Hello, Horny Readers!  Did you know I can see how many visits I get on this blog?  If you know anything about blogging, I guess that’s no surprise to you (don’t worry–I can’t tell anything else other than the number of unique visits I’ve gotten).  I’ve been so gratified to know that out there in the ether, there are so many horn-dogs (mostly submissive males, I’m guessing) who come here and read My posts.  I have had the pleasure of playing with a few. Probably more than I know, indicated by the times one or another will mention having called Me after reading a certain entry.

And yet, I have also been contacted, in private and outside of sessions, by many who tell Me that reading My blog and other Femdom content they find on the web is the only outlet they’ve been able to bring themselves to engage with regard to their desires. They’ve told Me that until they started reading My blog, they really thought they were alone in their (endearing) perversions, and that even now that they know they aren’t, they still can’t bring themselves to explore further.

Some who have engaged Me for a session have told Me that it took them months, sometimes years, to work up the courage to call.  And then, the surprise and relief that’s clear in their voices once I assure them that not only do I not judge them, but that I am aroused in many cases by their pervy kinks, always surprises Me.

Humiliation slaves aside, do some of you really think I would reinforce the misconception that you are wrong for your fantasies?  I must confess, in addition to surprised, that thought always makes Me a little bit sad.

I understand that many submissive males don’t need direct interaction to be gratified.

The above is not to say that every submissive male who chooses to keep his kinks to himself does so under duress, perceived or otherwise.  Everyone responds differently to fantasy.  Some people simply enjoy interfacing with their kink virtually, which I relate to as someone who prefers books to movies, for example.  When you read, you can tailor every detail exactly as your imagination dictates, without the wiles and whims of another person changing or influencing that.  Even an experienced dream-weaver like Me.

My concern is with those who may desperately wish to avail themselves of My direct input, and are so bogged down by the repressive messages of mainstream society that they may even read My posts furtively.  This post, therefore, is meant to be a public service announcement of sorts.

Submissive males in hiding:  There’s no need to be afraid!

If you’ve read about a particular kink on My blog, chances are excellent that I’ll not only understand you, but that I’ll be into the same things you are!  Beyond that, as long as your fantasies involve consenting adults engaging in safe, sane, and consensual activities (and I realize those terms are somewhat open to interpretation, so ask if you’re not sure), I’ll be thrilled to talk to you!  There’s not much more icing on the cake of talking about things that arouse and amuse Me than knowing a fellow kinkster has taken that first step to free themselves from shame, and moreover that they’ve chosen to do so with Me!

Take off your shame and stay awhile.  *smile*  We’re all friends here!