Hello, Horny Readers!

So, just what did I see three weekends ago when our favorite masculine submissive came for further cock whore training?  Well it will take a while to tell, but I think I can at least get started with this post.  🙂  I fear that I will not be able to accurately communicate the beauty of the images I absorbed and came to all weekend, but I will do My best!

I saw tension from the moment he arrived at Our door.  My Boyfriend began putting him in his place immediately by remaining on the couch with his eyes on CNN, not bothering to greet him as he came into the room.  Little gestures like this are surprisingly effective at beginning a slut on the road to submissive subspace.  His muscular shoulders stooped very subtly, so subtly that only someone experienced in the D/s dynamic would probably be able to tell.

He began removing his clothes just inside the door, while I went to cuddle up next to my Sweetie on the couch, looking back over My shoulder every once in a while to see the revelation of that beautiful body.  And when he was naked, his cock already hard as a rock in anticipation of being used (though certainly, the fact that delaying submissive’s orgasm is part of their training meant that it would be a long time before that precum-dripping penis would be released), he sank down to his hands and knees and crawled over to the space between the mounted television and the couch where We reclined.

His gaze was lowered as he sat back on his heels, awaiting Our pleasure, but I could see his defined pecs rising and falling with quickened breath, the muscle in his jaw clench, and could feel every fiber of his being vibrating in readiness to instantly respond to direction, whether it would be issued in seconds or hours from that moment.

Adam (My Boyfriend) didn’t acknowledge him in the slightest, his eyes still trained on the broadcast and one arm wrapped around My shoulders.  He wore only a pair of thin cotton running shorts.  His big cock, a glorious 9.5 inches, was at full mast, and visible through the fabric, laying at an angle across His lower stomach, creating a slight tent.  My own heart rate was increasing slightly with the arousal of watching the slave wait, and Adam dangle what he so desperately wanted right before his eyes.

Finally, when I thought I might just have to slide My skirt back to My thighs and begin rubbing My crotch just to dispel some of the erotic tension seizing My body, Adam uttered, still absorbed in the news, “Gimme that mouthpussy, cocksucker.” And instantly, the slave crawled forward to suck cock, his deep, resonant voice with just the slightest tremble betraying his desperation, murmuring “Yes Sir”.

He started using just his face, as he had been taught from his first time sucking cock, rubbing first one cheek and then the other, lovingly, against the iron hard ridge straining the material.  Forehead, lips, his whole face used to caress and stimulate.  He was at once such a beautiful masculine specimen and such a depraved and tender slut that it took all I had to keep from leaping off of the couch, slipping on a harness, and cramming a strap-on into his exposed fuckhole.  But knowing I was at the perfect vantage point to enjoy the show, I stayed where I was, My kitten purring and dripping into My panties.

Carefully and reverently, he peeled down those shorts, kissing every piece of exposed skin as he revealed it, until his lips began to trace a line up and down the underside of the shaft.  Adam lifted His hips, just enough to allow the shorts to be slipped down and off, revealing His big balls (each about the size of a small avocado) which flexed and relaxed lightly with the building pleasure.  He spread His knees wide to give them room to hang low, and our slut to get to work.

(To be continued . . .)