Hello, Horny Readers! Remember My three-part series back in the Spring of 2018 about seduced cuckold cock sluts? I haven’t heard from Cuckie B in a long time. I hope all is well with him. But at least I can be pretty sure that all is well with Cuckie A. In terms of what’s best for a submissive beta male cuckold, that is. What “all is well” means is seldom so straight-forward in his mind that he will agree outright. The quaffing of the cuckold cocktail is ever present, and sometimes the flavor of humiliation and jealousy rings on the proverbial palate more than cuckold excitement or arousal.

What is predictable is that he knows there’s nothing he can do about it. Or, nothing he will do, what ever blustering I might indulge.

He calls Me to go over and over the many little vignettes that have brought him to his current relationship model. Judging from his tone, his barely-restrained panting, and his eventual explosion after an hour or two of reliving some of the events that shaped him, I’d say it’s cuckold excitement that rules his humiliating reveries, no matter what else he says.

Or can’t bring himself to say.

What’s more, he asks Me almost every time when I’m going to write more about what I’ve learned of his situation. That sounds more like cuckold excitement than cuckold denial, doesn’t it?

Well Cuckie, no matter what self-preserving lies you’re telling yourself today, the time has come.


Now, if I recount any part of this tale inaccurately, I’m sure Cuckie will correct Me the next time W/e talk. It’s not that he’d blame Me (would you Cuckie?) for getting some of the details wrong. As riveting as the story is, it’s got so many nooks, crannies, caverns, twists, and turns that it’s easy to lose your way. Not for Cuckie, though. Every moment is seared into his brain. The telling and retelling of the details both to himself and to Me of his cuckold relationship gives him the authority of total recall.

Also, he knows that I inadvertently tend to add details from My own fantasies concerning his situation, entwining them with the facts. He doesn’t seem to mind, but will surely help Me differentiate at some point.

That said, if you read the series Know Your Cuckold Bulls (inspired by Cuckie A’s series, as a matter of fact), you would recognize the stud currently in charge of Cuckie A’s marriage as a Boss. But before Carlton took hold of Cuckie’s wife, and of Cuckie himself, Dean did.

Dean is more of a Boytoy with a touch of the Bully. Or maybe he’s a Bully with a touch of the Boytoy.

Cuckie and his wife decided to get a gym membership. At some point, “they” thought his wife might benefit from finding a personal trainer. Cuckie was the one who spotted Dean, and pointed him out as he trained others.

Cuckold excitement hidden even from himself!

It’s difficult to get Cuckie to admit straight out that his status as a cuckold isn’t something with which he had nothing to do. He feels the sweet sting of humiliation when coerced to admit that his own deeply-buried fantasies and yearnings were partly responsible. But he did admit, after some prodding, that he was the one who pointed his wife toward Dean. Said he seemed like a personal trainer who would be “strict yet competent” with his charges.

Oh, Cuckie.

Honestly, what type of husband encourages his wife to approach a man clearly superior to himself in every way? And for “personal training” services? Something that will obviously require close-quarters involvement? A dark chocolate, mid-twenties Jamaican with a body built for sin? Including (read especially) a bulge his nylon workout shorts struggled to contain?

A man who knows on some level that he was meant to be a submissive cuckold. Even before he knows what to call it. Even before he can admit it to himself. A man who maybe has some interracial sex fantasies. A man subconsciously hoping to live out his bi-curious fantasies through his wife. That’s who.

Part two of the tale of Cuckie A, his wife, and Dean will continue in a day or two. I know Cuckie is probably reading, and as delayed (or withheld) gratification and control are part of his ongoing training, it’s good to make him wait.

It’s not like I don’t enjoy teasing the rest of you, either.


Miss Rachel, Humiliatrix and Confidante of Cuckold Husbands


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