Femboi or Sissy? Goddess Rachel investigates! 1-800-356-6169Hello, Horny Readers! I was having dinner with a friend a while back, and I gleaned a research topic from the conversation. Talk turned to sex (as it often does when I’m around. *giggle*) and who he’d been fucking lately. He told Me, a femboi named Brady. Pretty regularly.

And loving it!

Let Me digress. If you had to label Ian’s sexual orientation, you’d likely say “pansexual”. He’ll fuck anyone he finds hot, and he’s capable of finding most types of people hot. He’s also good-looking enough to gain access to a large swath of the people he wants. And frankly, the fact that they want him goes a long way to him wanting them.

I suppose those were a lot of words to basically say he’s a nice guy, but has a big ego to go with his big cock, and is, well, a slut. *giggle*

I feigned annoyance at his disclosure, because I’d tried to set him up with a very passable and very passionate sissy the Summer before. One who was motivated to drain his balls, as cockslut sissies are wont to do.


He declined!


I playfully needled him about it. He said, “sissies and fembois aren’t the same, for one thing, but I didn’t turn the sex down because they were a sissy.”

(Apparently, sissy had a reputation for, let’s say, perhaps not the best hygiene?)

Anyway, I had to admit that I had no rejoinder. I had no rejoinder because I wasn’t sure what the difference was! Between a femboi and a sissy, I mean.

Time to investigate! How could the details he shared of a strapping, big-dicked stud plowing a lithe and feminized (at least nominal) guy be added to My spank bank if I didn’t know what I was fantasizing about? *giggle*

As it turns out, there are commonalities between the two, but they are not, in fact, the same.


Read on!


Femboi vs. Sissy: Similarities


Both fembois (sometimes spelled with a y, by the way) and sissies engage in feminization. I can’t even say that it’s a matter of degree, as if the latter feminizes more than the former. As time has gone on, I’ve met many a sissy who cares very little about resembling a woman. In fact, when humiliation is at the core of sissification, failing to pass can be, if not a goal, a source of arousal! Both may wear some makeup, or none.

Both fembois and sissies can have any sexual orientation. I know there’s a lot of emphasis on, and sometimes the erroneous assumption of, interest in cock on the part of sissies. I further know that just because you may, say, suck cock for your Mistress, it doesn’t necessarily mean you identify as gay, bi, or pan. But a sissy can actually be of any sexual orientation. So can a femboi.

Both fembois and sissies are biologically male. There are a lot of blurred lines in the expression of the sissy kink, and many gurls end up using sissification as a means of exploring or confirming their gender identity. Both fembois and sissies might identify as transgender (fembois often identify as bigender). But both (mostly) have xy chromosomes.

Both fembois and sissies may take on feminine affectations. They may way walk in what’s considered a feminine manner, speak in what’s considered a feminine voice, and gesture like many women do. But not all. And in neither case is it essential.

So, how are sissies and fembois different?

Let’s continue!


The Differences


Sissy is a kink. Despite My acknowledgement of the blurred lines between kink or fetish and core identity, I still can’t find a betterFemboi or Sissy? Goddess Rachel investigates! 1-800-356-6169 term to classify the sissification fetish. So what is femboi then? An informal canvas of those in the know has revealed that those who identify with the femboi subculture describe it as a style. The way that you could tell that someone was into punk rock in the 80’s by the way they dressed.

Interestingly enough, the femboi style is often kink-adjacent, in that many who are interested in a certain kink (furry) are also fembois, or particularly like them. The femboi aesthetic also features prominently in anime.

Fembois don’t always choose overtly feminine attire. They often do, but it’s not required. For most sissies, if a girl or woman wouldn’t wear it, neither would s/he!

Fembois aren’t necessarily submissive. They can be, but whether or not they are has nothing to do with the style.

Sissies can be any age. So can fembois, technically, but femboi is a youth-oriented subculture. Most self-identified fembois are under 30.

Interesting, huh?


Any Fembois lurking?


Do you identify as a femboi?

Critique My breakdown! I know the photos I shared aren’t exactly what you might see on the scene, so describe in the comments what you think a femboi looks like. Something tells Me it will be something more “kawaii”! But on the other hand, I observed a certain accepting and independent spirit among the fembois I canvassed, so you’re liable to say, “those can be fembois! A femboi is anyone who claims the term and wants to be one!”

If I’m right, I like that!

Sissies, what do you think?

Share your thoughts in the comments. And remember, as long as you’re not hurting anyone, no one but you gets to tell you who to be, how to identify, or how to express yourself!


Goddess Rachel, For Feminized Friendship of All Kinds!