Hello, Horny Readers! I love to record erotic audio, as most of you know. I wish I had time to record more; they take a deceptive amount of time and effort to complete (not that the results aren’t worth it). I’ve recently found out about a form of erotic audio that I want to try, but I’d like your input first. It’s called Whisper Audio, and it’s a form of ASMR.

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. No doubt some of you have already heard of it. A cursory search of the LDW archives showed Me that Miss Simone has! Apparently, people have been talking about it online for at least a decade, and the acronym was coined around 2010.

I’m a bit embarrassed to be so behind the times! Are you as well? Allow Me to elaborate!

Erotic audio? I’m in! But what is ASMR?

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response describes the phenomenon of a particular response to certain acoustic, digital, and/or visual stimuli.

  • Autonomous – spontaneous, self-governing, within or without control
  • Sensory – pertaining to the senses or sensation
  • Meridian – signifying a peak, climax, or point of highest development
  • Response – referring to an experience triggered by something external or internal

When exposed to stimuli, a segment of the population experiences a tingling sensation that starts on the scalp and moves down the cervical spine to the upper thoracic, along with feelings of euphoria, well-being, and relaxation.

Some experience arousal.

There’s a wide range of effective stimuli, depending on the person. Here are some examples:

  • A non-vocal, ambient, and repetitive noise like the sound of an old-fashioned ink pen scratching across paper
  • Personal and selfless physical care, like a massage or a pedicure accompanied by soothing words
  • Watching another person complete an otherwise mundane task, like cooking or ironing, especially if it’s done meticulously and methodically.

But whispering, in fact, triggers the most people. I read about a study in which 75% of the participants responded to it, a greater number than responded to any other.

Where does the erotic audio part come in?

Remember when I said that a certain segment of the population experiences arousal as part of their ASMR response?

When people first came together to share their experiences with ASMR, some suggested that the term “head orgasm” should be used to describe it. Others objected to the sexual connotation since the experience wasn’t sexual for everyone. Needless to say, they won out.

Never fear! ASMR erotic audio is here!

Those who didn’t think a sexual connotation to ASMR was anything to sneeze at branched off and created ASMRotica, or ASMR Erotica. The most popular stimuli in this subcategory is–you guessed it–whispering.

The point is, I’m intrigued by this concept. I’m curious about its potential Femdom applications. I’m thinking about making some audios using the whisper technique. I’ve supplied a sample of what I’m talking about below, and I’m curious to know what, if anything, you experience while listening.

I’m going to start with a popular kink–orgasm control. My thinking is, a popular subject will minimize the number of listeners who might be distracted from the overall experience because they’re listening to subject matter they aren’t into.

I think it would be ideal if you listened to the audio without touching yourself so that you can observe and report what your response is without any other stimulus. You could, if you’re feeling ambitious, listen to it twice: once while masturbating, and once not. I suggest not, the first time.

After you listen, I’d love to know your thoughts on the questions I pose below. Feel free to reply to the comments, or via E-mail if you prefer.

Please be honest with your replies. I promise I won’t take anything personally!

1.) What, if anything, did you physically, psychologically, emotionally, or sexually experience while listening to this audio? Your reply to this question doesn’t depend on having a definitive answer to questions 2 or 3.

2.) Were you aware of ASMR before reading this blog post?

3.) If you answered “yes” to #2, have you known yourself to be susceptible to ASMR in the past?

4.) If you answered “yes” to #3, what were the stimuli that triggered the response?

5.) Is the subject matter among your kinky interests?

6.) Did you masturbate while listening?

7.) If you did masturbate, did listening while doing so change the experience in any way from other times you’ve stroked your cock? If so, in what way?

8.) If I were to record more of this type of erotic audio, would you be interested?

9.) Do you think the addition of music or some other harmonious, meditative sound in the background, or interspersed with the whispers, would enhance the audio, or detract from it?

10.) If your interests tend to be more hardcore, do you think this type of audio would still work?

11.) Conversely, do you think you would enjoy the audio more if the language, not the tone in which it was delivered, was softer/more sensual/more encouraging, as in a simple guided masturbation session?

Okay now, sit back, relax, get comfortable (preferably with headphones on) and press play!



Thanks for your help,

Miss Rachel, Your Erotic Audio Explorer!