistresses, provided that they are or will be available when you decide to play. You can even make your preference for the ending known to the dispatcher, or your head Mistress, before the game begins.

But once it does begin, you’ll be in for a no-mercy rollercoaster ride!

So, what’s the difference between that, and sensual Pass the Penis?


We really do like you, you know.


Come play sensual Pass the Penis with Goddess Rachel and Friends! 1-800-356-6169You know that, right?

Even in the depths of the most harrowing humiliation scene or impact play scenario, the way it excites Us to treat you, the way you crave being treated, is not commensurate with Our esteem for you. Or an indication of a lack thereof. If you didn’t come to Us for your naughty kinky time, the quality of Our lives would be much poorer!

Especially those of Us whose pussies get wet when you cry out in discomfort. 😈

But guess what? Most of us get wet when you cry out in pleasure, too. I know I do! And thinking about how to elicit that response, before passing you along to the next Mistress who will do the same, until with the last Mistress you experience an explosion that will be far more powerful because of the orgasm delay does as well!


Sensual Pass the Penis can lead to sensual denial, too!


But what if you still want to leave the big finish up to your Mistress? What if the only difference is you want to be brought to that big finish seductively or sweetly, rather than to be driven to it like a mule?

That’s okay! Sensual Pass the Penis has more to do with the tone, the intensity of your experience than how the game ends. For that matter, if you enjoy a bit of lighthearted humiliation, that can be part of a sensual Pass the Penis game as well.

As a matter of fact, if you like a soft tone, a slow pace, lots of teasing . . .

while you’re called every name in the book, that can be done, too!

That’s one of the things I like so much about Pass the Penis (or Pass the Sissy or Pass the Ass or Pass the Humiliation Toy) in general–how customizable it is!

It all comes down to what turns you on!


So, are you going to come and play?


I forgot to mention that the standard primrose path (hey, sounds less threatening than “gauntlet”, doesn’t it?) usually has ten Mistress sirens lining it. And as I mentioned above, you can have as many as you like, and as few as three.

Or, I suppose you could even have two! Just so We (and you) have the pleasure of having Our way with you, and then passing you on!

But this month, six is the magic number.


Because the sixth Mistress will give you jack-off instructions for free!

Now, that brings to mind something else I forgot to mention when describing your standard rules for a round of Pass the Penis: You spend a minimum of 10 minutes with each of Us.

Of course, even that is customizable, meaning you can spend as much time with each of Us, or your first Mistress, or your last, as you like (if you can handle it), but December’s special gift assumes you’ll hold with tradition. That means you’ll get ten minutes for free with siren number six.

If you’re a glutton for punishment (or ecstacy), and you want to stay with any of Us longer, the standard per minute will be assessed.

Make sense?


I’m waiting to play sensual Pass the Penis with you.


The information (and titillation) I’ve provided here is for everyone. But if I’ve convinced you, I hope I will be one of the seductresses to take you in hand. I hear quite frequently, from callers who have been fans of the Enchantrix Empire for years, that it took them a bit of courage, and a few false starts, to call Me, because they were intimidated.Come play sensual Pass the Penis with Goddess Rachel and Friends! 1-800-356-6169

Horny readers, can I admit that that hurts My feelings a little bit? 😢

I mean, I realize that I’m a vulgarian, and that many of My tastes run to the, shall W/e say, intense.

But I’m a nice woman! Really! I promise! *giggle*

In any case, whether you decide to include Me in your sensual Pass the Penis game or not, I hope I’ve made a good case for it to you fans of a more tender tease and denial. I hope that whomever you play with shows you a wonderful, sensual time!

Happy Holidays, whichever one(s) you celebrate, and I’ll have another post for you just before the New Year.


Until next time,


Goddess Rachel, sensual Pass the Penis Playmate


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