Hello there, Horny Readers!

I assume that most of you are seasoned practitioners in the world of kink and fetish, but lately I’ve been hearing from quite a few boys who are new to the world of Dominance and submission.  They want to submit to female domination, but aren’t sure yet where their specific interests lie.  We experienced kinksters know that tease and denial can become incredibly specialized, intricate, and advanced, but I’d like to think that it’s a good place for newbies to start.  This blog post, therefore, is aimed at them, though I hope you’ll enjoy it as well!

Hello there, curious new boy.  I hope you’ve got some privacy.  That, a bit of lube, and a willing mind are all you need to begin your first exploration of the tease and denial fetish.  You may ask yourself, what exactly is Tease and Denial, and why would a boy practice it?  The answer to the first question is rather simple, and to the second, a little more involved.

Tease and denial is a form of masturbation guidance in which your hand becomes an extension of the will of your Mistress.  You agree to follow her instructions for touching and stroking that needy cock between your legs, but you don’t simply cum whenever the mood strikes you.  When, how, and sometimes even if you cum, isn’t up to you.  It’s up to Her.  And if you are allowed the privilege of orgasm, it’s generally after one or more edges.

What is an edge?  Well that’s the best part (at least for me *giggle*).  You will touch and stroke your cock just as instructed, until you feel that telltale tightening of your balls, the thickening of the shaft just beneath the head, the desperation and anticipation . . . the “edge” of orgasm.  Just when you begin to feel this, you will remove your hand, and give that stroke toy a rest until the urgency recedes.  That, my sexy stroke slut, is an edge.

As to why a boy would engage in tease and denial, well, there are lots of possible motivations.  Maybe his stroking techniques have become a little stale, and he seeks a means of enlivening the experience.  Maybe he has stamina problems, and can’t trust to himself alone to challenge his difficulty with holding back.  Maybe he’s submissive, and wants to offer control of that most pleasurable of activities to a dominant woman.  Maybe he’s been greedy, and needs to be punished.  Maybe he’s just curious.  The truth is, there are as many motivations for trying tease and denial as there are boys who try it.

What’s the difference, you might wonder, between tease and denial, and guided masturbation?  Guided masturbation is a good option for those who don’t consider themselves submissive, but do like the idea of hearing a sexy voice suggest how they should stroke themselves.  Boys who enjoy guided masturbation may like to have their Mistress throw in some edging instructions, but only so that they can enjoy the more powerful release at the end.  The tone of these sessions tends to be more sensual than strict.  The emphasis tends to be on helping the stroke boy please himself, while tease and denial is decidedly a matter of pleasing your Mistress.

Every Mistress has her own style and tastes, but My training works best if a boy has a good two or three days worth of cum built up in his balls.  Perhaps that’s because I simply enjoy the moans of added tension that come from a boy who has been saving up for me.

Is my stroke toy getting hard?  Good.  If you’re ready, new boy, feel free to arrange for a session with Me.

Until then, keep your hands off of My property.  🙂

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