Goddess Rachel has some observations about crossdresser elegance . . . and sluttery! 1-800-356-6169

“I just love this new necklace he bought me . . . almost as much as the creampie he left in My hole last night!”


Crossdresser Slut in the Sheets!

Goddess Rachel has some observations about crossdresser elegance . . . and sluttery! 1-800-356-6169

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Or on the couch or in the car for that matter!

Hello, Horny Readers! I’ve noticed something recently about the average crossdresser, and in this first part, I’d like to explore that a little bit. Most excitingly, however, in part 2 I’ll share the story of a crossdresser in My acquaintance who is a perfect example of the phenomenon I’ve observed!

Read along, and see if you recognize yourself, or others!

These days, I meet most crossdressers on social media and in femdom phone sex sessions. Most of the time they provide copious pictures showcasing their style and grooming. And when they do, I notice they tend to have the best taste in feminine fashion.

More and more often though, they also seem to be the absolute sluttiest in their kinks and fantasies!

I mean, they’re really giving the sissies a run for their money!

Why is this noteworthy? Well, I used to think of crossdressers as the least sexually-motivated on the femme kink spectrum. They were on one end, and sissy bimbo cocksluts were on the other. In My mind, a crossdresser firmly identified as a man, but derived non-sexual pleasure from dressing en femme.

Sissy cocksluts have maintained their position, but something seems to have changed among the crossdressers!

So, let’s start with a pertinent (albeit tongue in cheek) question:


What’s gotten into you, crossdresser?


Don’t get Me wrong, I LOVE it!

I’m just curious as to whether or not I’m the only one who’s noticed the change, and if not, what others (especially crossdressers) think is behind it!

Maybe the first part of that old working definition still applies, but from what I’ve seen, the last part doesn’t!

Or maybe it’s the other way around!

Let Me expound.

Lately, it seems that if I see a “cd” in the screen name, there’s going to be some super sluttery to follow!

Their collective love for the best in lingerie for crossdressers, heels, makeup, and wigs is still evident, for the most part. You’ll rarely catch anyone who identifies as a crossdresser contenting themselves with a dime store wig and whatever mismatched collection of feminine articles they can snag from members of their household**.

But from what I’m seeing, crossdressers have been going big, or going home, whether that be in wardrobe and grooming, or the pursuit of cock!

I’m definitely depending on My readers to weigh in, but I do have some suppositions about why this might be, why the definition of “crossdresser” seems to have changed. Or at least become less rigid.

Read along, and see what you think of My  . . . thoughts!


Blurred lines


For the wellbeing of all those over whom I may have influence, as well as out of respect for the harrowing journey it can be to go from realizing you were born in the wrong body to becoming the woman within on the outside, I tend to draw firm lines in My kink play between kink and gender identity.

Let Me recap regarding My default positions, for those who haven’t heard this from Me before:

  • Sissies are technically male. Submissive males, but male. In some cases not very good at being males, but males just the same. They engage in feminization fantasies, to include altering their grooming and sexual habits, at the behest of their Mistress or out of their own kink desires.Goddess Rachel has some observations about crossdresser elegance . . . and sluttery! 1-800-356-6169
  • Crossdressers are male, not necessarily submissive, and dress femme because they enjoy it, whether sexually or non-sexually.
  • Transgender women are women who have a medical condition in which the way they appear at birth doesn’t match their gender.

That said, in recent years, I have come to understand that indulging in feminization kinks is often a means by which someone can explore their gender identity.

More importantly, I’ve long understood that sometimes people don’t fit neatly into the boxes W/e might expect them to belong in. Many gurls I’ve met in the kink world identify with more than one of the above!

But there’s one more consideration that might trump all the rest.

Guess what that is?


This is Femdom fantasy!


Goddess Rachel has some observations about crossdresser elegance . . . and sluttery! 1-800-356-6169When it comes to Femdomme phone sex fantasy, you can be whomever you want to be! That’s what fantasy is all about!

Choosing a Mistress compatible with what you have in mind for your valuable time in session is always important, but there doesn’t need to be a detailed psychological assessment done before you can do whatever it is you do that gets you off!

So maybe these days, the gurls who like the term “crossdresser” to describe themselves can be any combination of the above, or not quite described by any of them!

And no matter how they define “crossdresser” for themselves, I especially love to hear from those whose basket of kink contains both crossdressing and cocklust!

The stories have gotten incredibly spicy in recent years!

cdCindy is a good example, and with he/r permission, I will give My impressions of he/r!

So stay tuned for part two!

Meanwhile, tell Me in the comments:

Are you a crossdresser?

If you are, why did you choose “crossdresser” rather than “sissy” or some other femme persona?

Not a crossdresser? Okay, but have you seen what I’ve seen?

If you have, what do you think is behind the change?

As always, thanks for reading! Or listening, if you choose to avail yourself of the audio version of this post below!

Until next time,

Goddess Rachel, Fan of Crossdresser Fashion and Cocklust!


**This isn’t to disparage sissies who’d really like to look their best and get a thrill out of feminization, but are limited as to choices! Make do with what you have, gurls! Just make sure to warn Me ahead of time that you’re doing the best you can and you want to look pretty!

Goddess Rachel has some observations about crossdresser elegance . . . and sluttery! 1-800-356-6169