Thank you to the beautiful Ms Rachel for inviting me to guest blog. Here are some thoughts on the joys of spanking.

A Spanking a Day

No, it does not keep the Mistress away. With my personal enjoyment in the art of spanking, it is one way to ensure you find a firm place in the center of my attention. You have likely experienced a spanking. Perhaps it was over the knee (my favorite) when you were naughty. Maybe it was pants down in bed with an adventurous partner.

If you have explored BDSM, they it is pretty much a given that you have discovered how erotic a spanking can be. Most Mistresses like it. I thrill to it. Trust me when I say that you can be trained to be turned on by spanking. So my belief is that a slave, submissive, sissy can greatly benefit from a spanking daily. Sort of like an apple a day, but more more exciting.

You Need to Know

Mistress knows your secrets. I am aware that you find being spanked both humiliating and wildly exciting, all mixed up together. I understand that being spanked by a much younger woman makes it even more humiliating for you, and you seek that out. Oh, yes you do! I get it that you might need to cover up how much you love it by asking for a roleplay where I coerce or woman-handle you into it.

Remember, I am six feet tall. I am slender, but I am stronger than you realize. Once you are bent over my lap, your feet dangling off the floor, my left hand firmly pressing you down against my thighs…it is a done deal for your fanny. It will be spanked, and it will be done properly. Over the knee spanking really is my very favorite way to warm up your buns.

Why a Daily Spanking?

First, because I want to give it. You want me to have fun and excited with you, right? Well, here is one way to accomplish that. Secondly, it reminds you of who is in charge. Clue #1- it is not you. Thirdly, having a perpetually red and tender bottom is a constant reminder to you of your submissive nature.

That part of you is important. It is not going to go away. It needs to be taken care of. I offer you my hands, my female superiority, and my wicked mind. Bring your naughty ass to me and beg to be spanked. Then reminder what I said, and do it often. As your ass deepens its shade of red, your submissive mind will radiate with happiness.

Thank you, again, to the fabulous Ms Rachel, for allowing me to guest blog. I know how good she is at impact play and can just imagine the joys you will have with the two of us taking turns spanking you, teasing you, and driving you into a frenzied state.