Goddess Rachel loves to facilitate your spanking fantasies! 1-800-356-6169Hello, Horny Readers! Do you love spanking fantasies?

So do I, though that can hardly be a surprise! Many of you have joined Me on the phone for virtual roleplay and storytelling focused on the spanking fetish.

Sometimes I’m lucky enough to get to hear and direct as you spank yourself until you cry out a safeword. But I also like what I imagine the sights and sounds would be if I was with you in the hot, stinging, reddened flesh. What you would look like, of course, but also . . .

What I would look like.

This is true of all of My roleplay or erotic storytelling sessions to one degree or another, no matter the kink. But some scenes are more visceral than others for some reason. Spanking fantasies are one.


Making Spanking Fantasies Real


Some of My Femdom phone sex playmates have graciously complimented Me on how real I am able to make fantasies seem to them. I tell them that at least part of My ability to do that can be explained by the fact that I literally go somewhere in My mind when W/e play.

It’s like I’m watching a movie, and you and I are both in it. I’m simply describing to you what I see in detail. And I’m able to see those details and describe them because I’m enjoying the “movie” as much as you are!

And in O/ur “movie”, I can become anyone.

Many of you come to Me with your spanking fetish because past experiences left an indelible mark on your sexuality, pun unintended. These experiences were usually at the hand of one powerful woman or another. “She” usually falls within some variation of certain tropes.

I could write forever about the sights and sounds in a spanking scene, but today I’m just going to stick with the aforementioned tropes I inhabit most often, what “I” look like, and what kind of spanking I imagine administering with each character.

How does that sound?


Well then come here, young man. *wicked grin*


Your Governess


Goddess Rachel loves to facilitate your spanking fantasies! 1-800-356-6169

Call Me crazy, but I think you’d get a boner if she was the one spanking you.

In My mind’s eye, I’m My recognizable self in every “role” I play, but with slight changes that seem, to Me at least, to enhance the scene.

For example, in spanking fantasies that involve a strict governess (many of My playmates from the U.K. like this one), I “dress” like one. Or at least My idea of one:

  • prim but with subtle sexy details
  • I no longer have My trademark blunt bangs, but instead My glossy dark hair is swept back in a severe bun, or sometimes with a pompadour.
  • day makeup, detectable but not too dark
  • A long-sleeved, high-necked, dark-colored prairie dress at least knee length, with a very fitted bodice, fishtail skirt, and a net panel in front so that the shadow of My breasts can juuuuust be seen
  • Old-fashioned button-up shoes, but with a sky-high heel.

I usually imagine that in governess spanking fantasies, your correction comes bare-bottom and over the knee! Maybe with My hand, and maybe with a wooden spoon.

But there’s another bare-bottom spanking fantasy that isn’t as much of a departure from the Goddess Rachel you’ve come to know and love.


Mistress of your BDSM Spanking Fantasies


Facilitating your fantasies helps provide Me a very comfortable lifestyle, not to mention a small collection of high-quality latex fetish outfits. When you’re in the mood for a hard-core ass tenderizing from a strict Mistress, I’m always wearing My black catsuit with the keyhole cutout bodice, and My open-toed, patent-leather stilettos with the tread on the sole (so I’ve got traction for the windup, don’tcha know).

My hair is swept up in a high ponytail, braided so as to be reminiscent of bondage rope, and also to keep My neck cool, as I intend to work up a sweat.

My makeup includes a dark and smoky eye, and bright red lipstick that matches My finger and toenails.

You, of course, are secured face down, tightly, to a spanking bench, with the ass end higher than the head. Your cock and balls are pulled back between your legs for the icing on the cake that is incidental cbt in scenes like this.

This kind of spanking almost always features an instrument or two, rather than My bare hand. What fits best with this scene in your mind?

Me? Two of them: A paddle, and a belt.

You know who else uses a belt?


The Matron


Bad boys call Me different names when I inhabit this role for their spanking fantasies. I am part nurturer, and part disciplinarian. I’m disappointed in you, as much as I am angry. I might even utter the tried-and-true “This is going to hurt Me more than it will hurt you.”

But W/e both know that’s not true.

The scene usually starts with Me shouting to you from another part of the house. When you appear, you get a stern lecture (lectures tend to go with this type of punishment spanking more than any other) from a Goddess Rachel maybe 10 or 15 years older than I am now. She’s probably gained about that many pounds as well, most of it in Her breasts.

This buxom, middle-aged Rachel has a soft updo, several layers of day makeup, and an open housecoat that reveals a quite sexy nightie. Or maybe some vintage-style lingerie: stockings, bra, panties . . . maybe a girdle, and heels you might see on a somewhat sexy office manager or secretary. Perhaps I was getting ready for work when I discovered your misdeed.

You’ll be ordered to take down your pants, and spend some time in the corner to think about what you’ve done. But when it comes time for your corporal punishment, you will have to shuffle over to the bed, lay face down, and receive the belting of your life.

On the other hand, the matron Rachel, like the governess Rachel, might put you over Her lap. Only I always imagine the former using a hairbrush to teach you a lesson and make you a better boy. *wink*

Don’t cover your bottom. It will only make your spanking last longer!

Afterward, however, I may cuddle you, sniveling, against those gigantic boobies to show you I still love you. *giggle*


I have some questions for you.


Goddess Rachel loves to facilitate your spanking fantasies! 1-800-356-6169


First, are you hard right now?

Second, which one is the Rachel of your spanking fantasies?

Is there another trope or role you imagine Me in for spanking that makes you tingle more than the ones I’ve described?

Would that be tingling in the front, the back, or both?

Lastly, is the “role” right, but the position you’re in or the spanking implement used, wrong? For your particular spanking fantasies, that is.

Or the reverse?

Please feel free to answer any and all of those questions in the comments section below, as well as share any other thoughts you might have about what you’ve just read.

And of course, if you need to be taught a lesson that only Mistress Rachel, in whatever guise works best for you, can teach you, please feel free to arrange for a session!


Goddess Rachel, Disciplinarian of your Spanking Fantasies!