Hello, Horny Readers! Yes, the title is a bit facetious, as both you and I know there is a time and place for everything, and that includes the donning of My mean mistress hat! Other times and kinky needs call for My softer side (although usually no less manipulative and controlling), or even a laugh or two (usually of derision and humiliation). But really, that brings Me to the point of this little post: Thank you.

Mean Mistress Rachel gets mushy!

As 2018 draws to a close, I wanted to thank you all, no matter your tastes, for helping to make My life so much fun!  The diverse kinks I encounter among you allow Me to indulge the different aspects of My dominant personality. You trust Me with your sexual vulnerability and deepest erotic secrets, which means a lot. That might not come across when W/e’re in the depths of a hardcore cocksucker training session, or when the peals of My heartless laughter ring in your ears in response to your cries of misery while you redden your ass with the paddle under the direction of My cruel Mistress alter-ego.

There’s more to Me than Mean Mistress Play, and more to you!

Furthermore, I’ve enjoyed some enlightening, interesting, and even touching conversations with some of you outside of kink play, about things that interest U/s both. Sometimes these conversations take place in the getting-to-know-you chat at the beginning of a session with someone new, or via E-mail. Others, while W/e’re coming back down to earth together from a heavy session, in aftercare mode. Still other times, it’s via social media, the Teasemania and Getgirlie boards, or Enchantrix Empire.

No matter where, this has allowed Me to discover over the years that aside from being kinky, slutty, horny fuckers (giggle), many of you are people of depth, intelligence, and compassion. You’ve allowed yourselves to be more than squirting cocks to Me, is My point, and you make Me feel in these moments as if I’m more to you than a voice on the phone.

So once again, from your mean Mistress Rachel, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year. Happy Solstice too, to those of you who observe that instead. May the rest of your year and the year to follow be filled with safe(er), sane(er), consensual fun, and all the other things that make life good.


Miss Rachel, the Mean Mistress with a tender side


P.S.:  Now, if you need a palate cleanser after all that treacle, no matter how sincerely meant, enjoy this humiliating audio with a holiday theme. It will be especially enjoyable for the cuckolds and the secret cock sluts out there, but hopefully you’ll all enjoy it a little bit!

I intended to share it for broadcast on Miss Harper’s Holiday Whore School broadcast tonight, but it was a bit too long. So I decided to share it here instead!

Press play below!