Hello, Horny Readers! You’ve read about it elsewhere, all the ways you can worship Me and spoil Me. I’ve described everything from the basics of obedience in session, to making a meme out of Me, to virtual bouquets you can add if W/e’ve had a recent session, to gift cards that always come in handy. Heck, this month We’ve got a special way to spoil your Mistress: an actual valentine!

(I’ve gotten several lovely ones already.)

But there’s yet another way.

Maybe a way that wouldn’t have occurred to you:

Arrange for a multi-Mistress call with Me, and one of the many Mistresses I have yet to have had the pleasure of teasing you, tormenting you, or controlling your orgasm with!

I’ve made some short recordings, shared around the Empire, that feature Mistresses I have played with before. You might have seen one or two. I would love to play with them again. The one I made for Brighton below is an example.


But view the next few blog posts as notice: you’re not limited to Mistresses I’ve played with before!

In fact, there are a lot of Mistresses I’ve longed to join in Femdom action, and for one reason or another just haven’t had the chance. Heaven knows how long this series will be.

But think of it this way: you can spoil your Mistress Rachel any month of the year. So if you don’t manage to fulfill part of My Mistress wishlist this month, plan to do so eventually!

I’m sure you’re aware, however, that this month is ideal, given that multi-Mistress sessions (including Skype and text) are 20% off!

I digress.

Let’s start with royalty, shall W/e?


Spoil Your Mistress with Duchess Willow


Spoil your Mistress Rachel by booking a multi-Mistress session with one of Her wishlist Femdommes! 1-800-356-6169She has posted on My blog as a guest writer during Our Masturbation May blog train last year. Her own blog features a 2021 Halloween blog train entry that haunts Me to this day.

But the delicious imagination and formidable writing chops on display there are just the beginning.

I love Her smoky, sexy voice. I know it has absolutely beguiled many of you. Furthermore, She and I have shared many laughs, both around the Empire and behind the scenes.

I’m dying to know what it’s like when the sharp edge of that humor is engaged in dominating or humiliating one of you.

That brings Me to another point.


Spoil Your Mistress: Respect Boundaries


I always try to avoid kink shaming, but the fact of the matter is, there are certain kinks I don’t facilitate. I have My reasons. One of the aforementioned kinks is race play.

The Duchess is a woman of startling intellect, and takes on difficult subjects, including race play, in an informed, sensitive, pro-Black AND pro-people way. Her thoughts will be encouraging and perhaps enlightening for those who want to think more deeply about what makes them cum, and perhaps off-putting to people who don’t think kink ethics and a good orgasm can coexist.

Duchess Willow participates in kink of all kinds, but makes it clear that the majesty and power in Her Ebony identity belongs to Her. That it will not be shaped or commodified to suit your kink in a way that degrades Her, or Black people as a collective. You are invited to bask in Her Ebony glory if you have the sense to respect it. Those who don’t will get the kind of re-education that will not lead to orgasm.

This Heinz-57 white girl would happily join Her in stomping a mudhole in you and walking it dry if you came at Her sideways. And then you would buy Us both new stilettos for making Us muss the old ones with your innards.

On a lighter note, I won’t lie and pretend that I don’t have a thing for Her ass.

I mean, you must be new here if My affinity for ass is news to you. But usually it’s male ass, and dominating it in various ways. That said, if all that happened during a two-Mistress session between Us is that I virtually parked Myself between those cheeks while The Duchess had Her way with you, I would be delighted!

Don’t get any ideas though. If I had the pleasure of rendering ass worship to Duchess Willow, it would not be at your behest.


A Caveat or Two


Duchess Willow is a switch. I am not (the desired worship of Her ass notwithstanding). I suppose that’s an importantSpoil your Mistress Rachel by booking a multi-Mistress session with one of Her wishlist Femdommes! 1-800-356-6169 consideration for some of you.

Also (and this goes for any and all two Mistress sessions you book with Me), it’s ideal if you E-mail both of Us ahead of time. Copy one of Us on the E-mail you send the other. Elucidate, if only briefly, what kind of session you had in mind, so that all three of U/s can be assured of compatibility.

Further, it’s ideal if you make an appointment. In fact, it’s the only way to be assured that The Duchess and I will be available at the same time. As is Her right as royalty, Duchess Willow will not be confined to a schedule.

(*pssst* She is pretty flexible though. Oh god, I just had a filthy thought.)

*clears throat* Check here for instructions on how to get in touch with The Duchess.

I am generally accessible between 1pm and 1am Eastern time. But to be sure of My real-time availability, check and bookmark the pinned post on this blog.

Sometimes I am away, but around. If that’s the status you see, you are welcome to contact Me via E-mail (Rachel@enchantrixempire.com) or Skype (enchantrixrachel). I monitor those whenever I’m in the LDW orbit, whether I show on the sites or not.


Aww, don’t be scared!


The kind of boys who would enjoy Us together are probably a little scared, but very inspired. And as this series continues, it probably won’t be the last time you feel that way. *giggle*

Stay tuned for future installments of My 2-Mistress wish list. I will likely profile more than one Mistress in future posts, if only to make this an easier compendium to consult.

Until next time,

Goddess Rachel


P.S.: Check out the chemistry between Duchess Willow and I as We get together with Mistress Constance for a little impromptu chat!