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Yes, yes, yes, I am guilty, as I am every year. I’ve let Myself get carried away. This is quite a long post.

I’ve also learned year after year that some of My playmates DO like to get lost in My longer indulgences. As well as in very large butt plugs. *giggle*

This blog post was inspired by a dear, long-time playmate of Mine, with a heart as big as his slut cave. He shall remain nameless, of course, because he is shy. But W/e had a recent session that I still can’t get off of My mind.

In it, he slurped a butt plug up into his nether regions that was SO large, once it was inside he could barely move. He knew that ahead of time, but that didn’t keep him from wanting it filling him to the point of immobility. In fact, it made him want it more.

I have jammed the clam several times since, thinking about it.

Here’s one for him, and for YOU! *wink*

The butt plugs drew you in, hmmm?

That’s good.

Put yourself in the place of butt sluts just like you. One of the butt sluts I took with Me to the Monster’s Ball.

My butt sluts were so excited to be invited. They were chosen out of all of My submissives, due to good behavior and extreme sluttiness. At the start, they clustered around the foot of My throne, almost naked but for their chastity cages. They would have been content to stay there, on display and at My whim. But I had other plans.

Along with their chastity devices, each wore a Lovense Hush, held in place with a custom harness. I clipped a fully charged burner phone with the Lovense app installed and opened, to each waist strap.

From time to time, they rose from their fawning, boot worship, and polite socializing with other submissives, to retrieve refreshments.

If intercepted by a Dominant, they’d glance back at Me, awaiting My subtle nod of permission. The only caveat, as each well knew and were expected to communicate (to different degrees of bashful mortification), is that their butt plugs could not be removed.

Butt Sluts and Butt Plugs: Great Party Favors!

Each had been instructed to invite the Superior to control the toy for a short period, via the phone. I watched one or more of them shivering and subtly humping the air throughout the crowd. At times their undulations looked like so much awkward dancing. When they looked from the Superior in control, to Me, and back again with lascivious gratitude, I glowed with pride and amusement.

By the end of each interlude, a long string of precum formed and dangled from more than one cage, glittering in the festive lighting. More often than not, the controlling Mistress or Alpha wore a diabolical grin. So satisfying, when one or another found My gaze, and gave Me an appreciative nod.

I’m sure My butt sluts thought these short opportunities for exploitation were all that would be required of them. But I intended to show everyone just how inadequate the term “butt slut” really was to describe these slaves of Mine.

I intended to achieve this with the aid of a rather diabolical game.

The Hush Butt Plugs Were Just a Warmup.

Soon, they’d all made their way back, faces flushed with both satisfaction and desperation. They duly received good boy pets for entertaining Me and so many other Superiors.

As soon as they were all in place, I stood, ordering them to stay. I could feel their eyes follow Me as I made My way down the throne steps, across the room to the MC for the evening. Then I summoned a few house submissives tasked with logistics for the night. They quickly disappeared after My instruction. I turned back to My butt sluts, sweeping the long train of My semi-see-through black lace gown behind Me with an elegant flourish.

I raised My hand and crooked My finger, beckoning them all to the center of the room. The last strains of the music died down and the MC took to the microphone.

“Ladies, Gentlemen, and Submissives! May I direct your attention to the beautiful Goddess Rachel, standing in the spotlight in the middle of the dance floor. Clear the floor please. We promise We’ll let you get back to shaking a tail feather soon, but Goddess Rachel and Her butt sluts want to play a game, for the entertainment of all.”

Contageous Excitement

The butt sluts crept forward into the circle of light, eyeing Me with respectful trepidation. Shortly, four domestic submissives wheeled a 4-foot diameter round tank into place beside Me. Once they’d locked the wheels, another submissive who belonged to the establishment came up behind them, dragging a large hose. A sissy maid in a very short but fully appointed French Maid uniform. S/he turned and nodded at someone behind he/r. The hose filled, stiffened, and began to gush water into the tank.

He/r eyes widened. A mesmerized grin crossed he/r face. This suggested to several in the crowd that the hose was reminiscent of something else. Something of which s/he was very fond. Widespread titters snapped he/r out of he/r reverie. S/he ducked he/r head shyly. The natural blush that spread up to he/r hairline accented he/r heavily rouged cheeks as s/he continued to fill the tank to within six inches of the top.

Confused Butt Sluts

Meanwhile, I instructed all of My butt sluts to turn their backs to Me, and one by one, I blindfolded them.

“What are W/e doing, Mistress?” one of them murmured.

I snatched the phone off of his hip, accessed the Lovense app, and turned his Hush on high. He moaned so loudly he could be heard above the crowd, and began to perform a more pronounced air humping than he’d had occasion to do when meandering the floor earlier. I let it run until he looked back at Me desperately; Just as My slaves had come to understand the meaning behind a look, I understood theirs. He was seconds away from a massive assgasm, and was begging Me with his eyes to let it happen.

But there was a lesson to be learned. I turned off the vibration seconds before he would have collapsed to the floor in a precum leaking, cockeyed, braying, trembling, orgasmic mess. That little interlude aroused a Mistress or two, and an Alpha male or two. Consequently their slaves were snatched by the arm, and taken to corners out of sight.

Once My butt slut had gathered himself, I applied his mask, leaning forward to whisper in his ear, “Participate, don’t anticipate.”

“Yes Ma’am,” he murmured shakily.

The Game of Butt Plugs is Afoot

Concurrently with those last moments were intermittent ooh’s and aah’s from the crowd, punctuated now and then by a loud sploosh, such as follows the tossing of a large rock into a pond. One by one, I led the six blindfolded butt slut slaves to the edge of the tank, and whispered to each of them to listen and follow directions.

Once they were all in position, the master of ceremonies came back to the microphone, and explained what was about to happen.

“Goddess Rachel has been kind enough to put on a display of sorts. Her butt sluts are going to bob . . . for butt plugs!”

Regardless of their blindfolds, the butt sluts turned their heads from side to side as if to solicit from each other any clue as to why they were bobbing for butt plugs when each already had one firmly ensconced in his ass. After a few seconds of cheers and applause, the master of ceremonies continued.

Butt Sluts on Display

“Goddess Rachel is proud of how talented Her butt sluts are, or rather, how talented and hungry their slut caves are! So, at the signal, all will plunge themselves head first into the tank. And from its depths, he will retrieve a butt plug!”

With the help of some of the domestics, I quickly went around the circle, binding their hands behind their backs. I then went around once again, unlocking the butt plug harnesses, and sliding them off. Next, I popped out each Hush. The sissy maid followed along behind Me with a large basket to collect all.

Another house submissive followed, first with the swipe of a baby wipe between the cheeks of the butt slut, and then with a wide bore lube shooter. This he crammed into the recently vacated hole. Each hole was filled until excess lube oozed down the back of the plump, denied balls underneath.

Some of the butt sluts had to have their ass cheeks slapped to stop them trying to fuck the lube shooter, but soon, all was ready.

The Master of Ceremonies Continues

“But that’s not the best part. As you can see, our helpful domestics are bringing in a nice, long, sturdy bench. The retrieved butt plugs will be stuck to this bench, and W/e’ll see if the bottomless pit reputation that precedes Goddess Rachel’s butt sluts is well-founded!”

Another crescendo of applause followed, drowning out more humiliated and excited butt slut moans.

“The first one who manages to make all gone with his butt plug will earn . . .  a release from chastity for the rest of the night, AND . . . permission from his Goddess for unlimited orgasms! To be achieved in any way he likes, as long as it is in keeping with the D/s dynamic.”

Envious looks from various submissives were peppered throughout the buzzing crowd.

“But as you all know, there can only be one winner. Besides Mistress, of course.” Light laughter followed this allusion to the truism that Mistress always wins.

“Those butt sluts who fail to be first . . . will stay seated on their butt plugs all night, and are subject to use by all!”

This development precipitated loud and sustained cheering. When it subsided, he continued.

“Wonderful! Goddess Rachel, are your butt sluts ready?”

I nodded.

“Annnnnd . . . BEGIN!”

Butt sluts battle!

On the strength of the promise of multiple, varied, and unencumbered orgasms for the rest of the night, each butt slut plunged himself into the tank. The water stirred as they fought to locate a bobber, and then secure a good grip with their teeth. One by one, they emerged with triumphant splashing. They realized seconds later, when their chins were dragged to their chests, that what was attached to the other end of the bobber was . . . quite heavy.

Along with the explosion of enthusiastic cheering as each came up to the surface, followed by the removal of cuffs and blindfolds, My butt sluts had a fairly good idea of what they would have to go through if they wanted to cum.

Massive Butt Plugs

The MC began a sort of game show host patter as the “contestants” made their way in short order to the bench.

“Goddess Rachel tells U/s that S/he had these butt plugs custom made in preparation for tonight. Composed of medical grade silicone around a steel core with a proprietary design for the nearly industrial suction cup, Goddess Rachel’s vision for these butt plugs was brought to life by the talented artists at Bad Dragon. Let’s hear a round of applause for Bad Dragon, everyone!”

The now-constant derision-tinged encouragement from the crowd was flavored with some cheers for Bad Dragon.

“Each of these special butt plugs weighs in at a whopping three pounds!”

The general enthusiasm and applause was peppered with a considerable number of oohs and ahhs. And some giggles.

By this time, all butt plugs were in place, and butt sluts were already, at least gingerly, trying to position themselves to sit. Each had figured out that straddling the bench was liable to be their best bet. It also allowed one to use the shoulder of the butt slut in front of him for support, though he would avoid applying pressure, lest he help his opponent sink faster. House submissives were standing by with more syringes of lube to smooth the way as they progressed.

Encouragement from Goddess Rachel

I began to stalk up and down the line in My spike-heeled latex thigh highs, encouraging them in the way I had come to know would get results.

“Open that pussy! Open it!”

“That’s right–if you ever want to cum through your penis again, you’ll get it in!”

“Look at that hungry hole! That’s right–you fucking love it!”

“You love the sting in that O ring!”

“Oh you whore! You’re down to the thickest part!”

“Remember the basics! Push out with that dildo holster while you push down on the toy!”

Lock-jawed concentration, zen-like calm, red-faced athletic growling, zombie-like moaning  . . . there were a range of tactics and demeanors on display as each butt slut confronted the war of attrition between his asshole and the ace of spades-shaped monstrosity. All knew, through training and experience, that even the pressure of competition should not supercede caution, and every tactic was accompanied by practiced control.

At a certain point, when all were more or less stalled out at the widest part (as big around as a teacup saucer), I retrieved My phone from the throne so I could lean down and make a video record of how gaped they were. Both as a keepsake, and humiliation fodder for later. Precum was freely flowing now, like a slow tap.

The Master of Ceremonies again appeared on the mic, hushing the crowd with an extended arm, palms-down wave.

The moment of truth

“Shhhhh, ladies and gentlemen,” he stage-whispered, “Let’s bring the volume of O/ur support down, and focus the energy. Like this. In. In . . . ”

His hands turned to fists and drew in closer to his body with rhythmic pumping as he repeated the word “in”. Slowly, the crowd caught on to the chant.

“In! In!” they chanted with increasing speed.

The collective support began to have an effect. Each strained O ring oozed slowly down over the thickest part of each butt plug, an inch or so at a time. A butt slut would then invariably pause, reassure himself of control, breathe deeply, and try to relax just that much more.

The chant grew faster and faster, until the word “in” became a trance-inducing buzz, which broke into wild cheering as one butt finally proved sluttier than them all!

The winner?

My zombie moaner.

At a certain point, his vacant-brained vocalizations rose to a higher pitch that I was close enough to hear above the cacophony. Soon after, the remainder of his plug slurped into place. The others soon followed, but he was indeed the victor.

He looked insensate to his victory, ass cheeks flush with the bench, flesh between belly button and pelvic bone slightly distended, head thrown back, eyes wide and unfocused, jaw slack, zombie moan issuing forth without cease.

I could feel My nectar dripping down to the tops of My boots as I fished My collection of chastity keys from between My heaving breasts and approached to set him temporarily free.

The aftermath

It took almost as long for My zombie-moaning butt slut to recover from his victory as it did for him to achieve it. In true butt slut style, once he was free of the chastity device, he begged to have his first orgasm delivered with the plug still in place, via a tongue bath administered by two cockslut sissies who were more than happy to oblige.

The invasion of the massive butt plug, pressure of captivity, teasing, humiliation, and other events of the night aroused him so greatly that the sissy stimulation earned them each several face-drenching ropes of cum. They greedily licked each other’s faces clean, and when he was ready, assisted the butt slut victor in carefully oozing the butt plug free.

He slid from the bench to prostrate himself at My feet in gratitude (also because his legs wouldn’t yet hold him). At My command, he dutifully turned his back to Me. While he was on elbows and knees, the two beaming sissies spread his ass so that I could take a picture of the prodigious gape for posterity.

Then he staggered to his feet, cast a last look of love and devotion at Me, and disappeared into the crowd with an unsteady gait to see about collecting on his prize.

And what of the others? 

Each had a story to confess to Me the next day, caged cock bundle drowsing up and down with the power of the debauched memories. But perhaps I’ll share those another time. On the night in question, I didn’t see much first hand.

As soon as My zombie moaner departed, I retreated to My throne to receive congratulations, gossip with fellow Dommes, fawn over and toy with submissives they wanted to present to Me, and drink several glasses of icy champagne.

Meanwhile, the others were swarmed. One young Domme cackled madly as She hurried by, rechargeable Hitachi wand clutched in Her fist. Panties were removed and flies were unzipped as others approached. There were nipple clamps and violet wands in the possession of others.  Occasionally a familiar wail of erotic torment or babbling begging rose above the rabble. There were also many unfamiliar voices shrieking with laughter, barking lust-choked orders, crying out in ecstasy.

And a good time was had by all.

By the time the evening ended, I had to have the sissy maid bring back the hose, both to perk up My wilted and spent second place butt sluts, as well as to rinse off some of the effluvia that coated them seemingly from head to toe. Not one of them reacted with more than a flaccid grunt as they were plucked from the massive butt plugs at last.

The last time I saw him, three large-cocked studs were squeezing their way into My zombie moaner’s impressive gape at once. His legs were up in the air, and a winsome female submissive was on top of him in the 69 position as they traded head. An older gentleman with an expensive silvery haircut and a tuxedo as crisp as if he’d just arrived was watching attentively, swirling amber liquid and ice cubes in a highball glass. He pulled himself away momentarily and approached Me to say that he’d happily bring My victorious butt slut home when they finished with him, and I consented.

The others leaned on each other on the way to the limousine I’d hired for the night, and poured themselves in. House submissives followed with all of O/ur gear thoughtfully cleaned and packed into orange and gold lamme bags emblazoned with Monster’s Ball, which they stored in the boot. And off W/e drove into the night, each of U/s assured of two things:

Mistress always wins, and never underestimate how slutty a butt can be.

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