Look. At. That. Right?

I would have chosen a photo with Miss Tia looking right through your soul with Her glittering, hypnotic, yet authoritative gaze, but this photo is just too delicious.  Not only does it satisfy My lust for all things “vintage” (She’s channeling Bettie Page better than I do in this photo, with a extra twist of modern glamour), but it exemplifies what it’s like to have the privilege of sharing a submissive with Her on a two Mistress call.

Dazzling yet dark, like a full-length sable coat, sleek, smart, classy and sexy, She exerts effortless control over a submissive with which I find it so easy to fall into step.  Miss Tia has a gracious, silky voice, and isn’t the type to shout, but she doesn’t need to do so.  She inspires vulnerability in a slave.  She may coo while She slips the figurative collar into place around your neck, but never doubt that the leash attached to it is wrapped firmly around Her perfectly manicured fingers.  Rather than pull against it in rebellion, a slave is more likely to find him- or hirself trembling at Her feet like a tautly twisted and exquisitely-plucked cello string:  She will play you sweetly, but you will be played.

At the same time, We have the potential to play together in a perfect yin/yang balance in a two Mistress call, because while I don’t need to shout to get a slave’s attention, I absolutely will.  We are excellent in a good cop/bad cop dynamic, as I relish being pointedly, purposely, and overtly cruel when the situation or the hot button of the playmate calls for it, but as you can probably surmise from what I’ve written above, Miss Tia commands with more subtlety, though command She does.

Specifically, I have had several opportunities to witness the devotion She inspires in one of Her long-time tease and denial pets.  She demands long periods of chastity for this besotted strokeboy, and he is so enthralled he would never dream of disappointing Her.  I don’t even think he could cum without her leave at this point, so complete is the psychological and sexual bondage in which She keeps him.

She allows him to play with Me and other Dommes frequently for teasing and training with dildo, ass plug, and sometimes deliciously humiliating garments, but only She holds the key to his orgasms. Knowing as I do the tension that builds in this slave as the last orgasm recedes in memory and the next seems miles away, I have sometimes found Myself almost as breathless as he sounds when I have been included in one of those rare sessions of release.

Of Me, Miss Tia says:  “I have thoroughly enjoyed doing two Mistress calls with you!  I know I always tell callers that You are one of My go to Mistresses for [a] two Mistress call because You are not shy, very intelligent, and fun.  Oh . . . and I love Your penchant for ass play.”

Why thank You, Tia!  She does know Me well.  Especially concerning the anal play!  *wink*

Please take this opportunity to stop by Miss Tia’s blog and learn more about Her, and do consider paying Us a virtual visit, if the prospect of the two of Us together makes you tremble with longing as it has so many others.